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Tom Long, AJ Alexander and Luke Vogel

Prepare yourselves for some serious big dick action as we bring three of our most hung models together for an incredibly hot threesome! We have an English lad Luke Vogel, young and smooth with a huge 8.5 incher. Then we have handsome rugged Irish lad, Tom Long with his massive 9 inch monster dick. Finally, there's ripped and chiselled Scottish hottie AJ Alexander with his beercan thick whopper. Starting off with mutual kissing and groping, they pull each others huge dicks out from their sports shorts and play with each other till they get rock solid. Young Luke drops to his knees and sucks both them in turn, and as they shove his head down on their meat, making his eyes water, he shows off incredible deep throat skills, swallowing both cocks to the base. On the sofa now, they lay in a row, sucking each other off in a couple of different positions. Some really hot oral action here! AJ lays on his back to get his hole rimmed and fingered by Luke while Tom gives his fat dick a good sucking. Luke fucks him deep and slow whilst Tom gets his monstercock sucked, cramming it deep into AJs throat. Luke gets spitroasted now, getting an intense fucking from Tom whilst slurping on AJs thick meat. Next, they form a line with AJ at the front, Luke in the middle and Tom at the back. Luke fucks AJ whilst getting fucked by Tom, almost making him cum. This is insanely hot! Eager to shoot their loads, Luke lays down with Tom and AJ jerking off over him. The sight of these massive dick makes him cum hard, squirting out a strong load over his abs. Tom shoots right after, and pumps out SO much spunk, it just keeps on cumming, totally showering Luke's chest in hot jizz, followed by AJ who shoots a big thick load as well, giving new meaning to the phrase cum drenched. Unmissable!

Jason Domino

Handsome, chiselled skinhead Jason Domino chats first. He describes himself as bisexual, and versatile with men, and talks about what he is into, and how he keeps fit. Then the solo begins with Jason lifting his top to reveal his tight pecs and ripped abs. He rubs his crotch, it swells, and he takes off his shorts. Jason sports a whopping great bulge in his sports briefs, clearly possesses a huge pair of balls and a big dick too, which is only semi. He rubs and squeezes his bulge for a bit and it swells even more. Taking off his undies, his big cock springs out and you can see right away he does have a big pair of bollox! He plays with his dick, and it gets rock solid, its a good eight inches, uncut, plenty of foreskin and a real nice thickness too. He squeezes out precum, rubs in around the head, then jerks off nice and slow for a bit, giving us tons of very horny shots. Jason stands, jerking off over us, he has very strong, nicely muscled legs too. He plays with his dick some more, plus foreskin action, and some hands free shots, he puts on a great show. Back on the sofa, he starts to build himself up, wanking harder and faster, his muscles tighten and bulge as he gets close, he works his cock hard, then the spunk starts pumping out thick and fast all over his sweaty six pack. Sensational!

Luke Adams and Ross Drake

Muscled young new hottie, Luke Adams, works up a sweat with ripped young footballer Ross Drake in this incredible video. The lads ease into it with mutual bulge groping and nipple sucking, both lads showing off their ripped, smooth bodies as they both get rock solid bulges in their white undies. Ross slurps deep on Luke's throbbing uncut dick, getting his face fucked. Luke gives Ross a good sensual sucking, then stands to get sucked again, with more hot facefucking. Ross is on his back, holding his legs apart as Luke fingers him whilst sucking him, then gives him a good rimming. Eager to fuck, Ross rides it for a bit, then Luke rams it up, gripping his butt cheeks to fuck him hard and fast. Ross leans against the sofa and Luke slides his stiff meat back inside, thrusting slow at first, then building up to a major arse pounding. On his back now Ross gets a final fucking, working himself up till he cums on his sweaty six pack, followed by Luke pumping out a ton of thick hot spunk over his abs…Unmissable!


With rugged, chiselled good looks, and a ripped hard muscled body, cage fighter Thor puts on an awesome show for us, in his first time on camera. Taking off his sports vest, Thor reveals his incredible body, broad shoulders, bulging pecs and ripped abs. Stroking his crotch, he quickly gets an impressive stiff bulge in his shorts, then takes them off. He strokes and squeezes the big hard stiffie in his white undies, then takes his cock out. Thor has an impressive dick, eight inches, nice thickness and uncut. He plays with his cock nice and slow, then flexes his muscles for us, his cock throbbing throughout. He jerks off a little, then flexes again, showing off his biceps and pecs… He plays with cock some more, then moves to the sofa. Thor lays back, muscles rippling, and continues playing with his rock hard meat. He pours lube over the big bulging head, then rubs it in, making it throb even harder. He jerks off slow for a bit, giving sexy looks to camera, then starts to speed up. As he gets close, his biceps, pecs and six pack bulge and tighten. He slows it down at the point of cumming, and squirts a strong jet of white spunk all the way up to his pecs, followed by several more good squirts of jizz, covering his abs, dripping down over his fingers as he squeezes out ever last drop. Sensational!

Letterio Amadeo and Kamyk Walker

Opposites really attract in this 'Dad & Lad' scorcher! At 6'2 and extremely muscular, Letterio is a huge bloke, dark and hairy, with a very thick meaty cock. Kamyk is a slim, smooth, blonde lad, with an eager mouth and a willing hole. And he certainly enjoys servicing a big hung dominant daddy! He kisses Letterio, licking his big bulging pecs as he rubs the girthy solid bulge in his undies, before taking out Letterio's seriously thick uncut meat. Letterio pushes Kamyk to his knees for some very hot sucking. He can barely fit it in his mouth it's so thick, but he is an eager sucker, struggling to get as deep as he can even as Letterio fucks his throat. On the sofa now, Letterio lays back as Kamyk gives his dick another oral servicing, getting face-fucked in the process. Eager to get into that smooth tight hole, Letterio pulls his butt cheeks apart and gets his tongue right in there, giving him a real good, deep rimming. Kamyk is on all fours, and Letterio slowly pushes his fat cock into Kamyks tiny hole. He fucks him slow at first then gets him to push back, fucking him harder and deeper. Next, Kamyk rides it, sliding up and down, before Letterio grips his butt cheeks to thrust into him hard. Not quite done yet, Kamyk is on his back as he gets a final pounding, jerking himself off, he climaxes shooting spunk all over his tight six pack. Letterio stands over him and gives him a hot cum facial as he squirts his hot jizz out over his face and chest.

Luke Tyler

With dark features and handsome good looks, tall and fit young hottie, Luke Tyler, puts on a great show here. He chats first, with a sexy Liverpool accent and deep voice, telling us how he keeps fit and the types of guys he goes for. Then the solo begins with a little groping, Luke takes off his sports top, revealing his nicely ripped smooth torso. Luke gets a nice stiffie in his shorts, then takes them off and plays with the throbbing bulge in his white undies, stroking and squeezing it. He takes out his cock, its a good size and thickness, uncut and rock solid. He slides his foreskin back and forth slowly, his cock starts to throb. Luke jerks off nice and slow, giving us great close ups, then gives us some hands free action, playing with his nipples, stroking his hot body as his cock throbs and twitches. On the sofa now, Luke continues the horny jerk off action, slowly at first, then gradually starts to speed up, his muscles tense and tighten as he gets closer. Wanking really hard now, his biceps and abs bulging, Luke's cock begins squirting out powerful jets of hot liquid spunk, he cums so hard he shoots all the way up his chest, followed by several more strong squirts, showering his six pack, he squeezes out every last drop, as the cum drips down into his belly button. Hot stuff!