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Bisexual Lloyd Fox Spunks Over His Own Belly

Lloyd Fox is the type of guy who’s friendly, relaxed, and naturally sexy. As we start our interview you can tell right away he likes to keep in shape. The handsome man is also candid about his bisexuality. Lloyd starts us off by rubbing himself, then quickly pulls down his shorts, remaining in a pair of cute white briefs. Once he pulls down his underwear, his uncut cock springs out. This is not your manscaping kind of guy but a more natural one with a good pubic bush. He likes to show off as long as he shows us EVERYthing. So he turns around to show off his ass as well as his dick. When Lloyd turns around again he immediately starts stroking. He’s rock solid and throbbing as he makes his way to the sofa. Then, leaning back with legs apart, this sexy fucker wanks nice and slow, pushing his thumb against the base of his dick to push it forward. The well defined lad picks up speed, stroking faster and harder until he lets loose with a load of thick, white and creamy jizz that catches in his pubes. Bet you wish you could clean that one off, eh?