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Freddie White Solo

Well spoken cutie Freddie White has a hot athletic body and a big uncut dick. He might look innocent, but Freddie is a highly sexed lad, versatile, but prefers to get fucked, preferably by a bigger, older man. In this fantastic solo Freddie starts off with an interview. He talks about his sexual preferences and then, as the solo begins, his big dick pokes out sideways under the fabric. He grips it and rubs it, then removes his sports vest. He rubs his bulge some more, showing us the shape of it then pulls down his shorts. He gives us loads of hot shots of his dick, now throbbing inside his tight white boxers, straining to get out. Freddie squeezes it at the base, strokes the bulging bell end under the cotton, then finally pulls them down, allowing his cock out. It's rock solid, meaty, with plenty of foreskin. Freddie jerks off slowly, sliding his foreskin back and forth, all filmed in big close ups. He pours oil liberally on his cock and rubs it in. He works the oil under the end of his foreskin, pushing his finger inside, then jerks off in long slow strokes, making it throb even bigger than before. Freddie turns round on all fours and shows us his arse. He rubs oil into his smooth peachy cheeks, before rubbing his fingers against his hole, massaging it and pushing his fingers in. He pulls his butt cheeks apart then pushes his his stiff oily dick down between his legs as he continues to rub and finger his hole. Really hot! Next, he gets on his back, legs spread wide. He holds his cock up with one hand whilst reaching under his legs to rub his arse with the other. He fingers himself and wanks at the same time, sliding one, then two fingers into his hole. Then Freddie eases a lubed up black dildo up his arse, pushing it in all the way. The dildo clearly hits the spot as his cock throb and balls move around inside his ball sack. Freddie fucks himself with the dildo, slowly at first, then faster, jerking off harder now. He gets closer and closer and suddenly shoots. His cum shoots out so hard he almost hits himself in the face, as he showers his chest and abs in pools of hot white spunk. Its so hot I show it twice, in real time and slow mo.

Hard Brit Lads First Timer Seb Evans

This week, HardBritLads is excited to feature Seb Evans. Appearing for the first time on camera, the handsome blue-eyed lad chats with us first, telling us what he’s into and how he keeps fit. Seb begins his solo by taking off his sports vest, revealing a killer body with spectacular ripped abs, broad shoulders, and tight pecs. Even before he takes off his shorts, you can’t help drink in the sight of his strong muscular legs as he rubs his bulge, then removes his undies. In just his football socks and shin pads, Seb jerks off, getting his uncut dick hard and showing it off for the camera. Rubbing spit onto the head, Seb tenses his hard body and gets into some horny jerk off action. Changing position, his legs back, arse to the camera, Seb fingers himself…first with one finger, then two, then three…giving his hole a real good stretching. Next, he uses a butt plug to open his hole up even further. But it’s the big thick dildo he lubes up, then inserts up his hungry hole that really stretches Seb to the max. He fucks himself with the fat, fleshy toy…slowly at first…then speeding up, giving himself a hole-punishing workout! Seb gets back to jerking off again, building. As he gets close, his muscles tense and tighten, then his dick squirts out hot spunk…hard. It shoots up to his pecs, with more jets of cum spraying out over his ripped abs. Awesome!