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Daniel James and Alex Silvers

Alex Silvers has a meaty 8.5 incher, and Daniel James's whopper is just over 9 inches. Both have some serious girth! Alex clearly enjoys servicing massive meat. Daniel demonstrates impressive deepthroat skills as he takes Alex's dick all the way to the base. Daniel then gives Alex's smooth boy hole a deep wet rimming, leaving them eager to fuck. Daniel fucks young Alex in three positions, giving his hole an intense stretching as he fucks him long and deep. Alex takes it all, loving the intensity of it, spraying his abs with his hot cum as his butt gets pounded, then Daniel shoots his huge heavy spunk load over Alex's face. Unmissable!

Daniel James

Starting off with an interview, Daniel James chats about how he keeps in shape, and tells us the type of guy he goes for. Then the solo starts, with Daniel on the sofa in blue sports kit and shiny blue Adidas shorts. Daniel gropes himself then lifts his top, giving us a glimpse of his seriously hot body. He has ripped abs, great pecs and very strong well developed muscular legs. He takes off his top, plays with his nipples and continues to rub the sizeable bulge in his shorts. Even in sports kit you can see it's a hefty package. His bulge gets bigger as he plays with it, gripping it at the base so you can see the shape through his shorts. He pulls them off, leaving him in just his tight white boxers, giving us a very hot view of his sizeable bulge. Daniel strokes and squeezes before taking off his underwear. His cock is impressive! Even though its only semi hard, it's big, thick, and uncut, with plenty of foreskin, growing to a girthy 9 inches. Showing it off to the camera, Daniel slides his foreskin back and forth, then wanks hard, giving us sexy looks with his piercing blue eyes. After some horny cock play on the sofa, Daniel stands, pouring a generous amount of lube over his big meat, making his dick throb. He wanks hard then takes his hands off to give us some horny hands free shots. His dick hangs slightly, heavy and meaty, and then he goes back to jerking off, giving us plenty of sexy look. We get some very hot close ups and point of view shots as he plays with his cock, with more foreskin action. He returns to the sofa and gets back to wanking hard, speeding up. His breathing gets louder and heavier, as he wank his monster cock hard and fast. The spunk squirts out thick and heavy, forming a large pool of jizz on his ripped six pack. Daniel squeezes out the last few drops as he catches his breath, giving us one last, sexy look.

Daniel James and Luke Desmond

Mega hung kickboxer Daniel James and sexy Luke Desmond both have massive monstercocks. Insanely hot action with Daniel leaking precum, getting sucked then deepthroating Luke's monstercock before rimming him and fucking him deep and hard in 3 positions till they shoot their hot spunk loads. Not to be missed! And definitely one of those scenes that's best watched rather than described because mere words…they simply cannot do justice to the worship of monstermeat and the hole wrecking it can cause.

Scott Hunter Gives Super Hung Daniel James Full-On Cock Service

HardBritLads is pleased to bring you what we think is another awesome video, featuring horny big muscle lad, Scott Hunter and mega hung kick boxer, Daniel James. Scott gives Daniel full-on cock service from start to finish. And if you like intense deepthroat action, you’re gonna LOVE this! They start off kissing, groping and sucking nipples, with both lads rock solid in their bulging sports shorts. Pulling out their throbbing dicks, they jerk each other off. Then Scott drops to his knees. Sucking the entire length of Daniels huge, thick, uncut nine-inch schlong, Scott swallows it right down to the base, demonstrating incredible deepthroat skills. Daniel then manages to take Scott’s cock all the way down, too! Moving to the sofa, Daniel lays back and lets Scott pleasure his fat dick some more before giving Scott’s hairy arse a good working over. With plenty of spit and deep rimming, Daniel stretches Scott further using two fingers. With Scott on all fours, Daniel starts to fuck him slow and deep, showing plenty of length. Then Scott pushes back to impale himself against the big fuck pole. Daniel only speeds up to pound the cock hungry bottom even harder. When Scott leans against the sofa, Daniel gives him a real hard pounding, going deep and long. But their not done yet! With Scott on his back for a final intense fucking, Daniel bangs away. Scott shoots a HUGE cum shot, spraying spunk all the way up his chest, and Daniel pulls out. He wanks over Scott and squirts his hot jizz over Scott’s face and into his mouth, feeding him cum, then gets his throbbing meat sucked clean as Scott savours every last drop. This is TOTALLY unmissable!

Cute Adorable Twink With 8.5 Inches Fucked By Top With Even Bigger Dick!

There comes a time in every gay guy’s life, usually as we’re approaching legal age, when we must get fucked. It just seems like the natural order of things. Get your cherry popped, see if you like getting stuffed full of cock, and either turn bottom, go top, or play the field and maximize your options. At least, that’s how it’s worked for many men of a certain age. Perhaps it’s different with the younger generation. We don’t know how it worked out for Alex Silvers but we can assure you that, in this scene, he’s going to get his sweet, smooth, pink little hole stretched to capacity by ripped, mega hung kick boxer Daniel James. Mind you, Alex is already one of the cutest, most adorable twinks we’ve ever seen, sporting 8.5 inches. Daniel on the other hand, has a whopper of a slab, coming in at just under 9.5!

These two can barely contain their erections in their skimpy sport shorts so they let it all hang out and jerk each other off. Both have some serious girth and Alex clearly enjoys servicing massive meat. However, Daniel demonstrates some impressive abilities as he deepthroats Alex, taking him all the way to the base. If you’re like us, your throat will be truly working even as you watch. After sucking Alex, Daniel gives the twink a deep wet rimming. And can we just say? For lovers of analingus, this is a mouth-watering delight. Imagine if you will, a pink, perfectly smooth starburst laid out before you. Your tongue is right there, digging in and sliming with spit and making those wicked horny splurting noises. Doesn’t it just give you chills? If this doesn’t get you hard, nothing will. But wait. There’s more! Daniel fucks Alex in three positions, giving his hole an intense stretching as he fucks him deep and long. And all Alex can do is lay there, taking it ALL. From the look on his face and the sounds he makes, it’s obvious the blond thrives on the intense pleasure-pain of getting filled with SOOOOOO much cock. Daniel fucks the cum out of Alex then stands and shoots his own huge and heavy load, spunking all over Alex’s face. Ummm. Hell. Now we need a cigarette.

The Biggest One He Ever Had

Super hung kickboxer Daniel James pushes handsome fit lad Hayden Kane to his limits in this scorcher of a scene. Starting off with plenty of crotch groping, the lads get big stiff bulges in their shiny black sports shorts while making out. They’re soon stripped down to their undies, with Hayden sporting a jockstrap and Daniel in his skimpy briefs. They can hardly contain his massive erection! Hayden drops to his knees, pulls Daniel’s cock out, and takes the meaty girth in his hand as if admiring it for a moment. Then he starts sucking. The thick, uncut slab of meat just gets bigger and thicker until it’s standing at it’s full 9 inches. It might not sound like a lot but, this IS the biggest one he’s ever had. Hayden struggles to take all of it down his throat, gagging in a way that only turns Daniel on even more.

The hung kickboxer trades positions with Hayden, servicing the cocksucker’s 8 inches. Hayden gets into it, fucking Daniel’s face before giving up his hole for Daniel to rim. Mega hung Daniel makes sure to slobber all over that tightly puckered hole before putting the head of his cock up against it and giving a good push. Hayden clearly has a hard time with the fuck. After all, it’s not every day someone like him takes on a monster cock and lives to tell the tale! And yet, with some spit, desire, and determination, Daniel is soon buried nearly to the balls and pounding away at Hayden who, though clearly pained, is so turned on by the thought of being so intensely fucked by such an enormous piece of meat that he gives it all up for Daniel to take. And take he does. After getting Hayden to pump out a juicy load, Daniel then spunks all over Hayden, slipping the head of his massive meat into his mouth for the bottom to feed.

Daniel James And Luke Desmond, Monster Cock x 2

Kickboxer Daniel James and Luke Desmond start their session off standing. Both are fit, with smooth, defined bodies. As they grope each other, they get a feel for what they have to look forward to. Even soft, you can see the shape of their awesome packages hiding just beneath their shorts. After making out and indulging in some nipple play, they pull out some VERY hefty pieces of meat, thick, and with plenty of foreskin. Luke gets down on his knees and starts sucking Daniel. He can’t get enough of the meaty piece and sucks enthusiastically, his own monster rock hard and pointing straight up. After a while, Luke stands and the young men jerk each other off before Daniel drops and returns the favor. Daniel sucks Luke’s 9-inch monster meat more slowly, takes his, obviously enjoying the feel of his jaw stretching to take more. He gets pretty close to taking it all down his bulging throat, his eyes watering while Luke lets out an incredibly horny groan of pleasure. It’s not often he gets that slab of British prime beef serviced like that!

When they move to the sofa it’s for a good fuck. Luke gets on all fours, ass up in the air for Daniel to expose the tight bud and prime the hole with spit and a good tongue lashing. Luke squats down over Daniel then slides down the meaty fuckpole. Riding it hard, Luke is then up for a major pounding. With Daniel behind him, Luke gives it all up, his hungry puckered ass lips straining to take the entire length of Daniel’s throbbing shaft. When he can no longer hold off, Luke jerks himself off and Daniel pounds him even harder, pushing Luke over the edge, and fucking the cum out of him. Daniel then pulls out, whips off the condom, and beats away until he pumps out a big hot load of his own, all over Luke.

Super Hung Kickboxer Daniel James Has 9-Inch Monster Cock

Super-fit, blue-eyed hottie Daniel James, has an awesome smooth body. He worked hard to get that way with Thai KickBoxing and running in marathons. He has a great six pack and strong muscular legs. As we start our interview, Daniel chats about what he does to stay in great shape then shares with us the type of guys he goes for. His voice is sexy, confident and friendly. Afterwards, Daniel lays back, resplendent in blue sports kit and shiny blue Adidas shorts. The horny lad gropes himself then gives us our first glimpse to his amazing body. But as impressive as his body is, even more impressive is the sizable bulge in his shorts. Even clothed you can see he’s got quite a hefty package! And his bulge only gets bigger and thicker as he plays with himself over his shorts. When he pulls them off, remaining in his tight white boxers, we get to see just how big Daniel truly is. As he strokes and squeezes even more, Daniel grows to a thick, uncut 9 inches that is positively mouth watering.

After some very horny cock play, Daniel pours a generous amount of lube along the throbbing shaft of his huge than starts stroking in earnest, making sure to pay special attention to the foreskin as it slides it back and forth over the bulbous head of his cock. As Daniel keeps edging, his dick looks even more massive. He speeds up, his muscles tighten, and his breathing gets heavier as he pops his load. His cum spurts, thick and heavy, forming a large pool on his ripped abdomen before Daniel milks out the last of his seed and gives us one sexy parting glance into the camera.