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Justin Cole Fucks Himself With A Huge Dildo

Athletic lad Justin Cole starts off his interview by chatting about the type of guy he likes. You won’t be able to keep your eyes off his baby blues as he tells us what he does to stay fit, giving us a peek of his spectacular abs. As Justin relaxes and settles in, he shows off a seriously ripped six pack as he strips down and starts to play with a dick that hangs thick and heavy with long foreskin. Justin’s got a really big pair of heavy, low hanging balls, too. As he plays with himself, his cock grows thicker and longer; it’s a good eight inches from tip to base!

Justin jerks off slowly for us, giving us some horny hands free shots as he plays with his nipples and hefty balls. Then, with his legs apart and big balls hanging, Justin strokes his throbbing meat and starts stroking his hole. He pushes a finger in, then two. It only makes his cock throb and twitch as he lets out a moan. He finger fucks his smooth hole a while before reaching for a thick dildo and shoving it up his hungry ass. He gives himself a major stretching, forcefully cramming the toy in and out of his hole before spurting huge powerful jets of jizz all over himself.

Jeff Stronger Stretches, Fills, And Pounds Chase Reynolds Into Submission

Jeff Stronger is a tall, beefy bloke with broad shoulders, a powerful build and rugged looks. He gets off on being serviced by masculine lads smaller than him and handsome hottie Chase Reynolds fits the bill quite nicely. The hungry bottom is all but made to order as he thoroughly enjoys getting topped by burly hung men like Jeff! The two start off on the sofa, wearing their sports kit. Chase might be submissive but he sure doesn’t act it as he feels up Jeff’s muscled legs, meaty thighs, and bulging basket. Jeff gives Chase full reign and the lad goes for it, licking and sucking on hard, pierced nipples, then rubbing his face in Jeff’s armpits. After a while, Chase reaches inside and pulls out Jeff’s hard, uncut cock and big hairy balls. Chase goes down on the juicy piece, getting it nice and wet before Jeff grips the back of his head and starts fucking his mouth, pushing deeper, going harder. But it’s not enough. After a while, he stands and, with Chase on his knees before him, grips Chase by the head once more and starts pumping, fucking face and throat, as deep as Chase can handle. The greedy little cocksucker can’t take it all but he doesn’t care. He keeps taking it, enjoying the dominant top being forceful and taking charge.

Eager to get a taste of Chase’s tight little hole, Jeff knees on the floor with Chase on his back and laying on the sofa. With his legs up in the air, Jeff spits liberally onto the smooth hole, pushing a finger inside, all the way. Chase just moans with pleasure and gives himself up completely to the top. Jeff proceeds to work yet another fat digit inside Chase, then a third, opening him up, getting him ready for cock. He shows no mercy as he works Chase’s hole and the sexy young thing just takes it because he wants. BAD! When Jeff lays back on the sofa, Chase squats over the man’s cock and impales himself on the throbbing fuck pole, taking it all the way down to the base. The rest of the scene is all about that connection between man and boy, daddy and son, rough rugged power and greedy twink-like hunger. Chase comes first, after a royal pounding, and Jeff follows as Chase plays with his hefty balls.

Black Footballer Anton Thomson Strokes 9.5 Inches

Anton Thomson is a cute, athletic 22-year-old. The black footballer stays in great shape and lets us know, in a deep, sexy voice, that he likes to jerk off 3 – 4 times a day. Then again, if YOU had 9.5 inches of throbbing meat you’d probably want to play with it all day as well! Stripping out of his sports kit, Anton gently strokes his crotch then plays with his nipples but not before teasing the hell out of us, showing the length and girth of his magnificent slab of beef through his shiny white shorts. He’s definitely a tease and knows how to work it as he pulls down his gear ever so slowly to reveal a huge dick and balls.

Anton starts to jerk off that monster cock, getting harder, thicker, and longer until he’s completely swollen. Nine and a half inches of pure, unadulterated chocolate never looked so good. Anton gives us a sexy smile, probably because by now we’re drooling, and continues stroking his meat. After a while he tells us he has precum and we zoom in for a closer look as he gently rubs it over the bulging head of his dick. Soon, however, Anton speeds up and his breathing gets heavier as he gets closer. He almost comes but Anton’s got great control over that throbbing monster shaft, letting the load build up inside him. And then he comes. Anton spews huge, streaming jets of thick spunk and it’s a sight to behold! In fact, we think it’s such an incredibly hot cum shot we play it a second time, in slow motion.

Aggressive Hung Top Daniel Johnson Feeds Jack James A Load After Fucking

Daniel Johnson is an aggressive top who pushes cute, young Jack James to his limits. The willing, eager bottom submits completely at the sight of the dominant top. Jack wears a jockstrap, exposing his delectable ass, while Daniel wears his shorts, flexing for a bit of worship. Jack does more than that. He licks, sniffs, and gropes his way from armpits down to Daniel’s massively thick, uncut cock and humongous balls. This is not the type of man meat for the faint of heart! Jack opens his sweet, tender mouth and works the head but Daniel prefers to grab hold of his head and pound the ever loving spittle out of the cocksucker. It gets pretty noisy as Daniel unleashes his aggression, pounding away at Jack’s innocent face and fucking his throat. Those big, heavy low hangers sway as Daniel pumps and Jack just continues to take as much as he can. Despite his struggles and the gagging, he eventually takes it down to the base, making Daniel moan with pleasure. After a while, Daniel wants something tighter and warmer.

On the sofa, as Jack continues to service Daniel, the super hung dominant top goes after the smooth, upturned ass. Jack himself reaches back with one hand to pull his butt cheeks apart — the sign of a true bottom who enjoys getting pounded — exposing his hairless hole. Daniel shoves a finger in Jack with one hand while pushing his head down with the other. Then, after fucking Jack’s face once more, Daniel commands him to rim his hairy manhole. The stud squats over Jack’s mouth and the obedient lad does what he’s told, his tongue digging into the man’s sweaty ass. But this only makes Daniel hotter for a tight hole to fuck. Eager to stuff the hungry bottom, Daniel turns his attention to Jack’s tightly puckered pinkness. He pulls Jack’s smooth butt cheeks apart, spits onto the hole, then pushes a finger inside. He keeps on fingering and doesn’t let up until the boy is properly prepped. Daniel takes Jack from behind, gripping his small waist and fucking him with long strokes. At first he’s good and steady, then he thrusts harder, eventually pummeling Jack like a battering ram. After stuffing and filling Jack like a young turkey, Daniel fucks the cum out of Jack before pulling out and giving the cock whore a tasty cum facial.

Furry Fuckers Guy Rogers And Justin King

If you like your men beefy and hairy, feast your eyes on muscle lads Guy Rogers and Justin King. These two are total sex pigs and enjoy working up a sweat. Dressed in their Adidas sportswear, they kiss passionately then move on to some nipple action before revolting thick, uncut and meaty cocks. Guy goes to town, sucking Justin while sticking his ass out for some attention. Justin quickly responds by exposing his hairy muscle butt and massaging it while he continues to get sucked. Justin then grips Guy’s head and fucks his mouth, pushing his dick as deep as Guy can take it and making him struggle. When Guy eventually stands, Justin drops to demonstrate his own cock sucking skills, effortlessly swallowing the length of Guy’s hard cock without even gagging. He gets Guy wet and sloppy, then Guy grips his head and gives Justin a good throat fucking. And the tattooed hunk just takes it, loving every inch throbbing hotly in his mouth.

Guy leans back, legs up and apart, showing his hairy ass to the camera. It’s a sight to behold as Justin kneels and gets him wet, pushing his finger inside. Justin sucks on the tip of Guy’s cock while fingering his hole and stretching him open. But it’s all about the cock for Justin so, once Guy is primed, he rubs his dick against Guy’s opening before slipping inside. Guy moans he’s fucked slowly. Then, when Justin speeds up and leans over for better penetration, the pounding gets harder, stronger, and deeper. Until neither can hold back any longer. Guy beats away at his meat while getting stuffed and shoots thick white spurts of jizz. Justin then gets on the sofa and pumps out a hot creamy load all over his abs.

Beefy, Hairy Footballer Alex Gibson Has A Fat One

Alex Gibson is a handsome young footballer dressed in red and white Adidas sports kit. He’s horny even before we start our interview, stroking his bulge almost instantly. After revealing a hairy chest, Alex tweaks his own nipples before stroking and squeezing his cock over his shorts. But after a while he pulls them off to reveal a thick, uncut and juicy cock that practically begs to be sucked. Being professional, however, we abstain and let Alex tease us, playing with the camera as he remains only in his red football socks. He truly has a perfect dick — not too big, not too small — coming it at seven and a half inches.

He slowly slides his foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock, already moist with precum. He holds his meat steady for us, allowing us to get so close we can just about smell him. Alex strokes himself with a big blob of spit, occasionally playing with his nipples. As he continues to jerk off, Alex adds more spit, keeping the play horny and slow. Giving us some sultry looks, the type that makes us swoon, Alex shows off that thick girthy dick then goes back to stroking…harder…faster. His muscles tighten as his breath grows louder and soon the spunk starts to pour. With a couple of strong jets of white jizz, followed by stream after stream of cum Alex pumps out a really huge load that we had to show a second time in slow motion.