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Sexy Skinhead Ethan Stone

For a bit of a fetish look we present to you sexy skinhead, Ethan Stone. But don’t worry. He only looks like rough trade. He won’t beat you up. Not unless you like that sort of thing. This sexy lad is alluring with those blue eyes and relaxed attitude as he tells us about the type of guys he hunts and how he remains fit. Ethan’s dressed in shiny Adidas sports kit which show off his great muscular thighs. He rubs the good-sized bulge then plays with his nipples before grabbing hold of his cock once more.

Ethan stands up and takes off his shorts, his bulge straining to get out of his white boxers. He teases us a little first, gripping and stroking, then jerking it in his undies. When he pulls them down, his stiff meat springs out. At 7.5 inches and uncut, Ethan’s cock is perfect. But to get him all the way down your throat, make sure to 69 with him because he’s got an upward curved best served from that angle. This hot young lad puts on a show, playing with the camera as well as his cock, before playing with his own hole. Anally masturbating with one, then two fingers, Ethan gets ready to fire off a load that erupts from his cock in copious amounts. Splashing first on his chin, the rest showers his chest and abs as he pumps, milking the last of his load and catches it dribbling down over his fingers. Hey, Ethan? Can we suck on those for you?

Submissive Brit Bottom Scott Hunter Rides Fat Cock

Big muscled hairy lads, Adam Herst and Scott Hunter work up a real sweat here, oiling each other up, and flexing their muscles. Plus they use their tongues for a lot more than just nipples, cock, and holes. They lick armpits too! The two start off standing, wearing their shiny sports kit. As they make out they feel each other up, groping bulges and getting hard. When Adam removes his top, Scott goes to town licking meaty pecs and nipples. Adam flexes, pulling Scott into his armpit, then tweaking nipples. Adam and Scott enjoy staying fit and it shows. And what better way to admire their work than to get into some muscle worship? When Scott kneels to oil Adam’s legs, Adam pulls his face into his crotch. With stiff dick straining to get out of his shorts and unable to resist any longer, Scott pulls them down, letting Adam’s cock free. Adam is nice and bushy with a deliciously mouth watering thick piece of meat. Scott grabs hold of it and gets right down to some hot deep throat action before getting his face fucked. These two are noisy as they slurp and slobber on each other, sucking as much dick down their throats as they can manage before moving to the sofa where Adam plays with Scott’s ass.

Being a submissive power bottom, Scott enjoys the way Adam handles his ass and hole, rimming deep and finger fucking. Adam takes charge, plunging his meaty shaft into Scott’s willing and hungry hole, pounding away before presenting his cock for riding. And Scott does. Happily. Wantonly. Scott impales himself, riding Adam for all he’s worth while his own stiff cock bounces up and down. Adam takes charge once more, slamming into Scott for an intense pounding that leads to Adam shooting first, his spunk thick and creamy, followed by Scott who sprays all over his washboard abs and bushy pubic hair.

Barely Legal James Regan Plays With Fat Dick

James Regan is just 18, tall and handsome, with dark features. He looks so innocent, which is probably why watching this adorable, barely legal teen will make you feel like a perve! But don’t worry. He IS legal and he loves jerking off for the camera, as you’re about to see. First up, James tells us about losing his virginity. He shares openly with us his sexual preferences — liking both girls and lads — and the solo begins. He starts off by rubbing the bulge in his shorts then shows off his smooth body. He stiffens in his shorts as he gropes himself and thank goodness, they’re soon off. You want to make sure you get a good look at this one! His dick is rock hard, straining against the fabric of his tight white cotton briefs as he continues to grope, stroke, and squeeze. This beautiful young man truly knows how to make love to the camera, giving us plenty of sexy looks as he whips his dick out and plays with the thick meat.

Pouring oil over his cock, James makes his dick nice and shiny, then starts to jerk off nice and slow. As we continue to film and watch, James gets more and more turned on, playing with his nipples and allowing to get a good view from below. After all, isn’t that where we belong, boys? When James returns to the sofa he continues working his dick. Unfortunately, he’s soon picking up speed, needing to come as he beats away faster and harder. His breathing gets loud and heavy as he gets close. And then he comes. Thick, heavy pools of jizz form in his pubes and stream down his fingers as he catches his breath and milks his shaft for the last of his load.

Justin Harris Fucked By Mega Hung David Ken

If you’re the type of guy who who enjoys a well hung man you’re about to experience one of the most INSANELY HOT scenes we’ve filmed to date. In fact, this is about more than just being hung. This is a scene with David Ken, an über hung stud with a monster cock who pushes all of Justin Harris to his limits with his wrist thick ten-inch meat. Can you say, OMFG???!!! This dick is SO thick Justin can barely wrap his fingers around the base. He slowly jerks David off, treating us to some hot close-ups of that tasty foreskin sliding back and forth over the head. Justin starts to suck on that monster cock and ends up with his jaw, mouth, and throat stretched to capacity as David takes charge and fucks his face. David enjoys sucking dick as well and returns the favor, treating Justin to some insane cock sucking. But nothing beats David gripping Justin’s head and whaling on his pie hole.

With his ass up in the air, Justin offers up his hole for inspection. David kneels and spreads the smooth, muscular cheeks open. He spits onto the hole, laps at it with his tongue, and gives Justin the type of rim job you’d equate with a straight man eating pussy. Once Justin is primed, David stands, teasing the lubricated pucker with the head of his cock. Then David starts to push. Justin moans loudly as slowly, inch by inch, the thickness of David’s slab of meat pry him open. When it’s about halfway in, David starts fucking, gently, letting Justin get used to the onslaught. David works his way deeper into Justin with agonizing jabs until the greedy bottom has all 10 inches buried inside him. But it’s not without a lot of noise! And that’s when David truly starts to fuck. The rest of the action is intense, with David plunging and thrusting, and Justin backing up onto the throbbing shaft until…prepare yourselves…the firing of the cannon. And that’s all we’ll say about the copious amounts of cum these two deliver because this is a scene that you MUST watch for yourself to believe!