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Neil Stevens and Dean Monroe

As the sun beats down, super buff bare chested straight lad Neil Stevens chops wood while Dean Monroe looks on, rubbing the bulge in his shorts. Neil carries on then stops. He puts the axe down. Dean, hard cock bulging, goes to Neil. He gently licks Neil's nipple, sucking and licking whilst moving his hand to Neil's bulge. Dean unbuttons Neil's fly and exposes the growing stiffie as he drops to his knees. When he peels down Neil's undies, out springs that huge uncut 8.5 incher. Dean licks, taking the tip in his mouth. He gets it wet and takes it as far as he can. He manages to get most of it down but it's a huge cock! Dean can't manage it all but he's a determined cock sucker. Dean pushes his tongue under the end of Neil's foreskin, licking inside before sucking again. Neil grips his head and fuck his mouth. Dean clearly enjoys the intensity, so Neil fucks harder. Neil then lays back on the wood chopping block and holds his dick up. Dean licks up and down the base and sucks on the end, working Neil's balls. He licks and sucks them before lifting Neil's leg up to expose his tight hairless hole. Neil's never had his arse licked before and Dean loved the idea of rimming a straight guy so he gently licks, with nice long tongue strokes. Neil clearly loves it as his cock is rock solid. He pushes it up between his legs as Dean probes his tongue, then licks the length of Neil's throbbing cock. Dean leans over the chopping block, legs apart, and Neil finger fucks his hole for a bit. Then he pushes two fingers in, stretching Dean's smooth hole. With arse warmed up, Neil pushes his throbbing 8.5" inches inside Dean. Slowly and deeply, all the way in, he makes Dean moan. Neil fucks slowly at first, controlling it, with long strokes, pulling almost all the way out. Gradually, he builds up, fucking harder. He grips Dean and Dean pushes back. Neil really pounds, pulling Dean's cheeks apart to go deeper, making it more intense. Next, Dean is on his back, legs apart. Neil slides his cock as deep into Dean as he can, pulling almost all the way out. He controls his fucking at first, slowly building, fucking harder and deeper. It makes Dean's cock really throb, and he jerks off as he's seriously pounded. When he can't hold off any longer, Dean shoots hard, his spunk flying up his chest, landing around his pecs and forming pools of jizz in his abs. Neil pulls out and moves around to jerk off over his face. He shoots thick white spunk on Dean's face and onto his tongue. Dean opens his mouth and Neil shoves his cock inside, letting Dean lick the spunk from his hot throbbing cock. Very tasty, very hot.

Alexx Delsey Severely Stretched Out By Kayden Gray’s 9-Inch Monster Cock

An intense, passionate scene here, as horny tattooed and pierced lad Alexx Delsey gets his jaw and arse severely stretched out by Kayden Gray’s thick and meaty nine-inch monster cock. Starting off with kissing and nipple play, they get a good feel of each others tight ripped bodies as they play with their growing bulges. Pulling off their undies, Alexx drops to his knees to get a mouthful of huge dick, and takes his time sucking and getting his face fucked. Kayden then sucks Alexx for a bit, whose dick is pierced with a PA, and manages to swallow it right to the base, before moving to the sofa where Kayden sits back to get his massive meat sucked some more. After some seriously hot oral action, Alexx is on his back, legs apart, and Kayden gives his hole a real good, deep rimming. Eager to fuck, Kayden has Alexx on the floor on his side, and fucks him from behind, slow and deep, clearly stretching his hole to the max. Very intense! Next, Kayden fucks Alexx against the sofa, this time harder, giving him a real strong pounding. Not quite done yet, Alexx is on his back now for a final intense fucking, Kayden builds up till Alexx can’t hold back anymore and he shoots his spunk out over himself, then Kayden moves round just in time to squirt a HUGE and heavy load all over his face and tongue, then pushes his dick back into his mouth, feeding him suck and swallow every last drop. Unmissable!!!

Tattooed Bisexual Has Cocksucking Afternoon Delight

Tattooed skinhead Jay T is bisexual. In this scene with mixed race lad Shaun Jones, Jay T gets a taste of his first big cock. And judging by the way he took to trading blowjobs with hung mixed race Shaun, we’re hoping Jay T will be back for more. They start off innocently enough, and almost uncertain, which makes things even hotter because there’s that awkwardness of, what are they going to do next? Will they follow through? But, after playing with each others bulges, they start jerking each other off, as well as each other. After chewing nipples and licking armpits Shaun and Jay T get so well acquainted with each others bodies and smells they take turns blowing each other all over the couch and on the floor, ending up in a smoking 69 with deep throat action that’s bound to send you over the edge. There’s no fucking involved, only loads of great oral, climaxing with Jay shooting a really big load all over Shaun. But, hey…you never know. Shaun just might get curious about another guy’s cock in his butt. Or at the very least, another guy’s hole clamping down on his throbbing shaft!

A Rose By Any Other Name

This week, Hard Brit Lads brings you a scene with two very sexy young men. In fact, some of you might already know Ryan Young. He’s appeared elsewhere as Billy Rubens. But just as Gertrude Stein penned, “a rose is still a rose,” Ryan — regardless of what you call him — is one of the sexiest little buggers in porn. With those luscious red lips, that coy smile and his hunger to fuck face and hole, he’s bound to become one of your favorites. Paired with Josh Jared, another hottie, the two start their scene off with plenty of groping and kissing as they make out and feel each other up. Ryan is SUPER ripped and Josh shows his appreciation for the masculine beauty by licking and chewing his nipples, hands all over his body at once. The two trade blowjobs but it’s Ryan who gets the upper hand — as if there were any doubt! — by grabbing hold of Josh’s head, holding him in place, and fucking his face while his big balls sway hypnotically back and forth.

Josh gives up his ass to Ryan, who spreads him open and primes the eager bottom with tongue, fingers and spit. When Ryan mounts Josh it’s to take the hole and make it his own. He goes in deep and fucks hard before Josh takes over and rides Ryan, bouncing up and down as if he were a gymnast on a trampoline. After impaling himself repeatedly, Josh gives control back to Ryan, who pounds the ever loving cock whore until he’s ready to blow. Josh shoots first, spraying his load all over himself and coating his torso. But Ryan rewards him further by spurting jets of cum directly into the bottom’s hungry mouth, feeding him jizz and giving him a partial facial.

Furry Fuckers Guy Rogers And Justin King

If you like your men beefy and hairy, feast your eyes on muscle lads Guy Rogers and Justin King. These two are total sex pigs and enjoy working up a sweat. Dressed in their Adidas sportswear, they kiss passionately then move on to some nipple action before revolting thick, uncut and meaty cocks. Guy goes to town, sucking Justin while sticking his ass out for some attention. Justin quickly responds by exposing his hairy muscle butt and massaging it while he continues to get sucked. Justin then grips Guy’s head and fucks his mouth, pushing his dick as deep as Guy can take it and making him struggle. When Guy eventually stands, Justin drops to demonstrate his own cock sucking skills, effortlessly swallowing the length of Guy’s hard cock without even gagging. He gets Guy wet and sloppy, then Guy grips his head and gives Justin a good throat fucking. And the tattooed hunk just takes it, loving every inch throbbing hotly in his mouth.

Guy leans back, legs up and apart, showing his hairy ass to the camera. It’s a sight to behold as Justin kneels and gets him wet, pushing his finger inside. Justin sucks on the tip of Guy’s cock while fingering his hole and stretching him open. But it’s all about the cock for Justin so, once Guy is primed, he rubs his dick against Guy’s opening before slipping inside. Guy moans he’s fucked slowly. Then, when Justin speeds up and leans over for better penetration, the pounding gets harder, stronger, and deeper. Until neither can hold back any longer. Guy beats away at his meat while getting stuffed and shoots thick white spurts of jizz. Justin then gets on the sofa and pumps out a hot creamy load all over his abs.

Luke Desmond Wrecks Jamie Mount’s Tight Hole With 9-Inch Monster Cock

Super cute Jamie Mount is pushed to his limits in this scene with Luke Desmond and his massive, 9-inch monster cock. Both are on the sofa, in shiny sports kit, rubbing their bulges and feeling each other up before indulging in some hot nipple sucking. They remove their shorts and remain in their white undies for a while, cocks throbbing just beneath the thin, white cotton. They grope themselves some more before finally peeling off their underwear and unleashing their hardens. The two are uncut and hard but Jamie is truly surprised at the sheer size of Luke’s humongous cock. Nine inches is a lot bigger in person than it is in pictures. It’s also a lot more than what Jamie’s accustomed to taking! Nonetheless, Jamie isn’t intimidated and starts sucking on the head. He’s an enthusiastic cock sucker and gets Luke nice and wet with plenty of spit, taking him as deep as he can. But he’s only a little lad. He doesn’t have a very big mouth and can’t suck it down to the balls as he’d liked, though he does try. However, there IS one place it will fit. Luke will make sure of it. First, he returns the oral favor.

Luke enjoys sucking a good piece of meat now and then and makes no bones about it. Luke takes all of Jamie, working the smaller young man up to a good speed. Jamie actually grips Luke’s head and fucks his mouth. He might be little but he can be pretty tough and forceful. When Luke has had enough, he gets Jamie up on all fours with his ass facing the camera. Luke kneels behind him, dropping a good glob of spit onto Jamie’s tight, hairy hole. For good measure, Luke buries his tongue in there as well, giving the eager bottom a good rim job. After a while, Luke pushes a finger inside Jamie, making him moan before taking him on the floor. It’s an extremely tight fit — Jamie hasn’t been fucked much and never with a cock this big — but Luke manages to get about a third of his dick in before starting to pump. Slowly, surely, Luke gets deeper inside Jamie and starts fucking him hard. It’s an insane fuck with Luke pulling Jamie’s cheeks apart for maximum penetration. And, after hitting the spot, Luke fucks the cum out of Jamie only to unload all over him, giving him a facial and feeding the bottom some of his cum.

Extra Hung James Dixon Stretches Scott Spencer To His Limit

James Dixon and Scott Spencer are decked out in their sports kit, as if they’ve just come from a game. And for all we know, they did. They’re feeling each other up, rubbing bulges and getting hard as they kiss and make out. What Scott doesn’t know is that James is about to push all his buttons. James lifts his shirt up and Scott starts licking and chewing the tender nipples. They soon switch, then strip down to their underwear, just to tease, before taking it all off. And OMFG! James has an incredibly massive dick, thick, veiny, and with plenty of foreskin. We can’t blame Scott for getting down to business. He tries to suck it all down but that huge piece of meat is just too fat! The girth proves to be a challenge for Scott and, try as he might, he simply can’t go down to deep throat James. But that doesn’t stop James from grabbing Scott by the head and trying to cram more of his cock down the hungry lad’s throat. Yeah, Scott struggles a bit but he doesn’t do anything to stop it. And, yes, he knows the safe sign, indicating his partner should stop. Scott lays back after a while and James chows down on his throbbing piece. Not exactly a slacker in the size department, James proves himself to be quite talented, sucking Scott with plenty of spit and taking it down to the back of his throat. Ahhh, cocksuckers. What would we do without ’em?

James soon stands and offers up his slab of beef for Scott to service once more. He puts in a VERY good effort and James pushes it further by fucking his face for a bit before playing with Scott’s ass. With the boy on his back, legs up, James works on the hairy hole. Using liberal amounts of spit, James works a finger inside, making Scott moan. He then works second finger up his ass and really starts to stretch him out. But there’s only one thing that’s going to stretch Scott out even more and that’s James’s cock! Standing behind Scott, James teases the puckered entrance with the head of his cock then pokes and prods, pushing the length of his huge fat dick inside. Deep. Slow, so Scott can get used to the penetration. Once he’s in, though, once Scott catches his breath and gotten used to all that meat, James starts to work. Shallow at first, then pulling out almost all the way. He picks up speed, fucking harder, and that thick long meat nearly destroys Scott, who loves every inch of the throbbing shaft. When they can’t hold off any longer, Scott pumps away, stroking his cock until he spews thick creamy spunk. James pulls out, rips the condom off and moves around to kneel over Scott’s face. He beats away until he shoots hot cum all over Scotts chest, milking the shaft to make sure he gets the very last drop.

Caleb Ramble Stretched, Stuffed And Pounded By Shane Stone

Super hot, ripped hung muscle lads Shane Stone and Caleb Ramble work up quite a sweat in this amazing video. Both Shane and Caleb have awesome bodies but Shane, in particular, a lot more muscled than the last time we saw him. He’s got some killer abs and both lads are keen to get a really good feel of each others physiques in their shiny sports kit. Kissing, groping, and feeling each other up, these two have their hands full! And it’s not just because of biceps, either! Yes, the lads look good and hard in their shorts but their bulges look huge, too. Caleb licks and sucks on Shane’s firm nipples before swapping so Caleb can get some attention. Then Shane pushes Caleb down onto his knees. Caleb grips Shane’s hard-on through his shorts before puling them down. He then savors the sight of his stiff, straining against the fabric of his tight white cotton boxers. Unable to hold back any longer, Caleb pulls down Shane’s undies. His dick springs out…big and meaty with pulsating veins and uncut with plenty of foreskin. This is one HOT cock. Caleb gets to work, clearly enjoying a dick down his throat. Shane shoves his meat to the back of his throat, fucking his mouth, and Caleb just takes it like the super trooper cocksucker that he is.

Shane gets down on his knees for a while and Caleb leans back, allowing Shane to show off his own oral skills. He sucks fat dick especially well, getting it good and wet, then servicing deep and slow. These two just can’t get enough of each others hot cocks! But, after a while, Shane starts rubbing a finger against Caleb’s smooth hole. Shane finger fucks Caleb while sucking him off, then works a second finger inside the tightly puckered entrance. Before long, Shane is ready to take possession of Caleb’s hole, who’s about as ready to get fucked as he’s ever foxing to be. And from the moment Shane pushes the head of his cock inside Caleb, the cock hungry lad whore belongs to him. Shane gets into some good regular fucking, gripping Caleb while pounding him as he builds towards climax. In fact, Shane gives Caleb such a pounding — one of the hardest we’ve filmed in a while — it’s an amazing turn-on, especially if you enjoy watching a guy get his hole totally wrecked. Unable to hold off any longer, Caleb jerk himself off as hard as Shane pounds away at his hole and soon his dick is spurting thick white jizz all over his sweaty abs. Shane fucks a little longer then pulls out, whips off the condom, and beats off all over Caleb’s abs and chest.

Lucas Davidson Feeds Josh Jared A Load After Fucking

Lucas Davidson is a tall, slender hottie with a big, thick and meaty cock while Josh Jared is a scrappy twink type who enjoys slobbering over a juicy piece of meat. The horny young lads are made for each other as, dressed in sports kit, they kiss and grope. Highly sexed — and little in comparison to Lucas — Josh gets hard instantly. After stripping down to just their undies and sports socks, they take turns licking and sucking each others nipples. We also get to see that Josh has one of the tightest six-packs you ever saw! When Lucas pulls down his underwear, Josh takes hold of his cock, opens his mouth, and starts slurping on the fat head. As he continues sucking, Josh strain to get more into his mouth but Lucas is just too thick for him. Josh sits up to kiss Lucas, giving his aching jaw a break, then leans back into the corner of the sofa for Lucas to return the favor. Lucas is great cocksucker and gets right down to business, taking Josh all the way down his throat for some amazing deep throat action. Eager to get back to that thick meat, Josh gives Lucas more head, managing to go a bit deeper this time. And as he blows Lucas, Josh gets his perfect ass played with. Lucas caresses then pushes a finger into Josh’s tight little hole. This only makes Josh hotter.

On his back, Lucas gets his hole wet with plenty of spit. He then pushes his finger back in to stretch Josh’s hole. Once he’s primed, Lucas lays back and has Josh straddle him. Josh impales himself on the thick shaft but only takes about half…at first. But this doesn’t stop them from fucking. They start off nice and slow at first, giving Josh time to get used to the penetration. After a while, however, Lucas just pushes the rest of his cock in, all the way to the base, giving that git hole a real stretching. That’s when the fucking TRULY starts! Josh is throbbing, clearly enjoying the deep hard pounding and the sensation from having such a thick cock up his ass. He’s pushed near the edge but before he can come, Lucas pulls out and moves round to Josh’s cute face. A moment later, while licking his balls, Josh spurts hot liquid spunk all the way up his chest. The very sight of Josh’s obvious excitement pushes Lucas and, as Josh opens his mouth and sticks his tongue, Lucas feeds him a mouthful, pumping out streams of thick white spunk that Josh laps up like a greedy pup.