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A Rose By Any Other Name

This week, Hard Brit Lads brings you a scene with two very sexy young men. In fact, some of you might already know Ryan Young. He’s appeared elsewhere as Billy Rubens. But just as Gertrude Stein penned, “a rose is still a rose,” Ryan — regardless of what you call him — is one of the sexiest little buggers in porn. With those luscious red lips, that coy smile and his hunger to fuck face and hole, he’s bound to become one of your favorites. Paired with Josh Jared, another hottie, the two start their scene off with plenty of groping and kissing as they make out and feel each other up. Ryan is SUPER ripped and Josh shows his appreciation for the masculine beauty by licking and chewing his nipples, hands all over his body at once. The two trade blowjobs but it’s Ryan who gets the upper hand — as if there were any doubt! — by grabbing hold of Josh’s head, holding him in place, and fucking his face while his big balls sway hypnotically back and forth.

Josh gives up his ass to Ryan, who spreads him open and primes the eager bottom with tongue, fingers and spit. When Ryan mounts Josh it’s to take the hole and make it his own. He goes in deep and fucks hard before Josh takes over and rides Ryan, bouncing up and down as if he were a gymnast on a trampoline. After impaling himself repeatedly, Josh gives control back to Ryan, who pounds the ever loving cock whore until he’s ready to blow. Josh shoots first, spraying his load all over himself and coating his torso. But Ryan rewards him further by spurting jets of cum directly into the bottom’s hungry mouth, feeding him jizz and giving him a partial facial.

Super Cute 18-Year-Old With Thick Uncut Meat

George Coster is a super cute 18-year-old and we’re pleased to say that we’re popping his porn cherry. That’s right! This is George’s first time ever appearing in porn. Yes, it’s a solo but we live with hopes and dreams. Despite the fact that this is his first time, George knows how to handle the camera. Occasionally watching us with stunning eyes, his thick, kissable lips slightly parted — can’t you just imagine them wrapped around a fat, juicy cock? — George start off standing. Groping himself through his shiny sports shorts, the lad slowly reveals his slender, tight body. You’ll want to run your hands all over his washboard abs and large dark nipples. Goodness knows WE wanted to! But goodness had nothing to do with it.

After George strips down to his white boxer briefs, he plays with his bulge, getting his fat dick even harder. But when he pulls his undies down, we get to see his dick hang thick and heavy. It’s the perfect cock! Not too big, not too small. Meaty and uncut, with plenty of foreskin to play with. George lays back, legs apart, and goes to town; feeling himself and starting at us from time to time. Slowly he builds, increasing his tempo, heading towards a powerful orgasm that leaves him spurting jets of white spunk all the way up his torso, landing on his chest! Oh, to be the towel he wiped up with…

Big Thick & Juicy

Dressed only in their shiny Adidas sport shorts, Shane Stone and Oliver James have a bit of fun kissing and groping each other. Both lads are ripped, with hard torsos and plenty of ink. As they lick flesh and chew on nipples, Shane and Oliver grow hornier, their cocks harder. But they don’t pull them out right way. They like to tease each other, as well as you — the viewer — and foreplay is what it’s all about. When they DO finally reach inside, out come a couple of huge, fat pieces of meat that are big, thick, and juicy. Seriously. Mouth-watering doesn’t even begin to cover it so it’s best you take a good look for yourself as each services the other, taking it down deep — balls deep — with good old fashioned cock sucking, face fucking, and gagging. Oh, and let’s not forget some big balls swinging!

Clearly turned on by the intensity, Oliver gives himself up to Shane and lets him take charge. Shane feels up Oliver’s muscled ass, then rubs his fingers against his smooth hole before pushing them inside to finger fuck him. Soon, Oliver is on all fours, with Shane kneeling behind him to spread his cheeks apart and bury his tongue and face in that incredibly hot ass. Eager to fuck, the lads start off with Shane holding his dick up and Oliver sliding himself slowly down. He lets ALL that thick girth stretch his hole and you can just about feel the burn as if you were the one being fucked. Once Shane is in, he’s IN and Oliver’s hole is completely his: to use, stretch, and abuse just the way Oliver likes it. As Shane pumps and pounds, thrusting in and out, he’s clearly hitting the spot. Oliver’s fat cock throbs so hard it looks ready to shoot the entire time! Personally, we can watch these two fuck for hours. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and this scene does so with a beautiful reward: with Oliver on his knees, mouth open and tongue out like a good cum whore, and Shane spurting massive jet of white jizz on his face, chest, and in his mouth.

Mixed Race Chav Lad Shaun Jones Has 8.5 Inch Uncut Cock

Fit London lad Shaun Jones is a mixed race chav with a coy and sexy manner. As we start his interview, Shaun shares with us how he likes to stay in shape. He also talks about the type of guys he likes before groping himself and lifting his top to reveal a smooth defined and slightly furry chest. As a big stiff bulge grows inside his sweatpants, Shaun grips his cock by the base, showing off the shape and outline while giving us some very horny looks. He knows what we like. He knows what we want. And he knows he’s got it. Shaun works it before stripping down to his underwear. The bulge he showed off earlier looks even bigger and tastier and only a true top could resist the thought of burying one’s face in Shaun’s crotch.

As Shaun continues rubbing and squeezing himself through the fabric of his undies, he treats us to some really horny throbbing bulge action. When he finally pulls his briefs down we see Shaun is big and uncut with plenty of foreskin, coming in at just under 8.5 inches. He grabs hold of the beautiful piece of meat and starts pumping, slowly at first, then picking up speed. Like all our models, we have him stand so we can get a good look from below, as well as close ups, making sure to give us continuous cocky looks; the type only a knowing chav like Shaun can give because he knows we want his cock and would devour him if we could. Shaun takes his sweet time jerking off, stroking the throbbing shaft while rubbing the tip of his finger against his sweet chav hole. The closer he gets, the harder and faster he strokes until a load of creamy white jizz spews slowly from his cock like an erupting volcano.

Horny Brit Lad Timmy Treasure Nearly Ripped By 9.5-Inch Monster Cock

There are times when a scene description truly pulls things together for our Members and fans of Hard Brit Lads. In fact, sometimes the blow by blow is not unlike foreplay, getting you ready for a good stroke session. And then there are times when we simply lack the words to fully and properly describe the intensity of a pairing. This week’s update, with super hung and fit Kayden Gray and adorable lad Timmy Treasure, definitely fits the bill. All we can say is that it’s an amazing scorcher of a scene with two sweaty young men who get off on licking and tasting every inch and orifice of each others bodies. Timmy gives an amazing blowjob and gets his face fucked with Kayden’s monster cock but Kayden gives a terrific rim job, one you can practically feel as you watch him tongue Timmy’s sweet, pink hole. However, it’s when Timmy takes Kayden up the ass that it hurts the most, in the best possible way. You can practically feel the burn of being penetrated by a 9.5 monster cock and feel it throbbing as it makes it’s way deep inside you. Stretching. Filling. Pounding. With such an uninhibited connection, the sight of Timmy’s ass lips sucking on that throbbing shaft will you have you drooling. As for Timmy, yes, he practically got ripped a new one. But judging from the look on his face he was in his glory as Kayden took him for the ride of his life!

Josh Miles, Cute Young Bottom With A REALLY Big Dick

Cute young newcomer Josh Miles sits with us for a bit, chatting first. This might be the 18-year-old’s first time ever in front of the camera but the young man speaks confidently and is well spoken. The lad tells us about the type of guys he goes for — usually much older guys — and shares the things he does to keep fit. The solo then begins, with Josh groping himself through his shiny sports kit. He gets hard instantly, blood flowing and filling the shaft until we can see the impressive mound even through his shorts. When he removes them, revealing his skimpy white briefs, Josh then really goes to town, groping by the base and showing us the outline, stretching the cotton material. By now he’s rock hard and, after a bit more teasing, Josh removes his briefs and that VERY large cock flops out.

Sometimes a guy is big. Sometimes his cock just looks big. In this instance, Josh isn’t only hung. He looks even MORE hung than he already is! Perhaps it’s because of his youth. Perhaps it’s because he’s so thin. Whatever the reason, we’re glad he is. And just in case you’re curious, he’s sporting a fat 8.5 incher, uncut, with plenty of foreskin and big throbbing veins. This is one seriously hot cock and you can tell as Josh holds it up, slowly sliding the foreskin back and forth over the head. He squeezes a little and you can even see the gooey pre-cum. He rubs it all in, making the head glisten, then continues jerking off slowly. Josh takes his sweet time playing with that beautiful piece then picks up speed, getting into a good rhythm as he builds towards climax. He might not make a lot of noise, but when this lad comes, he practically showers himself with jizz. Now that Josh is no longer a virgin to porn we hope to see more of him. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Cocksucker With Super Fat Dick Services Straight Rugby Lad Ben Connor

Beefy rugby lad Ben Connor is 6 foot 3 and solid muscle. He’s exactly what Adam James likes. To make matters more interesting, Ben is straight. But do you think that stops Adam from some muscle worship? It sure as hell doesn’t turn Ben off! In fact, the meaty stud is aroused by the way Adam rubs and spreads the oil all over his massive chest and muscular legs. Adam is unusually quiet, fascinated by the stud before him. But in the end, he goes for the one thing that interests us all most. Cock.

Adam really works Ben’s dick, squeezing and groping and rubbing while working his own incredibly thick piece of meat. When he pulls down Ben’s shorts, he wraps his lips around the head of the jock’s cock and goes to town, slobbering all over his shaft. Sucking slow at first, then picking up speed, Adam takes his time; from sucking to getting this throat fucked by the straight stud. The entire time he strokes his meaty cock until Adam’s cock begins to throb, pulsating in warning as he fires off a thick load and feeds it to the hungry cocksucker.