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Beefy Smooth Muscle Lad Jake Richards Pushes Hot And Hairy Sam Bishop To Limit

Smooth muscle lad Jake Richards pushes hot, hairy and beefy Sam Bishop to his limits, fucking his throat, fingering his hole, and giving him a deep rim. But not before groping and kissing, hard in their sport shorts. When they pull out each others big dicks, they take turns sucking each other. Sam proves to be one very talented deep throat cock sucker, swallowing Jake’s thick meaty piece down to the base. But Jake isn’t one to be left behind when it comes to working a juicy slab of meat! He gets on his knees and sucks Sam’s equally big cock. On the floor, Jake soon lays back for a full-length, girthy meat swallowing and, for good measure, fucking Sam’s throat. Then Jake gives Sam’s hole a good workout. Fingering as he sucks, Jake then rims Sam before fucking him against the sofa, building up to some hard fucking. When Jake lays back, Sam straddles him and lets Jake grip his butt cheeks hard to give him a rough pounding. On his back, Sam jerks himself off while Jake thrusts long and deep. Sam’s cum shot is EXPLOSIVE, shooting hard and far, and plenty. When Jake starts to shoot, Sam takes a hot facial as his face and mouth are sprayed with thick white spunk. This is one SERIUOSLY sensational pairing!

21-Year-Old Alex Ford In His First Ever Porn Shoot

At HardBritLads we just LOVE virgins. Virgins like Alex Ford. This super cute 21-year-old chats with us first, telling us the type of guys he goes for and how he keeps fit. As his bulge grows in his sports shorts, Alex starts groping then takes off his shirt to reveal a ripped and lean smooth body. He’s got strong, tight pecs and biceps, and a rock hard six-pack. After removing his shorts, his cock looks massive beneath his tight white boxers as Alex continues to grope himself, gripping and squeezing as he whets our appetite in anticipation of what’s to come. And then it comes out. Big and stiff and positively mouth watering. Alex jerks off slowly, giving us plenty of cute, confident looks. He holds his cock at the base in order to give us some hot close-ups. This guy knows what he’s doing. He’s playful and coy as plays with his big dick, wanking harder and faster as he builds towards climax. Alex spurts hot white spunk all over his sweaty abs and, as he squeezes out the last few drops, he gives us a final sexy glances while catching his breath. And we’re left wondering, THIS is his first ever porn shoot? Yes. It is. But what can we say? Alex is a natural.

Beefy, Rugged And Manly Versus Smooth, Muscled Lad

Beefy, rugged, and manly, Matt Brooks is paired with smooth, muscled, young hottie Danny Montero. They two are beautifully contrasted and have an awesome session with major passion. In fact, this a terrific fantasy for any of you out there who like a bit of age play. Maybe Danny is lusting after his older brother’s best mate? Hell, for that matter, perhaps Matt is the one lusting after his buddy’s baby bro. And if your best friend’s brother were Danny, wouldn’t you want to get all up in his ass?

The two kiss and grope each other, indulging in some hot nipple play before moving onto some mutual cocksucking. Matt is extremely dominant, which is good because Danny clearly gets off on being a willing horny sub. But don’t assume Matt doesn’t suck cock. In fact, he provides expert oral service, deep throating Danny’s curved piece down to the balls with barely a gag. Then, after swapping back and forth, Matt eases that incredibly fat slab of beef inside Danny and, once inside, starts fucking the smooth and juicy hole. Slow at first, because Danny needs that, then quickly building to some intense pumping and hole stretching. After taking Danny repeatedly, and all over the black couch, Matt fucks the cum out of Danny then pulls out and quickly shoots a massive spunk load over his ass, showering him with jizz that drips mouth wateringly down Danny’s legs. Seriously hot!

Bradley Cox, Lad With Sexy, Kissable Lips Strokes Juicy Cock

With blue eyes and square jaw, tall Bradley Cox can only be described as a stunner. The handsome young man chats with us first, telling us how he keeps in shape and what he likes sexually, as well as the type of guy he goes for. But after his interview, Bradley strips down to his undies, playing with his nipples while massaging the growing bulge in his sport shorts. After a while, he pulls them down, giving us a delicious view his stiff dick inside his undies. Bradley gives himself some great, hard, bulge groping action and we love him for it. But when he pulls down his white boxer briefs, Bradley shows off a luscious, mouth watering cock that will make you drool.

Using lube, Bradley pours it on and rubs it in, getting himself even harder. Then he starts in. He jerks off a little, holding his cock up by the base, giving us some hot close ups. It’s clear he’s in love with what he’s been blessed and we really can’t blame him! After a while, Bradley pours on plenty more lube and jerks off slow, getting him close, then speeds up. Stroking fast and furious now, Bradly keeps beating his meat until the spunk starts to fly. His seed pumps out thick and heavy, squirting onto his sweaty abs. After a horny slow mo of him unloading his jizz, Bradly gives us a final, sexy look and squeezes out remaining drops of cum, which drip down over his fingers.

Luke and Adam unwrap their presents early

The Christmas season always starts earlier every year, and Hard Brit Lads is not exception. Legendary Luke Desmond is getting plenty frisky at the prospect of giving Adam James his first taste of the pipe, and he’s in such a giving mood, he even offers Adam a chance to take a poke at his tight, furry ass! What a generous young fellow! Luke and Adam eagery suck each other’s cocks like they were candy canes and Luke eagerly spreads his legs to let Adam thrust his thick, 8.5″ inch stocking stuffer into his wet hole. Adam’s in heaven banging Luke’s ass, and Luke’s own 9 inch cock is hard, hungry and glistening with precum…

Adam’s literally having a ball, but Luke want’s to taste that fresh ass. Luke is Adam’s first on-camera fuck, but he’s not showing any nerves. Luke mounts him and rams him deep and hard, stuffing him like the Christmas bird, and Adam is moaning each time the 9 incher rams up to the hilt. Adam never stops stroking his dick and it’s not to long before it’s shower time…He lets loose a huge torrent of cum and Luke is hard charging right behind him, jacking his thick meat until he sprays Adam’s face, mouth and chest with a pint (at least) of the White stuff! Silent night? Not in here!

Fit Gymnast Danny Chase Has 8.5 Inch Cock

Danny Chase is a fit gymnast who gets an impressive bulge in his shiny sports shorts as we interview him. He strips down to reveal a body that’s smooth and defined, with a tight six pack. Then he shows off his seriously big bulge, stroking and gripping it by the base, before pulling down his undies. His pubes are natural and bushy. Holding up his cock, Danny has a huge meaty 8.5 inches, uncut with plenty of foreskin and big bulging veins. In fact, that mouth watering slab of beef is so thick he can just barely reach around it! No doubt, by now, you’ll be drooling.

Danny rubs lube into his shaft, jerking off nice and slow, with loads of sexy looks to the camera. After some very hot big dick action on the sofa, Danny stands and lets his dick hang for a bit. He gives us some horny close ups before smearing more lube on that big meat and jerking off again, slow at first, then faster, his massive meat throbbing. When he goes back to the sofa to continue playing with his big meat, Danny’s breathing get louder as he gets himself close, jerking off fast until the spunk flies in thick spurts of white jizz that spew all over his sweaty six pack. He squeezes out the last drops and gives us a final look at the camera. And all we could think of is…fuck, that was hot!