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Andreas Cavalli and Billy Roberts

At 6 foot 3, everything about Andreas is big. The biggest hands I think I've ever seen. Billy isn't a small guy but he looks it next to Andreas! He has a thick 8.5 inch cock too, and is pretty aggressive with it. But Billy is a tough young lad, and he can take it, and whilst Andreas practically fucks his throat, Billy handles it well. Very horny! Andreas is all over Billy as well, pinning him down and licking his nipples and armpits. He fucks Billy hard, in three positions, and Billy shoots plenty over his tight 6 pack, before Andreas stands and shoots over Billy's chest. Very hot!

Thierry and Axel Perry

Thierry and Axel are both skinhead scally lads with big cocks. Loads of great sucking, fucking in 3 positions, and Thierry shoots a massive load.

Cameron Wilson and His Dildos

Wearing a sexy white football kit with white football socks, Cameron was hard before I even started filming. Taking his top off, he showed what a nice tight body he has, with a great six-pack. Slipping his hard-on out the side of his shorts was really hot, and after taking them off, he got a big black dildo and slowly slid it up his arse. He works it well, speeding up a bit and after that he proceeds to get an even bigger dildo out! This one is red and pretty thick. It was intense to see it going inside that hungry arse of his. Must have hit the spot as his cock really started to throb. Sliding that massive dildo in and out Cameron jerks off till he can't hold it in anymore.

Billy Roberts

This is Billy's first time on camera, and what a GREAT model he turned out to be. After a short interview, Billy takes off his Chelsea football top, revealing a seriously awesome chest, powerful and well developed from sport, helped no doubt from working as a scaffolder. He takes off his shorts, and is already hard is his white jockstrap. He has really solid legs too. He rubs his rock hard stiffie for a bit before getting his cock out, and jerks off for us, giving us some great shots of that really fit body, before shooting a good thick load over his tight 6 pack. Hot!

Carl Ross and Harley James

When a boyish lad finds a quiet spot in the woods to wank over a porn mag, he gets more than he expected, like a big rugby bloke out jogging, who stops for a breather and a quick wank! The young lad sees him and watches him wanking whilst playing with himself until the rugby bloke spots him. The man's none too pleased about being perved over so he confronts the lad and gets him on his knees to suck the rugby bloke's huge thick cock before getting a serious fucking against a tree. Then it's even more fucking, down in the dirt! Guess the horned up, pervy lad was asking for it!

Chris Edwards

Chris has a very boyish, young look, but he is surprisingly confident and masculine. We had a brief chat first, and when he talks, he looks you right in the eye, very direct, and he does have a glint, a sparkle, its hard to put your finger on it, but you can see it in the interview. He has the kind of looks and body that if you like twinky types, you will def appreciate. When he takes off his top, he has a very cute body, pale and very smooth – not fully developed yet. His legs are very nicely developed, given his slim frame. He plays with himself, getting his cock hard, and then takes off his shorts to wank for us. For the foot lovers out there, he has really nice perfect feet! So I got some shots of them, too. For me, the best part is when he gets close to shooting his load – his legs tense up and the muscles tighten and bulge, and you can see how fit he really is. Very cute!

Jack Jefferson and Luke Hammond

Jack Jefferson and Luke Hammond are both handsome lads with awesome fit bodies, and very nice thick 8 inch cocks. They look great together. After some kissing and licking each others nipples, they take turns sucking each others hot cocks, and when Jack sucks, he really gets into it. He does some great deepthroating, taking Lukes thick dick all the way down his throat till his face is nestled in Lukes pubes – really horny! Jack is older than Luke, but its Luke that gets to fuck, and he fucks Jack in 3 hot positions, up against the wall, then Jack rides it really well, rock solid as he slides up and down it, before laying on his back to get fucked deep, till he cant hold back any longer and he shoots a really good load. Then for a really hot ending, he deep-throats Luke again, getting him close to cumming, then Luke jerks off into his mouth, shooting it onto his tongue, Jack savouring every drop – awesome!

Billy and Thierry

Billy and Thierry are both proper chav lads who loves the scally-Rudeboy look and I had a feeling they would be into each other.. But i wasn't expecting the attraction to be as strong as it was… Before I had even started filming, Billy and Thierry both had hard-ons straining to get out of their trackies, and they couldn't keep their hands off each other. And I've got to say, this has to be one of the horniest scenes I've shot in a while.. there was such chemistry right from the start, and both lads loved every part of the scene. Billy even managed to get ALL of Thierry huge 8.5 inch cock down his throat at one point.. they also took turns fucking each other. It's a long scene at 25 minutes, but trust me, it's ALL great and incredibly horny!

William B and Luke D

When I heard that Luke had a thing for Army kit, I thought, why not indulge him. I wasn't disappointed!