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Cute Adorable Twink With 8.5 Inches Fucked By Top With Even Bigger Dick!

There comes a time in every gay guy’s life, usually as we’re approaching legal age, when we must get fucked. It just seems like the natural order of things. Get your cherry popped, see if you like getting stuffed full of cock, and either turn bottom, go top, or play the field and maximize your options. At least, that’s how it’s worked for many men of a certain age. Perhaps it’s different with the younger generation. We don’t know how it worked out for Alex Silvers but we can assure you that, in this scene, he’s going to get his sweet, smooth, pink little hole stretched to capacity by ripped, mega hung kick boxer Daniel James. Mind you, Alex is already one of the cutest, most adorable twinks we’ve ever seen, sporting 8.5 inches. Daniel on the other hand, has a whopper of a slab, coming in at just under 9.5!

These two can barely contain their erections in their skimpy sport shorts so they let it all hang out and jerk each other off. Both have some serious girth and Alex clearly enjoys servicing massive meat. However, Daniel demonstrates some impressive abilities as he deepthroats Alex, taking him all the way to the base. If you’re like us, your throat will be truly working even as you watch. After sucking Alex, Daniel gives the twink a deep wet rimming. And can we just say? For lovers of analingus, this is a mouth-watering delight. Imagine if you will, a pink, perfectly smooth starburst laid out before you. Your tongue is right there, digging in and sliming with spit and making those wicked horny splurting noises. Doesn’t it just give you chills? If this doesn’t get you hard, nothing will. But wait. There’s more! Daniel fucks Alex in three positions, giving his hole an intense stretching as he fucks him deep and long. And all Alex can do is lay there, taking it ALL. From the look on his face and the sounds he makes, it’s obvious the blond thrives on the intense pleasure-pain of getting filled with SOOOOOO much cock. Daniel fucks the cum out of Alex then stands and shoots his own huge and heavy load, spunking all over Alex’s face. Ummm. Hell. Now we need a cigarette.

Blonde Muscle Lad Justin Blake Plays With Thick, Long Cock And Big Low Hangers

If you like your men chiseled, you’re going to love Justin Blake. With blue eyes and a square jaw, the blonde muscle lad starts off on the sofa in black running shorts and sports vest. Rubbing his crotch, Justin then lifts his shirt to reveal a ripped torso with a tight-six pack, solid pecs, and broad shoulders. He proceeds to play with his nipples before takes off his shirt and pulling down his shorts. Even through the white undies, you can tell Justin’s packing. Stroking the impressive bulge, it gets bigger…thicker…hardening. Justin then gets naked and those of us on set at HardBritLads, went apeshit. Justin’s cock is big, fat, and uncut with plenty of foreskin. Coming in at just over 8 inches, with really low hanging balls, Justin looks even bigger as he gently plays with the slab of meat. We could even see it throb, moist with precum! After some very hot jerk off action on the sofa, Justin stands and lets his dick hang; it’s thick and heavy between his legs and we had to struggle to keep from dropping to our knees on the spot. Before going back to cock play, Justin jerks off for a bit while standing over us. Back on the sofa, he lays back and starts jerking off harder. His muscles stiffen and bulge as he gets close and then his big meat starts spurting hot jets of spunk over his bulging sweaty abs. Justin catches his breath as he squeezes out the remaining load and all we could do was wonder: was it good to the last drop? Guess we’re just going to have to get him a deep throat cocksucker to fill us in.

Cock Hungry Power Bottom Scott Hunter Perfect For Thick Hung Theo Reid

HardBritLads is always pleased to bring you the men that we do. However, this week, we’re especially happy to present a real scorcher of a scene, from start to finish! Scott Hunter is an insatiable, muscular power bottom and almost tailor-made for handsome fittie Theo Reid and his thick, girthy uncut meat. The duo is perfectly matched in both, desire, passion, and intensity. Starting off in their shorts, with bare chests, Scott and Theo kiss and indulge in some hot nipple play while massaging each others stiff bulges. Taking out hard, throbbing dicks, they take turns sucking each other. Scott clearly loves a challenge and takes ALL of the meaty cock down his throat. Then again, Theo IS pretty forceful with it, pushing Scott to his limits. So, there’s no way Scott wasn’t going to take it all down to the balls!

After some amazingly hungry and expert oral service, Theo gives Scott’s hole a good workout with probing tongue and fingers. Horny to fuck, thick hung Theo works his mouth watering slab of beef into Scott and pounds the hungry power bottom with great thrusting! Scott rides it, butt cheeks pulled wide apart by Theo, as the fat dick stretches and ravages Scott’s greedy hole. When Scott leans back against the sofa, it’s to get a deeper, harder pounding. Then, ending up on his back, Scott gets pounded even harder, filled with prime British meat. This is maximum penetration, balls deep, until Theo pulls out and spurts thick hot spunk straight into Scott’s mouth while he jerks himself off. This is one that is NOT to be missed!

Sexy And Masculine Str8 Football Player From Essex, Darren Daley

If British swimmer and Olypmic medalist Tom Daley had an older brother, it would surely be Darren Daley. Fortunately, or not — depending on where your fantasies go — the two are not related. The hot and masculine Darren hails from Essex and says he’s straight but would be willing to try some man-on-man action provided the price is right. So, while we’re left to figure out how we can raise enough money to lure Darren back for his first ever blowjob from another guy, we can at least kick back and relax, as he does, and watch him fly solo. He starts off pretty much like all our other men, with his interview. The footballer shows off his sexy body, complete with fur in all the right places and a pair of the most magnificent legs we’ve seen on any man, bar none! The hung stud proceeds to grope himself, strip down, then jerk off until he blows a thick and heavy load that splatters to the floor in all it’s creamy white deliciousness. And all we could think of is, what a waste!

Hung Gay-4-Pay Rugby Player Daniel Johnson Manhandles Eager To Please Sub Tom Scott

Daniel Johnson — a rugged, gay-for-pay footballer with a big, fat, uncut dick — totally dominates in this intensely powerful scene with hung and hairy fit skinhead sub, Tom Scott. Daniel is rough right from the start, with non-stop verbal aggression that will drive you to your knees. Want an example? Daniel shoves his throbbing shaft down Tom’s throat and orders him to take it all. Then he proceeds to fuck his face so forcefully it’s a wonder Tom can even breath! And yet, the eager-to-please bottom takes it all in stride. He keeps on smiling as Daniel keeps on fucking his face and throat, pumping him full of fat dick until he’s ready to take his hole.

Tom gets about as much priming from Daniel is he can expect from a straight boy, especially a sexually brutal jock who enjoys tearing into a tight hole. There IS some spitting and finger fucking as Daniel plays with Tom’s ass but, overall, it’s a deep and steady pounding that starts off slow then builds to a fast and furious fuck. Tom is pushed to his limits and yet, like a good power bottom cock whore, the sub pig continues to take everything Daniel has to give. On the edge of ecstasy, Tom explodes with a powerful load, cumming all over himself. Daniel soon follows, pumping out thick, white seed directly into Tom’s open mouth. And all he can do is feed like a good little piggy sub bottom.

Liam Collins, A Beefy Bi-Curious Rugy Player With A Big Dick

We all love a straight man, especially one who’s bi-curious. But what if you had a beefy and sexy bi-curious male with a big curved dick and a strong desire to be sucked off by another guy? Then feast your eyes on Liam Collins. The 30-year-old rugby player confesses that he’s been strictly with women but, lately, has fantasized about getting sucked off to completion by a hungry cocksucker. You can even hear the husky desire in his voice during his interview. We let Liam go off on his own and he starts groping himself, getting his dick hard and showing off a well-shaped pair of hairy legs and a juicy, uncut cock with a fat head. Stripping down to his underwear, then to nothing, Liam makes your mouth water as he gently plays with his semi, sliding the foreskin back and forth. Liam then proceeds to give us a lesson on edging, his cock twitching and throbbing. After plenty of horny cock play, Liam builds up a little — but only a little — before he explodes. The spunk flies, quite literally, and Liam shoots several feet, spurt after spurt…and it’s so thick and heavy you can hear it hitting the floor. Any volunteers to be his first cocksucker and clean up the cum-laden mess?