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Scott Hunter Gives Super Hung Daniel James Full-On Cock Service

HardBritLads is pleased to bring you what we think is another awesome video, featuring horny big muscle lad, Scott Hunter and mega hung kick boxer, Daniel James. Scott gives Daniel full-on cock service from start to finish. And if you like intense deepthroat action, you’re gonna LOVE this! They start off kissing, groping and sucking nipples, with both lads rock solid in their bulging sports shorts. Pulling out their throbbing dicks, they jerk each other off. Then Scott drops to his knees. Sucking the entire length of Daniels huge, thick, uncut nine-inch schlong, Scott swallows it right down to the base, demonstrating incredible deepthroat skills. Daniel then manages to take Scott’s cock all the way down, too! Moving to the sofa, Daniel lays back and lets Scott pleasure his fat dick some more before giving Scott’s hairy arse a good working over. With plenty of spit and deep rimming, Daniel stretches Scott further using two fingers. With Scott on all fours, Daniel starts to fuck him slow and deep, showing plenty of length. Then Scott pushes back to impale himself against the big fuck pole. Daniel only speeds up to pound the cock hungry bottom even harder. When Scott leans against the sofa, Daniel gives him a real hard pounding, going deep and long. But their not done yet! With Scott on his back for a final intense fucking, Daniel bangs away. Scott shoots a HUGE cum shot, spraying spunk all the way up his chest, and Daniel pulls out. He wanks over Scott and squirts his hot jizz over Scott’s face and into his mouth, feeding him cum, then gets his throbbing meat sucked clean as Scott savours every last drop. This is TOTALLY unmissable!

Australian Hottie Woody Fox and His Big Uncut Dick

HardBritLads features Australian hottie Woody Fox this week. Yes, we know he’s not a Brit lad but with that sexy look and a seriously hot cock, we can put nationality aside. After all, when it comes to handsome hung men, it’s always about what they’re swinging, isn’t it? The handsome ripped stud chats with us first, barechested, and talks about the type of guy he goes for and how he keeps so fit. Newsflash…it’s not from the gym! Then the solo begins. Woody stands, groping at his bulge while stroking his chest and flexes his biceps. Getting a nice semi in his sport shorts, he then pulls them down to rub his bulge even further. Taking off his undies, Woody plays with his big uncut dick, getting it rock hard. He jerks off for a bit, then rubs plenty of lube onto his uncut meat, only to wank some more. He flexes his biceps again, giving us some horny, hands-free action as his dick throbs. When he moves to the sofa, Woody works his cock slowly. Very hot! As it throbs, Woody holds his shaft by the base, giving us some very horny cock closeups. Then he gets back to some nice and slow jerk off action, with plenty of steamy looks into the camera. He starts to speed up, the muscles on his ripped torso bulging and tightening. Getting faster, Woody builds himself up till his dick pumps out hot spunk all over his sweaty six pack. As he squeezes out every last drop, Woody gives us a final look as he catches his breath. What a HOT stud. Watch this scene EXCLUSIVELY on!

Dan Broughton Works Up A Sweat With Thick Dicked Lad Ben Grey

HardBritLads brings you a very horny scene featuring Dan Broughton and Ben Grey, in this sensational video with non stop action. Handsome, fit Dan works up a sweat with highly sexed thick dicked Ben! With amazing chemistry from the start, the lads start off with passionate kissing and groping. Both get hard bulges in their shorts, then strip to their undies. Some nippleplay and bulge action ensues before getting down to some very hot sucking. The handsome studs take turns deep sucking big uncut dicks, in great positions, with plenty of face fucking and deep throat action. There’s loads of insanely hot oral and the lads can’t get enough of each other. Dan gives Ben’s hole a good licking then fingers him before pushing his throbbing, veiny cock up between his legs. Desperate to start fucking, Dan takes Ben against the sofa, sliding his dick back and forth and in and out with long strokes. He pulls Ben’s arse cheeks apart to get more intense penetration and Ben’s cock throbs the entire time, moist with precum. Ben is then on his back with Dan expertly pounding his hole continuously, giving him a long, hot fuck that goes on for some time. When Ben can’t hold off anymore he sprays hot jizz all over his abs. Dan pulls out, kneels over Ben, then pumps out a great big spunk load over his chest. Unmissable!

Cute 18-Year-Old Newbie James Lewis Puts On A Great Show

This week, cute 18-year-old newbie, James Lewis, puts on a great show here at HardBritLads. With his blonde hair, blue eyes and boyish looks, James is simply adorable! He chats first — we were surprised to hear such a deep voice — telling us what he’s into before the solo begins. James plays with his nipples while performing some hot bulge groping. Taking off his top, he reveals a super-tight, ripped little six-pack. After stripping down to his undies, James plays with his hard bulge, then takes off his undies but keeps his white socks on. His dick is a good size, and uncut, and he gives some horny foreskin and pre-cum action. James fingers his own hole slowly, making his cock really stiffen and throb. As he continues to play with that most private of places, working the tight pucker, we can only imagine what smutty things he’s got on his mind! Standing, James jerks off a bit then gives us some great hands-free action as he plays with his nipples and makes his dick twitch. He jerks off some more before going back to the sofa, to lay back and play with his hole even more as he strokes his cock even harder. James builds quickly and his muscles tighten just before his cock pumps out seriously powerful jets of hot spunk. It’s a massive explosion of cum, with some of it going clear past his shoulder! The rest of his jizz liberally sprays his chest and six pack. If you like fit twinks with tons of cum, you’re in for a treat. We just love porn virgins. Don’t you? Lap it up boys!

Like A Virgin, Fucked For The Very First Time…Sort Of

Usually active only, Bradley Cox was a bit anxious about getting fucked for the first time…on camera. But, since he’s really had a thing for adorable Ryan Young, who is exclusively active only, Bradley gave it some thought. And after a LOT of thought, he decided to go for it. How could he say no to such an adorable, luscious lipped hottie as Ryan, who some of you might know as Billy Rubens? Starting off with kissing, nipple play and groping, both lads reach inside each others sport shorts and pull out their swelling cocks. As they start to play with each other, Ryan is already rock solid. Nicely hung Bradley, is a grower. They take turns sucking each other, then Ryan lays on the sofa to get sucked again. There’s tons of very hot oral action between these two! Ryan takes his time opening Bradley’s very tight hole, with deep, gentle fingering. For the first fuck position the lads are on the floor, spooning, Ryan goes in slow and gentle as Bradley grits his teeth. Gradually, he builds up to a good rhythm, fucking Bradley so well, his cock hardens as he’s pounded. Next, Bradley leans against the sofa as Ryan stands behind him for a deeper, harder fuck. Bradley ends up on his back, his dick throbbing as Ryan slides in and out, making Bradley squirt a really good load of jizz all over himself. Ryan pulls out and Bradley jerks him briefly, quickly making him cum, shooting his spunk out over Bradley’s chest. Hot stuff! Watch the scene EXCLUSIVELY on

Rob Jackson’s Seriously Thick, Uncut and Juicy Meat

Rob Jackson describes himself as mostly straight, with a bi-curious streak. Which is lucky for us! He’s a striking, handsome lad, with a strong, naturally athletic body, a tight six-pack and great pecs. Tie all together with a slightly hairy chest and you have yourself someone who’s quite manly, despite his 19 years. But the best thing about Rob? It’s a big, hot surprise when out comes one seriously thick, uncut and meaty dick. We’re talking beercan thick, with plenty of veins popping out! Stripping out of his sports kit, he pulls out his semi hard cock, sporting dark, bushy untrimmed pubes. He gives us some hot foreskin play as we watch his cock grow thicker and thicker. This truly is a whopper of a cock! Rob rubs a hefty dollop of spit into it, making it throb, and continues rubbing more spit throughout the solo, keeping his cock dripping wet. He jerks off slow, giving us hands free action, with even more foreskin play. As he stands over us, showing off his impressive girth, there are loads of big throbbing fat wet dick close ups for all girth lovers. Moving to the sofa, Rob expertly drops another gob of drool onto his meat and rubs it in, as he continues the slow and very hot cock play, with plenty of sexy looks into camera. After tons of very horny action (its a long solo because there is so much great stuff!) he speeds up a little. Then his cock starts pumping out jet after jet of hot jizz onto his chest and pecs. Rob is a big cummer and he cums a LOT! All shown in horny slow motion, EXCLUSIVELY on Sensational!