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Lucas Davidson Solo

Handsome, tall and boyish Lucas Davidson starts off standing, rubbing his bulge. He lifts his top to show a smooth, perfectly toned body, with firm six pack and tight pecs. He plays with his nipples and, as he rubs his crotch, his bulge thickens. He takes off his vest and slides his hand into his shorts, getting himself rock solid. When he slips his shorts off, his hard-on strains against his white boxers. Lucas steps out of his undies and gives us our first glimpse of his awesome dick. Uncut, big and seriously thick. He jerks off, giving us some very horny shots from below, then lets go, letting it hang so we can view his fat, impressive meat! After showing off his hot body and huge dick, Lucas lays on the floor, on his back, to jerk off some more. He holds up his dick from the base to give us some horny close ups, then plays with it, rubbing his hole with his other hand. Lucas then turns over and gets on hands and knees. He arches his back and pushes his arse up in the air, exposing his tight hole, which is unshaved and slightly furry. Very sexy! He pulls his butt cheeks apart and rubs his hole with one hand whilst pushing his juicy throbbing dick between his legs. Next, Lucas sits in a club chair, legs wide apart, leaning back. He keeps his meat on the edge by playing with it nice and slow. It throbs so hard it looks thicker than ever. Lucas can barely get his hand around it! Lots of horny shots here, as this part was insanely hot. Unable to hold back much longer, Lucas jerks off hard and fast, spraying his chest with several strong hot jets of white spunk, which slowly drip down over his abs as he squeezes out the last few drops of his still solid cock.

Lucas Davidson Feeds Josh Jared A Load After Fucking

Lucas Davidson is a tall, slender hottie with a big, thick and meaty cock while Josh Jared is a scrappy twink type who enjoys slobbering over a juicy piece of meat. The horny young lads are made for each other as, dressed in sports kit, they kiss and grope. Highly sexed — and little in comparison to Lucas — Josh gets hard instantly. After stripping down to just their undies and sports socks, they take turns licking and sucking each others nipples. We also get to see that Josh has one of the tightest six-packs you ever saw! When Lucas pulls down his underwear, Josh takes hold of his cock, opens his mouth, and starts slurping on the fat head. As he continues sucking, Josh strain to get more into his mouth but Lucas is just too thick for him. Josh sits up to kiss Lucas, giving his aching jaw a break, then leans back into the corner of the sofa for Lucas to return the favor. Lucas is great cocksucker and gets right down to business, taking Josh all the way down his throat for some amazing deep throat action. Eager to get back to that thick meat, Josh gives Lucas more head, managing to go a bit deeper this time. And as he blows Lucas, Josh gets his perfect ass played with. Lucas caresses then pushes a finger into Josh’s tight little hole. This only makes Josh hotter.

On his back, Lucas gets his hole wet with plenty of spit. He then pushes his finger back in to stretch Josh’s hole. Once he’s primed, Lucas lays back and has Josh straddle him. Josh impales himself on the thick shaft but only takes about half…at first. But this doesn’t stop them from fucking. They start off nice and slow at first, giving Josh time to get used to the penetration. After a while, however, Lucas just pushes the rest of his cock in, all the way to the base, giving that git hole a real stretching. That’s when the fucking TRULY starts! Josh is throbbing, clearly enjoying the deep hard pounding and the sensation from having such a thick cock up his ass. He’s pushed near the edge but before he can come, Lucas pulls out and moves round to Josh’s cute face. A moment later, while licking his balls, Josh spurts hot liquid spunk all the way up his chest. The very sight of Josh’s obvious excitement pushes Lucas and, as Josh opens his mouth and sticks his tongue, Lucas feeds him a mouthful, pumping out streams of thick white spunk that Josh laps up like a greedy pup.