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Jay Dawson

Starting off with an interview, wearing grey trackie bottoms, polo shirt and trainers, chav lad Jay Dawson chats about the type of guys he goes for and keeping fit. Then the solo begins with Jay laying back on the sofa stroking the bulge in his trackies. As he rubs and squeezes it, it gets very stiff. He lifts his top revealing a smooth toned body with a couple of tatts. He plays with his nipples a bit and takes his top off. A little more groping, then Jay pulls his trackies down to his ankles. His hard is rock solid and straining against the fabric of his white boxers, and he grips it at the base for us, showing us the shape of it, and rubs and squeezes it some more, before taking off his undies. His dick is big, straight, uncut with plenty of foreskin, and it has a big fat throbbing head on it too. Very hot. Jay jerks off slowly, then pours a liberal amount of clear lube over it, rubbing in into the head and up and down the shaft. He grips his cock and jerks off slow and firm. As he plays with his throbbing meat, Jay plays with his nipples a bit as well. He holds his dick up at the base for us, giving us some great shots of it, then continues playing with it nice and slow. Some very hot point of view shots of it as well. He gives us some foreskin action, sliding it back and forth over the head. Jay reaches for one of his trainers, lifts it up to his face and inhales deeply, taking a big sniff. It makes his dick throb, and he takes several more deep sniffs as he plays with his raging stiffie. Standing up now, Jay pours more lube onto his cock and massages it in. He jerks off slowly, and we have a horny low angle shot looking up at him from under his cock, and it looks huge from this angle. He lets go of his cock to play with his nipples again, and his throbbing cock bulges pointing straight up, giving us some seriously hot hands free action. Jay goes back to cock play, keeping it nice and slow, his dick so stiff it never goes even slightly soft, it just throbs the entire time. Awesome. He goes back to sofa and lays back with his legs apart, and continues playing with his cock, but he starts jerking off a bit faster now.. with his big meat throbbing so hard, it doesn't take him long before he gets close, and his six pack tightens as his breathing gets faster and heavier. He jerks off really hard now, and moments later, the spunk starts squirting from the big bulging cock head. He shoots hard and plenty of it, spraying his chest and abs with several jets thick hot cum. As he squeezes out the last few drops of jizz, which dribbles down over his fingers, he gives a final horny look to camera.

Duke M and Dean M

Duke M and Dean M are both proper skinhead scally blokes. Duke M has a big beefy muscle build, big tattoos and a thick cock. Dean, tall and toned, has a big 8 inch cock, and both blokes stay rock solid the entire time. Some horny deep throating from Dean, and nice nipple play, before fucking in a couple of hot positions.

Carl Ross and Harley James

When a boyish lad finds a quiet spot in the woods to wank over a porn mag, he gets more than he expected, like a big rugby bloke out jogging, who stops for a breather and a quick wank! The young lad sees him and watches him wanking whilst playing with himself until the rugby bloke spots him. The man's none too pleased about being perved over so he confronts the lad and gets him on his knees to suck the rugby bloke's huge thick cock before getting a serious fucking against a tree. Then it's even more fucking, down in the dirt! Guess the horned up, pervy lad was asking for it!

Russ Magnus

If you like your men on the big and beefy side, you're gonna love Russ Magnus. With his rugged good looks, powerful arms and massive solid legs…add to that his big meaty dick with generous foreskin, and you have one seriously hot hunk of man! He starts off standing, with some horny bulge groping. He takes off his sports vest to reveal a broad muscular chest, then takes off his shorts. His legs are seriously huge – bigger than most rugby players! As he rubs and squeezes his bulge, he gets a good semi in his undies, then takes his cock out. It's a big, thick meaty dick, with plenty of foreskin, which he plays with for a bit, sliding his finger under it and around the head that's sticky with precum. Russ slides his foreskin back and forth, his cock getting bigger and thicker as it stiffens. He jerks off for a bit, giving sexy little looks to the camera, then flexes his biceps for us. Some close up foreskin action, then he rubs lube into his cock, making it throb. On the sofa now, Russ holds his rock solid girthy dick upright, shiny with precum, strokes it slowly, then gets down to some horny jerk off action. Getting himself close, then just edging for a bit, he keeps his cock on the verge of shooting. He slows it down, then wanks hard again. His muscles bulge and tighten as he gets closer, till the jizz starts spurting out in strong jets over his abs, and he shoots plenty, squirting almost ten times! Squeezing out every last drop, Russ gives a final sexy look to camera.

Tom Strong

If you like your men handsome and rugged, big and beefy, you're gonna love this bloke. Tom Strong is a huge guy, having played semi pro rugby since his teens, and been powerlifting for eight years. He has the biggest legs Ive ever seen on a guy, seriously massive thighs, all solid muscle. He has a big powerful chest, slightly hairy, and his biceps are huge too. Standing in his sports kit, Tom rubs the bulge in his sports shorts as he strips out of his top, playing with his firm nipples as bit, then strips to his underwear. A nice semi strains inside his briefs, Tom strokes it, then pulls it out, and starts jerking off nice and slow. His cock is a good size and thickness. Tom flexes his biceps for us as his stiff dick throbs. He goes back to cock play. On the sofa now, Tom leans back, legs apart, and continues playing with his meat, he jerks off steady, giving some sexy little looks into camera, and flexes his biceps for us again. He wanks for a bit, gradually building up and working his dick harder and faster, till he squirts a pretty explosive jet of spunk up and over his body, with more jizz pumping out and dripping down over his fingers, and he gives us one final horny look to camera.

Scorching Hot Beefy Fuckers Alex Graham and Sergi Rodriguez

A real scorcher here, as super hot and thick dicked big muscle lad Alex Graham, works up a sweat with beefy muscle bottom, Sergi Rodriguez. Starting off with passionate kissing, mutual groping and nipple sucking, they both get stiff bulges in their sport shorts, then strip to their white undies. Both lads are very muscular with big pecs and biceps, and both have the kind of huge legs that would make a rugby player jealous. Sergi drops to his knees to give Alex’s throbbing and meaty dick a good deep sucking, and gets a strong facefucking in the process. Then they switch, and Sergi gets sucked for a bit, but he can’t wait to get his mouth around that thick meat again, and sucks Alex some more. They move to the sofa, and Alex lays back to get sucked again, and gives Sergi another hard facefucking. Alex plays with Sergi’s hole, rubbing it, fingering him, then giving it a real good rimming. Eager to fuck now, Sergi slides his muscle butt down Alexs fuckpole and rides it for a bit, getting his butt cheeks pulled apart as Alex thrusts in deeper. Next, Sergi leans against the sofa and Alex stands, gripping him to fuck deep and hard. They fuck again on the sofa, with Sergi on his back as Alex gives his arse a final pounding, fucking him deep till he shoots a massive spunk load of thick white jizz over his sweaty abs. Alex pulls out and lays back to jerk himself off as Sergi strokes his bulging pecs and nipples. His throbbing dick erupts moments later, squirting his hot spunk over his chest and six pack. UNMISSABLE!

Beefy Straight Skinhead Jon Bull

For those of you who like your men big and beefy, get a load of straight, stocky bloke Jon Bull. This guy’s the epitome of the big, bald bruiser. The kind of man who lives in your deepest, darkest fantasy. The kind of man you want coming up to you on a lonely street, drag you into an alleyway and have his way with you even as he fucks your throat and bends you over to mark his territory, claiming your hole for himself. Jon chats us up first, his voice loud, deep, and confident. He gets down to some horny bulge groping. Jon gets a semi in his rugby shorts but by the time he pulls them off to reveal his white undies, he’s full-blown hard. Then he pulls them off to reveal a very fat, veiny uncut cock. Yeah. It’s the type of cock you’d expect that big bruiser to have. Jon is definitely a well hung lad, with plenty of foreskin for you to chew on and clean up. The interesting thing is — even though he’s hard almost right from the start — Jon’s cock looks nice and thick. As he plays with it — showing it off to the greedy cocksuckers who would love to drop to their knees before him — it just gets thicker and thicker until it looks almost twice as thick as it did at the start, with big, bulging veins running along the shaft. Jon rubs plenty of spit around the head, getting it nice and juicy, and shows off his seriously fat meat in different positions as he jerks off just for you…laying on the bed, then standing up…working himself up to cumming. He shoots his creamy white spunk into the palm of his hand, rubbing the thick hot cum all over his still throbbing dick. And we just know you’d love to clean that off for him, wouldn’t you?

Hairy Hunk Guy Rogers Fucked Hard By Theo Reid And His Wrist Thick Meat

Guy Rogers is handsome, hairy, and athletic. Paired with Theo Reid for this week’s scene from HardBritLads, Guy gets more than he might have bargained for! Our buff lads start off on the sofa, bare chested and in their shiny sports shorts. With that sexy pelt and powerful hairy legs, Guy is truly the epitome of the rugged and virile male. But Theo has a quiet masculinity of his own and won’t take a back seat to any man. In fact, when Guy pulls down Theo’s shorts, leaving him in just his tight white boxers, his meaty package strains to get out. Who’s going to suck first? Guy pulls down Theo’s undies, takes hold of his super thick, uncut dick, and slides the ample foreskin back to reveal the bulbous head. And wouldn’t you know it? Guy is the first one to sample meat in this pairing. But this is more than just sampling. Guy gets wonderfully sloppy, slobbering all over the meaty girth and stretching his jaw wide to take it all down. When he can’t, Theo holds the back of Guy’s head and pushes him down onto the rest of his fat dick, making him struggle a little. And hey, what’s sucking cock without a bit of gagging? A big fat slab of beef is ALWAYS worth a temporary loss of air supply.

Guy lays back after a while, eager to get sucked himself, and Theo gets right down to it. Sucking Guy with slow, deep strokes, Theo perform some amazing, seemingly effortless deep throat! After trading blowjobs a bit longer — with some terrifically aggressive face fucking! — Guy leans against the sofa and gives us, as well as Theo, one TERRIFIC view of his perfect ass. Which only makes Theo get down on his knees to bury his face between those beefy round globes. With his face buried in Guy’s ass and his tongue buried in the hairy bottom’s hole, Theo rimming Guy, priming him for a good fuck. Once he’s all wet, Theo stand and rubs the head of his throbbing cock up and down Guy’s crack. Then he works that thick dick inside Guy’s hungry manhole. Theo pushes, stopping every once in a while to let Guy get used to the thickness. But once he’s in, all the way to the balls, all bets are off. Theo grips Guy by the waist and starts pumping, thrusting in and out and taking Guy for the fuck of his life until both end up covered in hot sticky spunk.

Theo Reid, Beefy Jock With Thick Cock

Relaxed and confident, handsome Theo Reid has a big smile and is totally straight acting. The blue-eyed muscle lad shares his secrets on staying fit and tells us about the type of guys he goes for. Then the solo begins. Theo lays back on the sofa, stroking his crotch. He lifts his shirt up to reveal his tanned, smooth and muscular chest then proceeds to plays with his nipples. Theo continues rubbing his bulge and, even in his shorts, you can tell it’s a really thick piece. Stripping down to his tight white boxers, you can clearly see the shape of Theo’s fat meat as he squeezes it, giving us plenty to drool over. After a while, he stands and pulls off his shorts only to lay back down and play with his massive cock in earnest.

This is one seriously thick slab of beef. From base to tip, Theo’s dick is easily eight inches, with strong veins and plenty of foreskin, but he looks much bigger. And then he goes and slides the skin back and forth over the juicy head slick with precum. Naturally, this only makes us want to get right down there and taste his juices. Theo keeps it nice and slow, putting on a show for us, then he reaches for lube. Pouring a liberal amount, Theo gets even harder as he reaches between his legs to play with his hole. When he stands once more, Theo takes his hands off his cock to give us some hands-free action. Rock solid and throbbing, he swings back and forth before moving back to the sofa for some fast and furious pumping before letting go with a thick and powerful jet of spunk that shoots right up to his chest. Several volleys of jizz follow, with Theo squeezing out the last of his load as it spills down over his fingers and into his pubes.

Beefy Yohann Banks Fucked By Thick Hung Damian Boss

The very thought of thick hung Damian Boss paired with cock pig Yohann Banks should be enough to make your dick stir. But if that’s not enough, imagine them oiling each other, firm hands stroking big muscle…and not just the one between their legs, either! We’re talking biceps and bulging peeks: Yohann’s been working out and he’s fresh from the gym for this scene. Then, when Damian is done rubbing the oil in and feeling him up, the shorter, beefier stud drops to his knees to rub a different sort of muscle. This one is between Damian’s hairy legs and it’s fucking beautiful! You can just about see that shaft throbbing through the skimpy white underwear before Yohann starts slobbering over the juicy piece of meat. Damian fucks Yohann’s face but the poor cocksucker can barely handle it so, no deep throat oral service here. Which is okay. There IS one place Damian’s big slab of beef will fit and that’s in Yohann’s tight and hairy hole; but not before some priming.

The willing bottom throws his legs up in the air and Damian takes possession. His tongue flicks deep, lubing with spit, then finger fucking the puckered starburst that will soon be stretched out. Once Damian has given Yohann’s hole a good workout he takes the hungry, aching lad for a ride. He easies in slowly at first, making Yohann moan. Then Damian speeds up, giving Yohann a hard pounding. After a while Yohann rides Damian, impaling himself on the meaty fuckpole, riding nice and slow, then getting slammed from below. After switching it up again, Damian keeps on fucking and tells his cock whore he wants to see him cum. So Yohann does, like a well-trained bottom should. Damian only pounds harder, literally fucking the cum out of Yohann, who sprays a load all over himself. Damian follows with a tasty load of his own which splatters all over Yohann’s handsome face, although most of it drips right onto his tongue to coat his parched throat.