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Beefy Yohann Banks Fucked By Thick Hung Damian Boss

The very thought of thick hung Damian Boss paired with cock pig Yohann Banks should be enough to make your dick stir. But if that’s not enough, imagine them oiling each other, firm hands stroking big muscle…and not just the one between their legs, either! We’re talking biceps and bulging peeks: Yohann’s been working out and he’s fresh from the gym for this scene. Then, when Damian is done rubbing the oil in and feeling him up, the shorter, beefier stud drops to his knees to rub a different sort of muscle. This one is between Damian’s hairy legs and it’s fucking beautiful! You can just about see that shaft throbbing through the skimpy white underwear before Yohann starts slobbering over the juicy piece of meat. Damian fucks Yohann’s face but the poor cocksucker can barely handle it so, no deep throat oral service here. Which is okay. There IS one place Damian’s big slab of beef will fit and that’s in Yohann’s tight and hairy hole; but not before some priming.

The willing bottom throws his legs up in the air and Damian takes possession. His tongue flicks deep, lubing with spit, then finger fucking the puckered starburst that will soon be stretched out. Once Damian has given Yohann’s hole a good workout he takes the hungry, aching lad for a ride. He easies in slowly at first, making Yohann moan. Then Damian speeds up, giving Yohann a hard pounding. After a while Yohann rides Damian, impaling himself on the meaty fuckpole, riding nice and slow, then getting slammed from below. After switching it up again, Damian keeps on fucking and tells his cock whore he wants to see him cum. So Yohann does, like a well-trained bottom should. Damian only pounds harder, literally fucking the cum out of Yohann, who sprays a load all over himself. Damian follows with a tasty load of his own which splatters all over Yohann’s handsome face, although most of it drips right onto his tongue to coat his parched throat.

Jay T., A Tall Fit Bisexual With A Thick Cock

We start off our solo scene with Jay T as we usually do, on the sofa. The tall, masculine bisexual chats with us about being bisexual, what he’s into, and his experimentations with other lads. Then he strips down to his boxers and white socks and lets us ogle his fit, defined body. Jay teases us, stroking his crotch sensually. His cock grows and gets hard, twitching and throbbing beneath the thin layer of cotton. When he pulls off his undies we get to appreciate the thick cut piece of meat that is Jay’s cock. Pouring loads of lube all over his dick, Jay grabs hold of the fat shaft and settles in for a slow stroke session. Every once in a while Jay teases us further by playing with his nipples and looking at u as if he wants or needs help. And we know SO many horny men who would be drooling to offer assistance!

Jay knows how to run the show and does it well, teasing and seducing with the allure of his big cock. He grips it with both hands, giving himself a good, firm grip and then speeds up. By now his body is covered in sweat and his tight abs glisten. His pecs start to bulge and you know it’s not long now before he lets loose. Then the jizz starts pumping out and it hits the floor, thick and heavy. You can actually hear the spurts of cum as they hit the floor. When he’s milked out the last drops of jizz from his meaty shaft, Jay’s cock and fingers are dripping with spunk. He gives us one final horny look, catches his breath and, sadly, it’s over. Oh to be the floor where all that cream landed with a splat!

Tall, Tattooed Harry Lawson Blows His Load

Handsome personal trainer Harry Lawson has beautiful blue eyes. As he starts off his interview, dressed in shiny, blue Adidas sports kit, Harry tells us what kind of guys he likes and talks about his exercise regimen. Then he starts. He takes of his tank, tweaks his nipples, and gropes his cock as he gets hard for the camera. When he pulls down his shorts, Harry remains in socks and white underwear and you can see the shape of his cock. It’s rock solid! Harry strokes and squeezes his bulge, showing it off, then removes his briefs. His cock springs out and Harry plays with it, nice and slow. Then he reaches for the lube and pours it on thick, working it around the head, and up and down the shaft.

With his cock throbbing even harder now, Harry works his foreskin back and forth, slipping it over the head while rubbing his nipples and his beefy pecs. As he speeds up, Harry continues to change position. He remains hard the entire time as he teases the camera, rubbing his hands over his body, chest, abs and legs. And still that dick just keeps on throbbing. Until he starts jerking off in earnest. He works himself up towards a thick hot load that spews all over his chest and abs. Its a good sized load and Harry milks out every last drop as he catches his breath and gives us one last horny look.

Beefy Top With Big Dick Matt Brooks Fucks Hung Chav Jay Dawson

Wearing sweatpants and polo shirts, Matt Brooks and Jay Dawson are making out and feeling each other up. They take turns licking and sucking each others nipples as they continue to grope growing cocks. Young, horny tav Jay reaches inside Matt’s trackies and pulls out a beefy uncut cock that’s moist with pre-cum. Matt then reaches inside Jay’s pants and pulls out his cock. It’s a stiff 8-incher, also uncut, with a big head on it. The dark-haired hunk goes down on Jay and gives him good service, going down to the balls and milking it with his throat. The skinny lad looks like he’s about to shoot any moment but mercifully manages to hold off. Then it’s HIS turn to suck and he’s gotta open W-I-D-E! Have you taken a good look at the girth Matt’s sporting? Yeah, we thought you might say, “Ouch.” But Jay doesn’t seem to mind. He does what he needs to, slobbering over the thick piece, getting it nice and wet even as dominant Matt gives him a forceful face fucking. You can just feel that at the back of your throat, can’t you?

Eager to work on Jay’s hole, Matt spreads his cheeks and prises him open. The thick hung stud tongues Jay, giving him a deep, hot rimming. Spitting, fingering, and working the puckered entrance, Matt takes ownership of Jay’s ass like the pro top that he is and Jay just gives it all up, too weak from desire to protest even if he wanted to. Matt sits back, holding his meaty cock straight up while Jay squats down on it. About halfway, he stops to ease the pressure and we get to see every delightful face he makes as he slowly continues downward, until he takes it all the way to the base. Slowly, Jay rides, easing up and sliding back down before Matt grows impatient and takes over. He’s a good fucker; at times slow and gently but mostly deep, hard, and furious. And Jay obviously loves it as his dick throbs hotly, bouncing and bobbing from Matt’s powerful thrusts before finally getting what he wants: Matt’s cum all over his face. The huge, sticky load just drips and the lucky little fuck gets to taste the salty seed, savoring it like a rare treat!

Flip Flopping Dildo Fuckers Brendan James and Luke Pascoe

If you’re into thick cocks and intense ass play, you’re going to love this scene with athletic lads Brendan James and Luke Pascoe. They start off already bare chested, in their skimpy, shiny sport shorts. They have smooth, defined, and tight bodies they can’t resist touching. As they kiss, they grope each other and grow hard almost instantly. Brendan gives Luke’s nipples a good workout, licking, sucking and chewing while massaging his hefty meat. After returning the favor, they reach into the others shorts and pull out the goods. Both are big, with beautiful balls, but Luke has one of the fattest dicks we’ve ever seen, with ample foreskin. Taking Brendan’s cock in hand, Luke drops to his knees and stars sucking, slow and deep, with long strokes. Brendan moans as Luke takes him all the way down his throat and holds him there. What can Brendan do but fuck his face and throat?

The lads swap after a while and Brendan eagerly tries to service Luke’s wrist thick piece of meat. He can barely take it all, managing only about a third, but he tries to get more, apparently enjoying the struggle to get his jaw stretched out with such a super thick cock. After moving to the couch, the two trade blowjobs repeatedly before Luke starts to play with Brendan’s ass. Slipping a finger inside he then pulls out a huge, thick dildo, lubes it up, and works it into his hole. Brendan gasps and his cock twitches as Luke continues pushing the dildo all the way in and fucks him with the toy before swapping position. With the dildo crammed all the way up his ass, Brendan shoves two fingers up Luke’s ass as well, stretching out his smooth hole. When they’ve had enough dildo play, Brendan and Luke take turns fucking each other hard, deep and fast. As they work up a good sweat, Brendan pumps out thick, white creamy spunk all over his sweaty six pack and Luke follows, showering Brendan with spurt after spurt of sticky white jizz.