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Muscular Tattooed Rugby Player Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts is a handsome muscular Rugby player with a confident, masculine attitude. As he chats with us during his interview, you get a feel for his personality. He might be well-spoken and a bit reserved — at first — but there is definitely a cheeky glint in his eye! The solo proceeds with the sexy b-curious male stripping out of his sports kit, down to his white boxers. As he strokes big bulging pecs, he plays with his nipples and we can appreciate his tattoos. But once he’s naked, we appreciate SO much more! am gently plays with his semi hard, uncut dick, sliding the foreskin back and forth. Soon, his dick curves up, fully hard, with some good girth at the base, and huge balls. He jerks off slow and, standing over us now, releases his throbbing cock to stroke his powerful body. When he goes back to jerking off, Sam works his dick faster. On the sofa now, he continues working his stiff meat, giving us plenty of sexy looks through the camera. As he builds, sweat glistens on his chest and biceps. His muscles bulge and tighten as he gets close and, next thing you know, the spunk starts pumping. It comes out thick and fast — and plenty of it! — squirting copiously all over his sweaty six pack as he squeezes out the last few drops and catches his breath.

Smooth Hung Jocks Bradley Cox and Oscar Roberts

Bradley Cox and Oscar Roberts are tall, handsome, and smooth. The jocks have a hot and passionate session, starting off rubbing each others stiff bulges. Throbbing under their shiny sports shorts you can tell they’re hung. Taking their tops off, Bradley and Oscar indulge in some horny nipple play before pulling out big, hard, uncut pieces of meat. The two take turns sucking, trading back and forth as the move from being on their knees to the sofa. The cock sucking is deep, wet, and sensual, with the occasional greedy face fucking thrown in for a change of pace. After plenty of great oral, Bradley plays with Oscar’s hole, fingering the tightly muscled jock with the bulging pecs and a ripped six pack, all while stroking his stiff dick. With his arse warmed up, Bradley first fucks Oscar against the sofa. Next, Bradley is on his back — on the floor — with Oscar riding him, his own cock throbbing throughout, muscles tight and straining. Oscar ends up on his back with Bradley giving him a deep, hard fucking. When he can no longer hold back, Oscar jerks himself off and sprays his abs with hot spunk while Bradly pumps the load out of him. When Bradley is ready, he pulls out and shoots his own thick and creamy load all over Oscar, leaving him drenched in fresh jizz.

Hung 21-Year-Old Bi Hunk Ben Grey

Sometimes, a unique blend of man comes along with smoldering good looks, a chav/thug like demeanor, hard driving sexual desire, and sensuality. Oh, and let’s not forget…a big dick! Ben Grey is such a man and the 21-year-old bisexual is featured this week on HardBritLads, in a sensational debut! Like many of our other models, Ben chats us up first. His voice is at once masculine and somewhat laddish. The mischievous grin on his face and the glint in his eye just adds to the entire package in a way that makes us practically swoon. Wearing trackie pants and a sleeveless hoodie, Ben plays with the stiff bulge in his sweatpants before taking off the hoodie. This is one fit and defined lad with the type of skin you’ll long to lick!

With refreshing directness, Ben pulls his trackies down, teasing us with his rock hard dick throbbing inside his white briefs. He strokes his impressive bulge, then pulls down his undies, leaving him in just his white sports socks. Ben’s dick is thick and meaty, and he has the type of hairy legs you’ll want to run your hands along while you suck his cock. Alas, since he’s flying solo, Ben just rubs lube onto his cock, making it throb even harder. He gives us loads of horny and slow cock play with plenty of hands-free action too. On the sofa, Ben continues playing with his stiff dick, then starts playing with his arse. He inserts a finger, then two, stretching out his hole and obviously enjoying the self anal play. This is truly an exhibitionist of the sexiest order. He puts on a great show, with lots of sexy looks to the camera that will make you feel as if he were giving himself up, just to YOU! After a while, Ben speeds up, jerking off harder. Then his fat cock starts pumping out hot spunk, thick and fast, all over his six pack. Ben squeezes out every last drop as he gives us a final sexy look. The type of look that says, “I know what you want, and I’ve got it. You want it? I dare you to come and get it.”

Battle Of The Big Dicks Featuring Alex Ford and Jake Richards

There isn’t a gay man we know who doesn’t like a big dick, regardless of whether you want to do something with it or simply admire the endowment. Even straight men have been known to sneak peeks at other men standing next to them at urinals. That’s just human nature. We’re curious. Plus, it always comes down to cock. With that in mind, this week HardBritLads is pleased to bring you a scene that might as well be titled, “Battle of the BIG Dicks,” featuring Alex Ford and Jake Richards. Super cute, athletic and ripped, Alex is in his first ever shoot with another beautifully hung and meaty dicked rugby lad. Rubbing each others stiff bulges in their sports shorts, they whip out some hefty pieces of meat and take turns sucking each other. Twink Alex works Jake’s hole, stretching it with two fingers as he wanks and suck him. Building up to an eager fuck, Jake straddles Alex and sits down on the curved, throbbing shaft, going for a ride before leaning against the sofa for a harder, deeper fuck. Eventually, he ends up on his back with Alex giving him a really good pounding. With full balls ready to burst, Alex gets his cock sucked one last time while Jake shoots a powerful spunk load that sprays all over the place. Alex then squirts his spunk over Jake’s face and directly into his mouth. Hmmm. That is some lip-smacking, mouth watering, tasty jizz!

Hung Jock With Matinee Idol Looks, Oscar Roberts

As you listen to us at HardBritLads chat with handsome, athletic 21-year-old Oscar Roberts you will suddenly realize that this amiable guy is more than just handsome. He’s got matinee idol looks somewhat reminiscent of James Dean. Complete with a somewhat broody look and pouty lips, Oscar sits back on the sofa then strips down to his jock strap, showing off a ripped body with tight abs and great pecs; the favorite part of his body though we would beg to differ. As he strokes his smooth hole, pushing his finger inside and teasing himself, Oscar rubs his hard bulge. Unlacing his jock, he proceeds to pull out a big and throbbing uncut dick. Now THAT’S our favorite part but we’ll leave you to decide that for yourself as he plays with it…gently…rubbing on plenty of lube. As he continues to play with his stiff meat, Oscar fingers himself, then stands to give us some hot hands-free action. His cock throbs and twitches as Oscar plays with his nipples and continues stroking…nice and slow…edging ever closer. Back on the sofa, Oscar speeds up, jerking off hard and fast. His six-pack glistens with sweat and his hard cock actually LOOKS ready to shoot. And then it does. Pumping out thick hot spunk all over his abs, Oscar queezes out every last drop, catches his breath and relaxes.