Hairy Hunk Guy Rogers Fucked Hard By Theo Reid And His Wrist Thick Meat

Guy Rogers is handsome, hairy, and athletic. Paired with Theo Reid for this week’s scene from HardBritLads, Guy gets more than he might have bargained for! Our buff lads start off on the sofa, bare chested and in their shiny sports shorts. With that sexy pelt and powerful hairy legs, Guy is truly the epitome of the rugged and virile male. But Theo has a quiet masculinity of his own and won’t take a back seat to any man. In fact, when Guy pulls down Theo’s shorts, leaving him in just his tight white boxers, his meaty package strains to get out. Who’s going to suck first? Guy pulls down Theo’s undies, takes hold of his super thick, uncut dick, and slides the ample foreskin back to reveal the bulbous head. And wouldn’t you know it? Guy is the first one to sample meat in this pairing. But this is more than just sampling. Guy gets wonderfully sloppy, slobbering all over the meaty girth and stretching his jaw wide to take it all down. When he can’t, Theo holds the back of Guy’s head and pushes him down onto the rest of his fat dick, making him struggle a little. And hey, what’s sucking cock without a bit of gagging? A big fat slab of beef is ALWAYS worth a temporary loss of air supply.

Guy lays back after a while, eager to get sucked himself, and Theo gets right down to it. Sucking Guy with slow, deep strokes, Theo perform some amazing, seemingly effortless deep throat! After trading blowjobs a bit longer — with some terrifically aggressive face fucking! — Guy leans against the sofa and gives us, as well as Theo, one TERRIFIC view of his perfect ass. Which only makes Theo get down on his knees to bury his face between those beefy round globes. With his face buried in Guy’s ass and his tongue buried in the hairy bottom’s hole, Theo rimming Guy, priming him for a good fuck. Once he’s all wet, Theo stand and rubs the head of his throbbing cock up and down Guy’s crack. Then he works that thick dick inside Guy’s hungry manhole. Theo pushes, stopping every once in a while to let Guy get used to the thickness. But once he’s in, all the way to the balls, all bets are off. Theo grips Guy by the waist and starts pumping, thrusting in and out and taking Guy for the fuck of his life until both end up covered in hot sticky spunk.