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Straight Lad Daniel Johnson Has Monster Cock For Sam Bishop

Straight lad Daniel Johnson gets some serious service from horny bottom Sam Bishop. The beefy, hairy lad deep throats Daniel down to the base. He even gets his face fucked before getting his hole fingered, then stuffed, pounded and fucked hard! They start off with Daniel getting a good feel of Daniel’s and playing with his strong chest. Daniel takes his shirt off so Sam can suck on his nipples and give his hairy armpits a good licking. Sam reveals his own fit, hairy body and drops to his knees, pulling down Daniel’s shorts. Sam grips his bulge by the base, rubbing and squeezing through his white, skimpy briefs. His cock is way too big for his underwear so Daniel takes the tip out the side and starts to lick. When he pulls the briefs down, Daniel’s cock springs out, big and thick and uncut with untrimmed pubes. Sam just grabs hold and goes to town, making Daniel moan with pleasure.

After a while Daniel turns around and bends over, one leg up on the sofa, with his ass in Sam’s face. The eager, masculine bottom gives that hairy straight hole a good rimming, which really makes Daniel’s dick throb! Soon, Daniel turns around to fuck Sam’s mouth before fingering his hole and working the length of his shaft inside him. At first Daniels fucks Sam with the first few inches of his cock but he eventually pushes it all in, fucking with a slow, steady rhythm. When he picks up speed, he gives Sam a serious pounding, fucking the cum out of the spunky bottom. Daniel then pulls out, moves so he’s directly over Sam’s face and gives the cocksucker a fresh load, which Sam eagerly tastes and swallows.

Super Hung Kickboxer Daniel James Has 9-Inch Monster Cock

Super-fit, blue-eyed hottie Daniel James, has an awesome smooth body. He worked hard to get that way with Thai KickBoxing and running in marathons. He has a great six pack and strong muscular legs. As we start our interview, Daniel chats about what he does to stay in great shape then shares with us the type of guys he goes for. His voice is sexy, confident and friendly. Afterwards, Daniel lays back, resplendent in blue sports kit and shiny blue Adidas shorts. The horny lad gropes himself then gives us our first glimpse to his amazing body. But as impressive as his body is, even more impressive is the sizable bulge in his shorts. Even clothed you can see he’s got quite a hefty package! And his bulge only gets bigger and thicker as he plays with himself over his shorts. When he pulls them off, remaining in his tight white boxers, we get to see just how big Daniel truly is. As he strokes and squeezes even more, Daniel grows to a thick, uncut 9 inches that is positively mouth watering.

After some very horny cock play, Daniel pours a generous amount of lube along the throbbing shaft of his huge than starts stroking in earnest, making sure to pay special attention to the foreskin as it slides it back and forth over the bulbous head of his cock. As Daniel keeps edging, his dick looks even more massive. He speeds up, his muscles tighten, and his breathing gets heavier as he pops his load. His cum spurts, thick and heavy, forming a large pool on his ripped abdomen before Daniel milks out the last of his seed and gives us one sexy parting glance into the camera.