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Scorching Hot Beefy Fuckers Alex Graham and Sergi Rodriguez

A real scorcher here, as super hot and thick dicked big muscle lad Alex Graham, works up a sweat with beefy muscle bottom, Sergi Rodriguez. Starting off with passionate kissing, mutual groping and nipple sucking, they both get stiff bulges in their sport shorts, then strip to their white undies. Both lads are very muscular with big pecs and biceps, and both have the kind of huge legs that would make a rugby player jealous. Sergi drops to his knees to give Alex’s throbbing and meaty dick a good deep sucking, and gets a strong facefucking in the process. Then they switch, and Sergi gets sucked for a bit, but he can’t wait to get his mouth around that thick meat again, and sucks Alex some more. They move to the sofa, and Alex lays back to get sucked again, and gives Sergi another hard facefucking. Alex plays with Sergi’s hole, rubbing it, fingering him, then giving it a real good rimming. Eager to fuck now, Sergi slides his muscle butt down Alexs fuckpole and rides it for a bit, getting his butt cheeks pulled apart as Alex thrusts in deeper. Next, Sergi leans against the sofa and Alex stands, gripping him to fuck deep and hard. They fuck again on the sofa, with Sergi on his back as Alex gives his arse a final pounding, fucking him deep till he shoots a massive spunk load of thick white jizz over his sweaty abs. Alex pulls out and lays back to jerk himself off as Sergi strokes his bulging pecs and nipples. His throbbing dick erupts moments later, squirting his hot spunk over his chest and six pack. UNMISSABLE!

Intense Big Dick Fucking With Jason O’Connor and Ben Grey, Part 2

Horny big dicked chav lads Jason O’Connor and Ben Grey continue their seriously hot session, starting off with Ben on his back, legs wide apart, as Jason gets his hole wet with plenty of spit and gives him a hot, deep fingering, preparing that juicy hole for a good hard fucking. Jason lays back on the floor and Ben sits astride him, grinding his hole against Jason’s throbbing eight inch dick, then eases it in and starts riding it slowly, gradually speeding up. Jason pulls his butt cheeks apart to fuck him deep. Next, Ben leans against the sofa and Jason pushes his big cock back inside, first fucking with the tip, showing plenty of length, then going deeper and harder, thrusting more intensely, making Ben moan with pleasure, his own dick throbbing and moist with precum. Not quite done yet, Ben is on his back on the sofa now, for a final drilling. Jason starts slow then builds up, fucking him harder as Ben plays with his now throbbing cock, clearly ready to cum at any time but trying to hold off. As Jason pounds him deep, he can’t hold back any longer, and he spunks a good thick load over his abs, then Jason pulls out and wanks for a moment, then shoots his hot jizz over Ben, squeezing out every last drop.

Intense Big Dick Action With Jason O’Connor and Ben Grey, Part 1

Horny big dicked chav lads, Jason O’Connor and Ben Grey, have a seriously hot session, starting off with plenty of mutual nipple sucking and bulge groping, with their big cocks hard and throbbing under their trackie bottoms right from the start. Ben drops to his knees and clearly loves getting Jason’s massive knob as deep into his throat as he can, he cant quite manage it all but has a damn good try. Jason gets on his knees and gives Ben’s thick and meaty dick a nice sloppy deep sucking, and gets his face fucked a bit. On the sofa now, Jason sits back to get his schlong serviced some more, then grips Ben’s head to fuck his mouth hard and fast. Laying on his back with his legs wide apart, Ben shows off his hairy hole, pushing his fat hard dick up between his legs as Jason goes to work on his hole, rubbing plenty of spit in, then giving him a good deep fingering, preparing that juicy hole for a good hard fucking. Stayed tuned for Part 2 because the best is yet to come!

Pierced and Tattooed Alexx Desley Eats His Own Pre-Cum

Alexx Delsey has a strong look, with dark features, a tan, shaved head, piercings, and a tight, ripped body covered in tattoos. As he lifts his vest he reveals his rippling six pack and takes it off to show us his tight pecs. He plays with his nipples and bulge, then pulls down his trackie bottoms, leaving him in a white jockstrap. As he gropes himself, his bulge grows big and thick in his jock. Then he takes it out. It’s big, uncut, and the head is pierced with a large Prince Albert. Alexx plays with his dick, rubbing plenty of spit into the head and around the PA. He jerks off gently, making his cock throb, and giving plenty of horny looks to camera. On the sofa, Alexx rubs more spit onto his solid cock and stokes his hole with the other hand as he wanks for us, his muscles tight and bulging. He takes his time, giving us tons of great shots and angles, then starts to build himself up, jerking off harder and faster, till the spunk starts pumping out heavy and strong all over his ripped sweaty abs.

Sergi Rodriguez Shows Off Bulging Muscles, Heavy Stubble, and Thick White Juice

With his dark features and heavy stubble, Sergi Rodriguez is not only handsome, he’s alluring. The lad might not be tall but he’s definitely a beefy bruiser with HUGE muscles. As he gropes himself in front of the camera, Sergi shows off his sensational body, flexing his massive biceps and bulging muscles while tensing his hairy chest with beefy pecs. And did we mention his legs? Take a look at his legs. For those of you with a thing for men with well-formed and nicely muscled thighs…OMFG. This guy is killer! This confident sexy man can probably crack walnuts with those things! But did we mention his legs? Ummm. Seriously, though. Sergi puts on quite a show, stripping down to his skimpy posing briefs, getting himself hard in his undies. When he pulls them off, he starts working his juicy uncut meat. Pouring lube all over, Sergi rubs it into his cock, stroking slow, then giving us some hot, hands-free action while continuously flexing muscles, hard-on permanently throbbing. He gets down on all fours on the floor and pulls his butt cheeks apart to show us his smooth hole, pushing his stiff dick between his legs. Then he stands for more cock play and muscle flexing. On the sofa now, Sergi rubs his hole while stroking his cock. He continues working on his hard dick, keeping it slow, showing off his meat and muscles all while building to a very hot climax. When he shoots Sergi sprays thick white juice all over his bulging six pack.

After Filming Guy Rogers Admits Justin Blake Is Just Way Too Big and Thick For His Tight Hole

Blonde and blue-eyed surfer Justin Blake is about to get an awesome servicing from super-hot, hairy bisexual, Guy Rogers. The fit lads start off by getting a feel for what they’re about to play with, each of them growing hard in their shiny sports shorts. There’s some hot nipple sucking before they pull out each others cock. Justin is beautifully hung with a thick, curved piece that has loads of foreskin and juices precum like a leaky faucet. The two jerk each other off then take turns sucking, while on their knees, fucking face before Justin demonstrates his deepthroat skills. Guy tries, but Justin’s dick is just way too big and thick. And yet, he manages just fine! On the sofa, Justin sucks Guy some more before laying back with Guy on his knees between his muscled legs. The hairy hunk manages to take Justin’s fat schlong down his throat, pretty much right down to the base. Justin prises Guy’s beefy, muscular, and hairy butt cheeks open, sticking his tongue into the cleft to lick his hole. Eager for a fuck, Guy rides Justin for a bit, facing us then facing Justin, who pulls his arse cheeks apart to fuck his hole deeper and harder. Guy ends up on his back for a final pounding, shooting a hot spunk load over his hairy abs. Once Justin is ready, he moves round to spunk into Guy’s face. What else can Guy do but open his mouth, accepting jet after jet of creamy white cum spurting from Justin’s cock, all over Guy’s face and straight into his mouth. Justin shoots hard, shooting plenty, all of it shown in horny slow motion. Kinda makes you hungry to see all that cum, doesn’t it? When all was said and done, Guy confessed later, after filming, that Justin was just way too big and thick for his tight, rarely fucked hole but he sure enjoyed every throbbing inch!

Blonde Muscle Lad Justin Blake Plays With Thick, Long Cock And Big Low Hangers

If you like your men chiseled, you’re going to love Justin Blake. With blue eyes and a square jaw, the blonde muscle lad starts off on the sofa in black running shorts and sports vest. Rubbing his crotch, Justin then lifts his shirt to reveal a ripped torso with a tight-six pack, solid pecs, and broad shoulders. He proceeds to play with his nipples before takes off his shirt and pulling down his shorts. Even through the white undies, you can tell Justin’s packing. Stroking the impressive bulge, it gets bigger…thicker…hardening. Justin then gets naked and those of us on set at HardBritLads, went apeshit. Justin’s cock is big, fat, and uncut with plenty of foreskin. Coming in at just over 8 inches, with really low hanging balls, Justin looks even bigger as he gently plays with the slab of meat. We could even see it throb, moist with precum! After some very hot jerk off action on the sofa, Justin stands and lets his dick hang; it’s thick and heavy between his legs and we had to struggle to keep from dropping to our knees on the spot. Before going back to cock play, Justin jerks off for a bit while standing over us. Back on the sofa, he lays back and starts jerking off harder. His muscles stiffen and bulge as he gets close and then his big meat starts spurting hot jets of spunk over his bulging sweaty abs. Justin catches his breath as he squeezes out the remaining load and all we could do was wonder: was it good to the last drop? Guess we’re just going to have to get him a deep throat cocksucker to fill us in.

Super Cute 18-Year-Old With Thick Uncut Meat

George Coster is a super cute 18-year-old and we’re pleased to say that we’re popping his porn cherry. That’s right! This is George’s first time ever appearing in porn. Yes, it’s a solo but we live with hopes and dreams. Despite the fact that this is his first time, George knows how to handle the camera. Occasionally watching us with stunning eyes, his thick, kissable lips slightly parted — can’t you just imagine them wrapped around a fat, juicy cock? — George start off standing. Groping himself through his shiny sports shorts, the lad slowly reveals his slender, tight body. You’ll want to run your hands all over his washboard abs and large dark nipples. Goodness knows WE wanted to! But goodness had nothing to do with it.

After George strips down to his white boxer briefs, he plays with his bulge, getting his fat dick even harder. But when he pulls his undies down, we get to see his dick hang thick and heavy. It’s the perfect cock! Not too big, not too small. Meaty and uncut, with plenty of foreskin to play with. George lays back, legs apart, and goes to town; feeling himself and starting at us from time to time. Slowly he builds, increasing his tempo, heading towards a powerful orgasm that leaves him spurting jets of white spunk all the way up his torso, landing on his chest! Oh, to be the towel he wiped up with…

Theo Reid, Beefy Jock With Thick Cock

Relaxed and confident, handsome Theo Reid has a big smile and is totally straight acting. The blue-eyed muscle lad shares his secrets on staying fit and tells us about the type of guys he goes for. Then the solo begins. Theo lays back on the sofa, stroking his crotch. He lifts his shirt up to reveal his tanned, smooth and muscular chest then proceeds to plays with his nipples. Theo continues rubbing his bulge and, even in his shorts, you can tell it’s a really thick piece. Stripping down to his tight white boxers, you can clearly see the shape of Theo’s fat meat as he squeezes it, giving us plenty to drool over. After a while, he stands and pulls off his shorts only to lay back down and play with his massive cock in earnest.

This is one seriously thick slab of beef. From base to tip, Theo’s dick is easily eight inches, with strong veins and plenty of foreskin, but he looks much bigger. And then he goes and slides the skin back and forth over the juicy head slick with precum. Naturally, this only makes us want to get right down there and taste his juices. Theo keeps it nice and slow, putting on a show for us, then he reaches for lube. Pouring a liberal amount, Theo gets even harder as he reaches between his legs to play with his hole. When he stands once more, Theo takes his hands off his cock to give us some hands-free action. Rock solid and throbbing, he swings back and forth before moving back to the sofa for some fast and furious pumping before letting go with a thick and powerful jet of spunk that shoots right up to his chest. Several volleys of jizz follow, with Theo squeezing out the last of his load as it spills down over his fingers and into his pubes.