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Ben Grey

Bisexual Ben Grey makes a sensational debut. The 21 year old chats first, his voice both masculine and laddish. He has a mischievous grin and a glint in his eye. Wearing trackie pants and a sleeveless top, he plays with the stiff bulge in his trackies, then takes his top off. His body is fit and defined. Pulling his trackies down a bit, his rock hard dick throbs inside his white briefs. He strokes his impressive bulge, then pulls down his undies, leaving him in just his white sports socks. Ben's dick is thick and meaty and his legs are pretty hairy. He rubs lube into his cock, making it throb even harder, giving gives us loads of horny slow cock play and hands free action. On the sofa, Ben plays with his stiff dick, then starts on his arse, inserting a finger, then two, stretching his hole. Ben is a real exhibitionist and puts on a great show for the camera, with lots of sexy looks. He speeds up, jerking off harder. His fat cock starts pumping out hot spunk, thick and fast, all over his six pack. Squeezing out every last drop, Ben gives us a final sexy look.

Dylan Brooks Solo

Dylan Brooks is a tall bisexual lad, who keeps fit, with regular gym and swimming. He likes girls and guys equally, and he is highly sexed and confident. After a short chat, he starts to rub his dick inside his blue shiny Adidas shorts. Lifting his vest, he plays with his nipples, and starts to get hard. He has massive balls, which start coming out of the side of his shorts as he rubs his cock, and then he pulls them out the side to give us a good view of them. Getting hard, he takes down his shorts, and starts to play with his thick semi hard dick. He is cut, and he moistens it with spit, rubbing it over his end of his cock and up and down the shaft as he gets himself solid. He changes position, and jerks off slowly for us, before taking off his undies completely. He continues wanking, pours some lube over his cock, which makes it rock solid and he starts to jerk off harder. He gets into another position, giving us great shots of his huge balls swinging as he continues to wank hard, till he suddenly feels he is going to cum, and reaches for his Adidas shorts, to cum over them, and shoots a load so huge, it goes right over the shorts and almost hits the camera! Love those powerful cum shots ;o)

Taylor Tyson

Cheerful, confident, football loving bisexual lad Taylor Tyson chats first. He has a great West Country accent, deep voice, and talks about what he is into and how he keeps fit. The solo begins with Taylor on the sofa, in football shirt, grey trackie bottoms and footie socks. As he rubs his bulge, it swells. He takes off his top to reveal his broad shoulders and smooth tight six pack. He then plays with his nipples and pulls his trackies down to his ankles. His cock throbs beneath his undies and his balls are so huge they are bursting out the sides! Taylor pulls down his undies and starts to play with his big uncut 8-inch cock, sliding his foreskin slowly back and forth over the large head. His balls are massive and they hang big and heavy between his legs as he jerks off for us, giving sexy little looks in to camera. He stands now, keeping that dick rock hard, as he jerks off for us, with some great low angle close ups of his big balls swinging. He takes his hands off his cock, giving us some hands free action, then gets back to jerking off for a bit. Back on the sofa, Taylor lays back. His cock throbs even harder now and the head bulges. He jerks off slow, keeping himself on the edge. This is really hot! Then he goes for it, letting his hot spunk squirt out over his sweaty six pack. He squeezes out every last drop as he catches his breath.

Big T

This is for all you out there who like your men big, muscular and manly. Big T is a very handsome, blue eyed, square jawed British bloke, 36, with a serious amount of muscle. His arms and shoulders are massive, having been bodybuilding for years. In his first time ever on camera, Big T chats first, talking about what he is into, saying he has only got into being with men more recently, preferring the young, smooth more feminine types. The solo begins with Big T standing over us, playing with his bulge, stripping bit by bit out of his shiny sports kit, taking off his top to reveal his huge muscled chest, with some big sexy tattoos, big pecs and hard nipples, which he plays with, then flexes his biceps for us. He pulls out his cock and balls, letting them hang over his boxers, and it's a big dick, uncut! He plays with his foreskin a bit, gradually getting his dick harder. He plays with it, lets it hang, makes it twitch, and puts on a very hot show! On the sofa now, Big T lays back in the corner and works on his big stiff dick some more, jerking off nice and steady and giving plenty of sexy looks into camera. He takes his time, giving us loads of sexy shots of his hot body and great legs. He starts to build himself up, wanking harder now, his huge muscle tighten and bulge, shiny with sweat, as his cock pumps out thick white spunk onto his hard abs. He squeezes out every last drop, savouring the jizz, giving a final sexy look to camera.

Prince Sayed

Starting off with an interview, tall, dark and handsome bisexual lad, Prince Sayed, chats about how he keeps fit and what he is into. He has a laid back, relaxed manner and a deep sexy voice. The solo begins with some horny bulge play on the sofa, and he takes off his top and shorts to reveal his broad shoulders, firm pecs, ripped six pack and hairy legs. Taking off his shorts, he has a huge thick bulge in his white sports briefs. He rubs and squeezes it, till it's almost bursting out of his undies. He takes out his dick, it's a big thick piece of meat, and cut, with a big fat head on it, and as he lays back he plays with it, and spreads his butt cheeks to rub his hole. After some hot action on the sofa, he kneels on the floor and works on his dick some more, then stands, jerking off harder. His girthy dick has a very sexy slight downward curve when he's hard. When it hangs semi hard between his legs it looks seriously hot. Going back to the sofa, he lays back and gets into some hot, steady wank action, really pumping that big cock hard, the head bulging very large now. We get some great angles of his hot body, which tenses, looking super ripped as he gets closer. Jerking off hard and fast now, till the spunk pumps out thick and creamy onto his sweaty six pack. Squeezing out every last drop, he gives a sexy smile to camera.

Luke Adams

Blue eyed eighteen year old, Luke Adams, has super cute, boyish looks, combined with a surprisingly ripped, muscled body, for a guy his age, thanks to six months of intensive weight training. He chats first, describing himself as bisexual, he is relaxed and friendly, with a deep, sexy voice. Then the solo begins with Luke taking off his top to reveal his nicely bulging pecs and six pack. He rubs his bulge, getting hard instantly, showing off the shape to us, before taking off his shorts. With his stiff cock throbbing under his white undies, Luke grips it at the base, stroking and squeezing it, then takes it out. It's a good size and nice thickness, uncut, one of those perfect looking dicks. He holds it at the base, showing it to the camera as it throbs, rock solid. Luke slides his foreskin back and forth gently. He rubs lube into it, then jerks off nice and slow for a bit. He stands up, strokes his stiff meat, then flexes his big biceps for us. Very hot. He plays with his cock some more, and gives us some horny hands free action as he strokes his chest and nipples. His cock never stops throbbing. Back on the sofa now, he jerks off slow, then gradually builds up, wanking harder and faster. Shiny with sweat, Luke's muscles tighten and bulge as he gets close. Then when the spunk comes, it comes HARD. Luke squirts his hot spunk right up into his face, almost hitting him in the eye, followed by more powerful jets of jizz squirting up over his pecs and six pack. It keeps on pumping out, dripping down over his fingers into his pubic hair. He gives a final sexy look to camera, cum dripping down his cheek.

After Filming Guy Rogers Admits Justin Blake Is Just Way Too Big and Thick For His Tight Hole

Blonde and blue-eyed surfer Justin Blake is about to get an awesome servicing from super-hot, hairy bisexual, Guy Rogers. The fit lads start off by getting a feel for what they’re about to play with, each of them growing hard in their shiny sports shorts. There’s some hot nipple sucking before they pull out each others cock. Justin is beautifully hung with a thick, curved piece that has loads of foreskin and juices precum like a leaky faucet. The two jerk each other off then take turns sucking, while on their knees, fucking face before Justin demonstrates his deepthroat skills. Guy tries, but Justin’s dick is just way too big and thick. And yet, he manages just fine! On the sofa, Justin sucks Guy some more before laying back with Guy on his knees between his muscled legs. The hairy hunk manages to take Justin’s fat schlong down his throat, pretty much right down to the base. Justin prises Guy’s beefy, muscular, and hairy butt cheeks open, sticking his tongue into the cleft to lick his hole. Eager for a fuck, Guy rides Justin for a bit, facing us then facing Justin, who pulls his arse cheeks apart to fuck his hole deeper and harder. Guy ends up on his back for a final pounding, shooting a hot spunk load over his hairy abs. Once Justin is ready, he moves round to spunk into Guy’s face. What else can Guy do but open his mouth, accepting jet after jet of creamy white cum spurting from Justin’s cock, all over Guy’s face and straight into his mouth. Justin shoots hard, shooting plenty, all of it shown in horny slow motion. Kinda makes you hungry to see all that cum, doesn’t it? When all was said and done, Guy confessed later, after filming, that Justin was just way too big and thick for his tight, rarely fucked hole but he sure enjoyed every throbbing inch!

Muscular Tattooed Rugby Player Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts is a handsome muscular Rugby player with a confident, masculine attitude. As he chats with us during his interview, you get a feel for his personality. He might be well-spoken and a bit reserved — at first — but there is definitely a cheeky glint in his eye! The solo proceeds with the sexy b-curious male stripping out of his sports kit, down to his white boxers. As he strokes big bulging pecs, he plays with his nipples and we can appreciate his tattoos. But once he’s naked, we appreciate SO much more! am gently plays with his semi hard, uncut dick, sliding the foreskin back and forth. Soon, his dick curves up, fully hard, with some good girth at the base, and huge balls. He jerks off slow and, standing over us now, releases his throbbing cock to stroke his powerful body. When he goes back to jerking off, Sam works his dick faster. On the sofa now, he continues working his stiff meat, giving us plenty of sexy looks through the camera. As he builds, sweat glistens on his chest and biceps. His muscles bulge and tighten as he gets close and, next thing you know, the spunk starts pumping. It comes out thick and fast — and plenty of it! — squirting copiously all over his sweaty six pack as he squeezes out the last few drops and catches his breath.

Hung 21-Year-Old Bi Hunk Ben Grey

Sometimes, a unique blend of man comes along with smoldering good looks, a chav/thug like demeanor, hard driving sexual desire, and sensuality. Oh, and let’s not forget…a big dick! Ben Grey is such a man and the 21-year-old bisexual is featured this week on HardBritLads, in a sensational debut! Like many of our other models, Ben chats us up first. His voice is at once masculine and somewhat laddish. The mischievous grin on his face and the glint in his eye just adds to the entire package in a way that makes us practically swoon. Wearing trackie pants and a sleeveless hoodie, Ben plays with the stiff bulge in his sweatpants before taking off the hoodie. This is one fit and defined lad with the type of skin you’ll long to lick!

With refreshing directness, Ben pulls his trackies down, teasing us with his rock hard dick throbbing inside his white briefs. He strokes his impressive bulge, then pulls down his undies, leaving him in just his white sports socks. Ben’s dick is thick and meaty, and he has the type of hairy legs you’ll want to run your hands along while you suck his cock. Alas, since he’s flying solo, Ben just rubs lube onto his cock, making it throb even harder. He gives us loads of horny and slow cock play with plenty of hands-free action too. On the sofa, Ben continues playing with his stiff dick, then starts playing with his arse. He inserts a finger, then two, stretching out his hole and obviously enjoying the self anal play. This is truly an exhibitionist of the sexiest order. He puts on a great show, with lots of sexy looks to the camera that will make you feel as if he were giving himself up, just to YOU! After a while, Ben speeds up, jerking off harder. Then his fat cock starts pumping out hot spunk, thick and fast, all over his six pack. Ben squeezes out every last drop as he gives us a final sexy look. The type of look that says, “I know what you want, and I’ve got it. You want it? I dare you to come and get it.”

Ty Bamborugh And His Big Knob

We start Ty Bamborugh off with an interview so you can hear his deep sexy voice. The handsome, blue-eyed stud is dressed in cycling lycra shorts and you’ll be mesmerized as he regales us with his sexual preferences and how he keeps fit. Then the solo begins. The well built bi hunk strips, then leans back and starts to play with his cock. It gets hard pretty quickly, growing to a good eight inches, with a big, bulging head you’ll want to get your lips around. Ty jerks off slowly, showing off for the camera and giving us plenty of sly looks, almost as if to say, c’mon boys, you know you want this. Don’t you wish you could play with it? Don’t you wish you could suck it? You know you do.

Ty then reaches for some clear lube and pours it down the length of his shaft. Gripping his dick in his fist, Ty strokes it tight and slow, rubbing the tip with his fingers and making that slab of meat throb even more. When he stands you can see his awesome thighs and how muscular and hairy he is, too. Looking up at him from a low angle, Ty takes his hands off his cock and gives us a hands free shot that will make you groan. He flexes his biceps, giving us a great view of his bushy armpits. Then, after he goes back to jerking off, Ty pumps away at until he gives us the biggest, most powerful and explosive cum shot we’ve ever seen, with the first jet of spunk shooting out about six feet, if not more. Ty will take your breath away. And if he doesn’t, his cum shot surely will!