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Jeff Stronger

Big and beefy Jeff Stronger has a hard rugged look. We start off with Jeff standing, in sports vest and running shorts. At 6'2" he is an imposing figure, with broad shoulders, big biceps, strong pecs and massive, solid legs. He lifts his top to reveal firm abs, then lifts further to show off his pierced nipples, which he plays with, giving us sexy looks. He raises his arm to show us his pit, turning his head to take a big deep sniff. Jeff takes off his top and rubs a little oil into his arms and chest. His muscles glisten as he plays with his nipples. He then gropes himself, pulling down his shorts so we can see his bushy pubes. He pulls out his cock and starts to tug. He turns around to show off his rugby ass as he pulls down his shorts. This is one strong meaty arse! Jeff squeezes his butt cheeks, rubbing them, then turns around again, his dick semi hard. Jeff moves to the sofa, lays back, and starts to play with his dick. It gets good and hard as he rubs spit into the end, working it up and down the shaft. Jeff shows off his cock then starts to rub his hole. He reaches for a black dildo, about the same size as his cock, and lubes it up. Reaching between his legs, Jeff teases his hole with the dildo before pushing it slowly in, all the way to the base. Jeff then works it gently in and out, massaging and opening up his hole. He speeds up, fucking himself, his dick hard. Next, Jeff takes a Fleshjack and pours lube into the end of it, works it in with his fingers. Holding his throbbing dick upright, he pushes the Fleshjack down on his dick, pushing it to the base. Slowly at first, he works the Fleshjack up and down the length of his shaft. He takes it all the way and plunges it back in. He does this a few times, getting more turned on, gripping it with both hands and thrusting his dick in and out of it, fucking it. After a horny session with the Fleshjack, Jeff is hornier than ever. He reaches for a second, much bigger dildo. This one is flesh coloured and thick, with throbbing veins. He pushes the tip in. The thickness makes him moan with intense pleasure and pain. He pushes it all the way in, to the base, really stretching his arse wide. He holds it there before taking it out and pushing it all the way back in. Jeff fucks himself with the thick dildo, taking it all the way out and shoving it back, clearly enjoying the repeated intensity. By now, Jeff is aching to shoot. With his lubed up dick throbbing harder than ever, he jerks off, getting closer. His beefy muscles are taut and pumped. as his breathing gets heavier. And then he shoots. Jeff pumps out hot thick jizz over his sweaty abs, squeezing out every last drop of spunk as it drips down over his fingers.

Letterio Amadeo and Sergi Rodriguez

Prepare for a scorcher! This is a really hot, strong video with huge, muscular powerhouse Letterio Amadeo getting a very thorough servicing from eager horny muscle bottom Sergi Rodriguez. He starts off getting a feel of Letterio's huge bulge under his sport shorts as he gives his nipples a good sucking, then they strip to their underwear, revealing their incredible, muscular bodies. Sergi drops to his knees and takes out Letterio's huge, thick and meaty uncut cock. Sergi licks and sucks on the head, making it throb, then gets down to some very hot oral action as he slurps and sucks Letterio's wrist thick meat, barely able to get his lips around the meaty girth. On the sofa now, Letterio lays back to have his monstercock worshiped some more, jamming it as deep into Sergi's throat as he can handle. Seriously hot! Letterio works on Sergi's arse, giving him a deep passionate rimming, then opening up his hole with some deep fingering. Eager to get that fat dick inside that tasty muscled arse, Letterio first fucks him on the floor, spoons position, slow at first, letting him get used to the thickness. With Sergi's cock throbbing, Letterio fucks him harder and deeper. Next, Sergi is on his back, and Letterio fucks him slow and steady, his thick meat clearly hitting the spot, keeping Sergi on the edge of cumming. He fucks him deeper and harder now, till Sergi start pumping out thick white cum all over his sweaty abs and down his fingers. Letterio pulls out and moves round to spray a massive spunk load over Sergi's face and into his mouth, making him clean up every last drop.

Scorching Hot Beefy Fuckers Alex Graham and Sergi Rodriguez

A real scorcher here, as super hot and thick dicked big muscle lad Alex Graham, works up a sweat with beefy muscle bottom, Sergi Rodriguez. Starting off with passionate kissing, mutual groping and nipple sucking, they both get stiff bulges in their sport shorts, then strip to their white undies. Both lads are very muscular with big pecs and biceps, and both have the kind of huge legs that would make a rugby player jealous. Sergi drops to his knees to give Alex’s throbbing and meaty dick a good deep sucking, and gets a strong facefucking in the process. Then they switch, and Sergi gets sucked for a bit, but he can’t wait to get his mouth around that thick meat again, and sucks Alex some more. They move to the sofa, and Alex lays back to get sucked again, and gives Sergi another hard facefucking. Alex plays with Sergi’s hole, rubbing it, fingering him, then giving it a real good rimming. Eager to fuck now, Sergi slides his muscle butt down Alexs fuckpole and rides it for a bit, getting his butt cheeks pulled apart as Alex thrusts in deeper. Next, Sergi leans against the sofa and Alex stands, gripping him to fuck deep and hard. They fuck again on the sofa, with Sergi on his back as Alex gives his arse a final pounding, fucking him deep till he shoots a massive spunk load of thick white jizz over his sweaty abs. Alex pulls out and lays back to jerk himself off as Sergi strokes his bulging pecs and nipples. His throbbing dick erupts moments later, squirting his hot spunk over his chest and six pack. UNMISSABLE!

Sergi Rodriguez Shows Off Bulging Muscles, Heavy Stubble, and Thick White Juice

With his dark features and heavy stubble, Sergi Rodriguez is not only handsome, he’s alluring. The lad might not be tall but he’s definitely a beefy bruiser with HUGE muscles. As he gropes himself in front of the camera, Sergi shows off his sensational body, flexing his massive biceps and bulging muscles while tensing his hairy chest with beefy pecs. And did we mention his legs? Take a look at his legs. For those of you with a thing for men with well-formed and nicely muscled thighs…OMFG. This guy is killer! This confident sexy man can probably crack walnuts with those things! But did we mention his legs? Ummm. Seriously, though. Sergi puts on quite a show, stripping down to his skimpy posing briefs, getting himself hard in his undies. When he pulls them off, he starts working his juicy uncut meat. Pouring lube all over, Sergi rubs it into his cock, stroking slow, then giving us some hot, hands-free action while continuously flexing muscles, hard-on permanently throbbing. He gets down on all fours on the floor and pulls his butt cheeks apart to show us his smooth hole, pushing his stiff dick between his legs. Then he stands for more cock play and muscle flexing. On the sofa now, Sergi rubs his hole while stroking his cock. He continues working on his hard dick, keeping it slow, showing off his meat and muscles all while building to a very hot climax. When he shoots Sergi sprays thick white juice all over his bulging six pack.

Beefy Smooth Muscle Lad Jake Richards Pushes Hot And Hairy Sam Bishop To Limit

Smooth muscle lad Jake Richards pushes hot, hairy and beefy Sam Bishop to his limits, fucking his throat, fingering his hole, and giving him a deep rim. But not before groping and kissing, hard in their sport shorts. When they pull out each others big dicks, they take turns sucking each other. Sam proves to be one very talented deep throat cock sucker, swallowing Jake’s thick meaty piece down to the base. But Jake isn’t one to be left behind when it comes to working a juicy slab of meat! He gets on his knees and sucks Sam’s equally big cock. On the floor, Jake soon lays back for a full-length, girthy meat swallowing and, for good measure, fucking Sam’s throat. Then Jake gives Sam’s hole a good workout. Fingering as he sucks, Jake then rims Sam before fucking him against the sofa, building up to some hard fucking. When Jake lays back, Sam straddles him and lets Jake grip his butt cheeks hard to give him a rough pounding. On his back, Sam jerks himself off while Jake thrusts long and deep. Sam’s cum shot is EXPLOSIVE, shooting hard and far, and plenty. When Jake starts to shoot, Sam takes a hot facial as his face and mouth are sprayed with thick white spunk. This is one SERIUOSLY sensational pairing!

Furry Fuckers Guy Rogers And Justin King

If you like your men beefy and hairy, feast your eyes on muscle lads Guy Rogers and Justin King. These two are total sex pigs and enjoy working up a sweat. Dressed in their Adidas sportswear, they kiss passionately then move on to some nipple action before revolting thick, uncut and meaty cocks. Guy goes to town, sucking Justin while sticking his ass out for some attention. Justin quickly responds by exposing his hairy muscle butt and massaging it while he continues to get sucked. Justin then grips Guy’s head and fucks his mouth, pushing his dick as deep as Guy can take it and making him struggle. When Guy eventually stands, Justin drops to demonstrate his own cock sucking skills, effortlessly swallowing the length of Guy’s hard cock without even gagging. He gets Guy wet and sloppy, then Guy grips his head and gives Justin a good throat fucking. And the tattooed hunk just takes it, loving every inch throbbing hotly in his mouth.

Guy leans back, legs up and apart, showing his hairy ass to the camera. It’s a sight to behold as Justin kneels and gets him wet, pushing his finger inside. Justin sucks on the tip of Guy’s cock while fingering his hole and stretching him open. But it’s all about the cock for Justin so, once Guy is primed, he rubs his dick against Guy’s opening before slipping inside. Guy moans he’s fucked slowly. Then, when Justin speeds up and leans over for better penetration, the pounding gets harder, stronger, and deeper. Until neither can hold back any longer. Guy beats away at his meat while getting stuffed and shoots thick white spurts of jizz. Justin then gets on the sofa and pumps out a hot creamy load all over his abs.

Beefy, Hairy Hunk Justin King

Like your men beefy and hairy? Then get a load of Justin King! This hunk isn’t just beefy and hairy, however. He’s a tall, muscled jock with a cheeky glint in his eye as he chats with us during the interview section of his solo. He’s a cheerful lad, confident, and highly sexual. After telling us about the type of guy he likes and the things he likes to do to keep fit, Justin takes control as he plays with his cock over his shorts and plays with his nipples. He’s a powerful fucker, strong, and masculine and he’s got us hook, line, and sinker as he lifts his arms up to flex his biceps. He even takes a deep whiff of his own rugged scent, obviously turned on to the point that he gets even harder.

Justin strips, stroking in his undies before unleashing his tool and showing us what he’s got. It’s a juicy piece, uncut, big enough to scratch any itch you might have, not so big that you couldn’t deep throat him and make him squirm. But that’s not what he’s after right now, even if he’s thinking about it. He needs to get off. So, after peeling back the foreskin and slipping it over the head of his cock, he glistens with precum, putting his fingers in his mouth to taste his own juice. This only fuels him even more and Justin puts on one hell of a stroke show, fisting and pumping furiously until he lets loose with thick flowing spurt of jizz that form sticky pools in his pubes.