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After Sucking Monster Cock, Petite Axel Pierce Slammed Balls Deep By Kayden Gray

If you’re a HardBritLads Member, you already know how insanely hot last week’s scene was. Featuring monster hung Kayden Gray and petite Axel Pierce — who’s far from petite where it really counts — the two got into the type of heavy duty cocksucking that no doubt made you drool without even pulling your dick out of your pants. If you’re NOT a Member of, then you should be! If nothing else, to get a load of this crazy, eager, cock hungry duo. The scene was so intense it merited being shown in it’s entirety, in two parts. This week, in Part 2, the sensational pairing sees cute, fit twink Axel, getting his sweet and hairy little arse massively stretched and pounded by Kayden’s huge, thick monstercock. Axel might be a little lad but he can take a big dick and one hell of a pounding. And Kayden shows no mercy. Starting off with some hot rimming, Kayden tongues Axel’s hole. Next, Kayden is on the floor, holding his huge dick up as Axel slides down the length of it, gasping as he takes it ALL, down to the base. Leaning back, the hairy chav rides it slowly. Kayden then holds his butt in place and starts thrusting, stretching his hole wide as he pumps into the lad. With his leg up on a chair, Axel continues to get fucked, deeper and harder. Kayden pulls his butt cheeks apart and gives him an intense pounding. Axel’s hard dick throbs and twitches as he’s slammed. Finally, on his back, Axel is nearly driven to madness as Kayden, pulling all the way out then ramming home again and again, builds towards climax. He fucks faster, making Axel shoot his spunk all over himself, before pulling out and standing over Axel. He jerks off till his cum pumps out over Axel’s face, then pushes his dick into his hungry mouth, making him lick his cock clean and swallow every last drop. Truly unmissable. And just the thought of it, viewing it once more, has left us breathless and panting.

Insanely Hot Cock Sucking and Rimming With Kayden Gray and Axel Pierce

Does the thought of a skull fucking monster cock pounding away at your face turn you on? Or maybe YOU’VE got a huge slab of meat and you fantasize about stretching the throat of an eager beef eater as you look down upon his pretty face? Regardless of what side of that cock you’re on, HardBritLads has an incredible update for you today! It’s an incredible pairing between super hung muscle lad Kayden Gray hot young fittie, Axel Pierce. The contrast between them is obvious — isn’t it always about size? — but they’re sexual energy is evenly matched. Axel might as well be a whore and Kayden the whore master as he gets a seriously hot servicing from adorable Axel. In fact, the scene was so good, I had to split it into two parts. There was THAT much great action to fit it all into one video. So part one focuses on something wet and juicy: oral and rimming service. And there’s plenty of it, too! Starting off with mutual groping and nipple play, Kayden is immediately rock solid. When his shorts come off, he has a massive throbbing bulge in his white undies. Axel cant take his eyes off it as he drops to his knees rubbing and stroking it. Taking it out, he sucks eagerly, getting his mouth fucked, then struggling to suck deep. Kayden jams it right down, getting it deep into Axel’s throat. Insanely hot! Kayden sucks Axel for a bit but, since this is all about the worship of the monster cock God, its back to Axel sucking Kayden. On the sofa, they get into some hot positions as Axel sucks deep and hard. Kayden sucks Axel some more before giving his hungry hole a real good rimming as he prepares to fuck him. Stay tuned for Part 2, EXCLUSIVELY on!

Hard Brit Lads First Timer Seb Evans

This week, HardBritLads is excited to feature Seb Evans. Appearing for the first time on camera, the handsome blue-eyed lad chats with us first, telling us what he’s into and how he keeps fit. Seb begins his solo by taking off his sports vest, revealing a killer body with spectacular ripped abs, broad shoulders, and tight pecs. Even before he takes off his shorts, you can’t help drink in the sight of his strong muscular legs as he rubs his bulge, then removes his undies. In just his football socks and shin pads, Seb jerks off, getting his uncut dick hard and showing it off for the camera. Rubbing spit onto the head, Seb tenses his hard body and gets into some horny jerk off action. Changing position, his legs back, arse to the camera, Seb fingers himself…first with one finger, then two, then three…giving his hole a real good stretching. Next, he uses a butt plug to open his hole up even further. But it’s the big thick dildo he lubes up, then inserts up his hungry hole that really stretches Seb to the max. He fucks himself with the fat, fleshy toy…slowly at first…then speeding up, giving himself a hole-punishing workout! Seb gets back to jerking off again, building. As he gets close, his muscles tense and tighten, then his dick squirts out hot spunk…hard. It shoots up to his pecs, with more jets of cum spraying out over his ripped abs. Awesome!

A Mouthful of Cock and A Faceful of Hairy Footballers Arse

This week at HardBritLads, Daniel Johnson gets full service from willing, hung bottom Jay Jawson. Starting off with some hard bulge play, Daniel tells Jay to lick his nipples and armpits. Eager to please, the chav does everything he’s told. Once they pull out their big uncut dicks, Jay goes to town, giving Daniel a good cock sucking. The well built, thick-dicked, dominant footballer kicks back and, despite him being straight, enjoys Jay’s eager mouth. Soon, however, he’s fucking the chav’s face, giving him a mouthful of amazing cock then a faceful of hairy arse! When Jays tongue goes in we see Dan’s big cock throb and twitch as it throbs with pleasure. Daniel tells Jay to give his hole another good licking before prising Jay’s butt cheeks apart and spitting onto his hole. He pushes the spit into Jay and gives him a good fingering before fucking Jay hard, fast, and furious. First, Daniel fucks Jay doggie style on the floor. He then fucks Jay against the sofa, pulling his butt cheeks apart to fuck him deeper and harder. Next, Jay lays on his side for a final intense pounding until he sprays his load all over himself. Daniel pumps out thick white spunk all over Jay’s face and tongue, pushing his cum covered dick into his mouth. As you watch his cock still throbbing, it’s obvious Jay loves the taste of straight lad spunk.

Porn Newbie Robbie Falcon Has A Fat One

This week, HardBritLads is pleased to feature, newbie Robbie Falcon. He’s a tall, masculine lad, slim and defined, with bright blue eyes. Robbie enjoys getting off, that much is clear by the way he handles himself and looks into the camera, as if he were jerking off just for you! Taking off his sports top, he rubs spit into nipples and strokes his tight torso. Rubbing the bulge in his shorts, Robbie then takes them off. He pulls out his soft, uncut cock. It looks pretty average…at first. Then he starts rubbing and his dick grows, almost exponentially, to massive proportions. Robbie has a real hot big fat schlong, with ample foreskin and nice veins. Definitely a grower, here! The thick piece of meat has a slight downward curve to it. Positively mouth watering! Throughout the solo Robbie continues to rub tons of spit into his dick as he grows completely stiff. He takes his hands off it to give us some horny cock close ups then stands over us to jerk off harder than before. All the while, he continues to give some hot looks to the camera. Moving to the sofa, Robbie rubs more and more spit onto his cock, making a lot of noise as he jerks off his now throbbing and super thick shaft. This is some seriously horny big meat jerk off action! As Robbie works himself up, you can hear him getting close. Then his thick cock starts pumping. Spunk spews all over his chest and abs, with more jizz dripping down his fingers as he squeezes out every last drop.

Chav and Scally Lads Sky James and Josh Jared

This week, HardBritLads brings you a scene for the chav and scally lover! Wearing grey trackie bottoms and white socks, horny lads Sky James and Josh Jared get frisky on the sofa. While kissing and groping each other, the lads get solid boners. They pull down their jogging bottoms, giving us a hot view…hardons bulging inside their underwear as they grope each other some more. Each then has a go at the other, eagerly taking take turns sucking cock. There’s no shortage of meat,either! Both are uncut and very well hung. Josh struggles to swallow the length of Sky’s thick eight incher but continues to try and even gets his face fucked, too! After plenty of great oral action, Sky gives Josh’s hole a good rimming, then gets ready to fuck. First he pounds Josh against the sofa, then sits back to let Josh ride him it for a bit, gripping his arse to thrust into him hard and fast. Then, for a final position, Josh is on his back. Playing with his stiff cock as Sky gives Jordan a heavy duty pounding, they build towards climax. Josh sprays his spunk all over himself and Sky moves around to give him a hot facial, pumping thick cum over his sweet face and into his mouth, EXCLUSIVELY on!