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Kayden Gray

Kayden Gray is one of those rare lads that ticks all the boxes and more. Great looking, super fit with a tight ripped body, amazing 6 pack. and one of the biggest thickest dicks you ever saw! A massive wrist thick uncut 9.5 incher which never goes soft. The solo begins with Kayden on the sofa, wearing a loose black sports vest, black football socks and shiny black Adidas shorts. He lifts his top to reveal his incredible torso, tight and lean and ripped with bulging abs, and he plays with his nipples a little. Kayden starts to rub his crotch a little, giving it a good squeeze, opening his legs wide to give us a peek of his white undies, under his shorts. He pulls his shorts to the side, so we can see more, and he pulls out his growing bulge, which even when soft, is huge. As he strokes and squeezes it, it gets harder and thicker, till you can see the shape of his massive hard on as it lays sideways inside his tight white boxers. He grips it at the base, showing off the shape of it, giving us some seriously hot huge bulge in underwear action, before pulling his cock out the side of his underwear. Kayden has one of the biggest and thickest dicks I ever saw. Major girth from base to tip, uncut with plenty of foreskin too.

Ryan Westwood and Kayden Gray

A really intense shoot here, with horny willing sub lad Ryan Westwood, in his first ever shoot, getting his throat and arse majorly stretched by Kayden Grays thick solid 9.5 inch monstercock. The lads start off kissing and groping each other, a little nipple-play, then Ryan drops to his knees and pulls down Kayden's shorts to rub his big meaty bulge. He gets it hard, then takes out that huge dick. Ryan starts sucking, eager to go deep, and Kayden gets pretty forceful, forcing it down it throat till his eyes water. Ryan can't get enough! On the sofa now, 69 position with Kayden underneath, Ryan sucks some more, managing to get a bit deeper, whilst Kayden sucks him as well, then plays with smooth hole, pushing his finger into the lad as he sucks him. Kayden pushes Ryans head, getting his cock deep into the lads throat. Next, Ryan holds his arse up in the air pulling his butt cheeks apart, and Kayden licks his hole, then pushes two fingers in to open him up. Eager to fuck, Ryan rides it first, facing camera, leaning back, slowly taking the full length, which makes his own cock swell and throb. Kayden grips his arse to thrust into him, pretty intense. Next, Kayden fucks him as he lays on his side, giving him a real hard, deep pounding. For a final fuck, Ryan lays back against the sofa with his legs up in the air, his cock right above his face, Kayden stands over him pushing his dick down, into his hole.. He fucks him deep and steady, till Ryan cant hold off any longer, he jerks his dick and shoots a ton of jizz into his face. Kayden pulls out and wanks over Ryan, shooting his thick white spunk all over him and into his mouth, making him clean up every last drop. Spectacular!

Kayden Gray and Theo Ford

A real scorcher here, as super hot muscle stud Theo Ford works up a sweat with mega hung fittie Kayden Gray. Starting off with kissing and mutual nipple play, they strip out of their sports kit to their undies, get a good feel of each others bulges, then take turns on their knees, giving each other a real good sucking. Theo struggles a bit with Kayden's huge thick uncut nine inch meat, getting his mouth seriously stretched and Kayden pushes it as deep as he can. Then Kayden gets a good face fucking from Theo. On the sofa now, Kayden sits back to get his throbbing tool pleasured some more, then gives Theo another good sucking with awesome deepthroat, then starts fingering Theo's hungry hole as he sucks him. On the floor and eager to fuck, Theo lays on his side as Kayden eases in his huge meat, about halfway, and starts to fuck slow, gradually going deeper, as Theo keeps his cock throbbing. Next, Theo leans against the sofa, and Kayden fucks him harder, gripping Theo as he thrusts into him. Not quite done yet, Theo rides it now, with Kayden pulling his muscular butt cheeks wide apart as he gives him a harder, deeper, very intense fucking, till he cant hold back any longer. Theo squirts a big strong spunk load all over Kayden's chest and abs. Kayden jerks himself off, shooting a big creamy load of jizz over himself, squeezing out every last drop as they catch their breath.

Alexx Delsey Severely Stretched Out By Kayden Gray’s 9-Inch Monster Cock

An intense, passionate scene here, as horny tattooed and pierced lad Alexx Delsey gets his jaw and arse severely stretched out by Kayden Gray’s thick and meaty nine-inch monster cock. Starting off with kissing and nipple play, they get a good feel of each others tight ripped bodies as they play with their growing bulges. Pulling off their undies, Alexx drops to his knees to get a mouthful of huge dick, and takes his time sucking and getting his face fucked. Kayden then sucks Alexx for a bit, whose dick is pierced with a PA, and manages to swallow it right to the base, before moving to the sofa where Kayden sits back to get his massive meat sucked some more. After some seriously hot oral action, Alexx is on his back, legs apart, and Kayden gives his hole a real good, deep rimming. Eager to fuck, Kayden has Alexx on the floor on his side, and fucks him from behind, slow and deep, clearly stretching his hole to the max. Very intense! Next, Kayden fucks Alexx against the sofa, this time harder, giving him a real strong pounding. Not quite done yet, Alexx is on his back now for a final intense fucking, Kayden builds up till Alexx can’t hold back anymore and he shoots his spunk out over himself, then Kayden moves round just in time to squirt a HUGE and heavy load all over his face and tongue, then pushes his dick back into his mouth, feeding him suck and swallow every last drop. Unmissable!!!

After Sucking Monster Cock, Petite Axel Pierce Slammed Balls Deep By Kayden Gray

If you’re a HardBritLads Member, you already know how insanely hot last week’s scene was. Featuring monster hung Kayden Gray and petite Axel Pierce — who’s far from petite where it really counts — the two got into the type of heavy duty cocksucking that no doubt made you drool without even pulling your dick out of your pants. If you’re NOT a Member of HardBritLads.com, then you should be! If nothing else, to get a load of this crazy, eager, cock hungry duo. The scene was so intense it merited being shown in it’s entirety, in two parts. This week, in Part 2, the sensational pairing sees cute, fit twink Axel, getting his sweet and hairy little arse massively stretched and pounded by Kayden’s huge, thick monstercock. Axel might be a little lad but he can take a big dick and one hell of a pounding. And Kayden shows no mercy. Starting off with some hot rimming, Kayden tongues Axel’s hole. Next, Kayden is on the floor, holding his huge dick up as Axel slides down the length of it, gasping as he takes it ALL, down to the base. Leaning back, the hairy chav rides it slowly. Kayden then holds his butt in place and starts thrusting, stretching his hole wide as he pumps into the lad. With his leg up on a chair, Axel continues to get fucked, deeper and harder. Kayden pulls his butt cheeks apart and gives him an intense pounding. Axel’s hard dick throbs and twitches as he’s slammed. Finally, on his back, Axel is nearly driven to madness as Kayden, pulling all the way out then ramming home again and again, builds towards climax. He fucks faster, making Axel shoot his spunk all over himself, before pulling out and standing over Axel. He jerks off till his cum pumps out over Axel’s face, then pushes his dick into his hungry mouth, making him lick his cock clean and swallow every last drop. Truly unmissable. And just the thought of it, viewing it once more, has left us breathless and panting.

Insanely Hot Cock Sucking and Rimming With Kayden Gray and Axel Pierce

Does the thought of a skull fucking monster cock pounding away at your face turn you on? Or maybe YOU’VE got a huge slab of meat and you fantasize about stretching the throat of an eager beef eater as you look down upon his pretty face? Regardless of what side of that cock you’re on, HardBritLads has an incredible update for you today! It’s an incredible pairing between super hung muscle lad Kayden Gray hot young fittie, Axel Pierce. The contrast between them is obvious — isn’t it always about size? — but they’re sexual energy is evenly matched. Axel might as well be a whore and Kayden the whore master as he gets a seriously hot servicing from adorable Axel. In fact, the scene was so good, I had to split it into two parts. There was THAT much great action to fit it all into one video. So part one focuses on something wet and juicy: oral and rimming service. And there’s plenty of it, too! Starting off with mutual groping and nipple play, Kayden is immediately rock solid. When his shorts come off, he has a massive throbbing bulge in his white undies. Axel cant take his eyes off it as he drops to his knees rubbing and stroking it. Taking it out, he sucks eagerly, getting his mouth fucked, then struggling to suck deep. Kayden jams it right down, getting it deep into Axel’s throat. Insanely hot! Kayden sucks Axel for a bit but, since this is all about the worship of the monster cock God, its back to Axel sucking Kayden. On the sofa, they get into some hot positions as Axel sucks deep and hard. Kayden sucks Axel some more before giving his hungry hole a real good rimming as he prepares to fuck him. Stay tuned for Part 2, EXCLUSIVELY on HardBritLads.com!

Cocky, Masculine Bottom Ben Gray Stretched To His Limits By Kayden Gray

Are you ready for one of the most intense videos on HardBritLads? Then feast your eyes on Ben Gray and Kayden Gray, surely one of the HOTTEST videos I have ever made! Super-hot, new young model Ben makes a spectacular debut. And, no — before you ask, these two are NOT related or married. Though, judging by their chemistry, maybe they should pair up in real life? Ben gets his mouth and arse seriously stretched to the max by Kayden’s ultra thick, 9.5-inch monster cock. Ben is laddish and cocky, with extremely hairy legs and a thick meaty dick that seems to be permanently throbbing. He might be young, but he’s a very horny fucker and thrives on being pushed to his limits. Right from the start, the action is non-stop and both lads sport big thick throbbing dicks from the get go. After some passionate kissing and hard bulge action, Ben and Kayden take turns feasting on each other in very horny positions. Kayden shoves his massive meat as far down Ben’s throat as he can, and when Kayden deepthroats Ben, he almost makes him cum. With Kayden’s fingers deep in Ben’s hole as he sucks his stiff meat, we can only imagine how close Ben gets. The fucking is mind blowing, with loads of positions, each one as jaw dropping hot as the last. Kayden definitely gives cock hungry Ben the most intense fuck of his life, stretching his arse wide — check out the graphic close-ups! — literally to his very limits. By the end, both lads are aching to cum, and Ben shoots a thick heavy load while Kayden pounds him hard and deep. Kayden then pumps out an explosive cum shot, drenching Ben in his hot jizz. If you only watch one scene from HardBritLads, makes sure this is the one. It’s UNMISSABLE!

18-Year-Old Alex Silvers Stuffed By Kayden Gray And His 9-Inch Monster Cock

Take one cute, hung twink-like lad with a smooth luscious body and add one tall, ruggedly handsome man with a monster cock and you’ll get what has to be one of the hottest, steamiest, cock-dripping pairings in our entire library of hot guys. Hard Brit Lads is pleased to present Alex Silvers and Kayden Gray. Alex is just barely 18 with a gritty edge. He’s horny to get stretched out and probed deep. And Kayden, well, let’s just say he enjoys rimming a sweet, tight, pink fuckhole then wrecking it! We won’t go into a blow-by-blow, especially since this is one of those that MUST be watched to understand the intensity of their fucking. However, aside from the loads of dick sucking and butt fucking action, we’d like to highlight the amazing rimming Kayden gives Alex. Truly mouthwatering, cock-rousing and dripping! We can only imagine how it must have felt for these two to connect with such primal sexual excitement they all but tuned us out!

Horny Brit Lad Timmy Treasure Nearly Ripped By 9.5-Inch Monster Cock

There are times when a scene description truly pulls things together for our Members and fans of Hard Brit Lads. In fact, sometimes the blow by blow is not unlike foreplay, getting you ready for a good stroke session. And then there are times when we simply lack the words to fully and properly describe the intensity of a pairing. This week’s update, with super hung and fit Kayden Gray and adorable lad Timmy Treasure, definitely fits the bill. All we can say is that it’s an amazing scorcher of a scene with two sweaty young men who get off on licking and tasting every inch and orifice of each others bodies. Timmy gives an amazing blowjob and gets his face fucked with Kayden’s monster cock but Kayden gives a terrific rim job, one you can practically feel as you watch him tongue Timmy’s sweet, pink hole. However, it’s when Timmy takes Kayden up the ass that it hurts the most, in the best possible way. You can practically feel the burn of being penetrated by a 9.5 monster cock and feel it throbbing as it makes it’s way deep inside you. Stretching. Filling. Pounding. With such an uninhibited connection, the sight of Timmy’s ass lips sucking on that throbbing shaft will you have you drooling. As for Timmy, yes, he practically got ripped a new one. But judging from the look on his face he was in his glory as Kayden took him for the ride of his life!

Kayden Gray And His Uncut 9.5 Inch Monster Cock

Kayden Gray is one of those rare lads that ticks all the boxes and then some. He’s good looking, super fit, and has a tight, ripped body with an amazing 6 pack. Oh, and did we mention? He’s got one of the biggest, thickest dicks we’ve ever seen. We’re talking massive and thick as your wrist. He’s uncut and super hung at 9.5 inches. Once hard, that monster hardly EVER goes soft. Oh, heart be still! The super friendly guy lures us in with a big smile and a sexy voice, sharing with us the secret to his amazing shape. He talks to us about the type of guy he likes and even mentions some of his many, too! But not before telling that the favorite part of his body is his chest. He then lifts up his top to show us why. We truly can’t blame him.

The tall, handsome, hung jock wears a loose black tee, shiny black Adidas shorts and black football socks. Slowly, one by one, Kayden peels off his clothes, stopping long enough to tease and for us to drool. All the while he’s stroking his bulge and that mound just keeps G-R-O-W-I-N-G. Fuck! You can make out the outline of his massive hard-on laying sideways, inside his tight white boxers. He plays with himself before pulling off his underwear then lets us see the object of our desire. Kayden truly is big. Thick. With plenty of foreskin. He grabs hold of all that meat, teasing, stroking and jerking off with panache as he works the hefty shaft and plays with his hole. Until the inevitable happens. He’s close. Too close. As far as we’re concerned he could have gone on all night but he pumps at his thick monster meat until the jizz starts to fly, splattering all over his tight sweaty abs.