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Oliver James Solo

With piercing blue eyes and golden tan, cute 25 year old muscle lad Oliver James is a real hottie. Lots of gym and sport has given him a seriously hot body, with well developed muscle. He has a hairy chest, tattoos, and a big, thick eight inch dick and a hot hungry arse. This versatile lad is one highly sexed package! We start off with Oliver telling us how he keeps fit and what type of lads get his pulse racing. And then, on to the good bit. Oliver rubs the bulge in his shiny sports shorts and lifts his vest to give us our first glimpse of his muscled hairy chest. He plays with his nipples then takes off his top. He rubs oil into his chest, making his pecs and abs glisten, then oils up his biceps. He moves down to his crotch, and as he rubs and squeezes, he stiffens and thickens, showing a throbbing bulge. He grips it, showing us the shape, then turns around to peel off his shorts to show us his pert muscle butt. He rubs oil into it, pulls his cheeks apart, sliding his hand in to rub his hole. Oliver turns round to face us again, bulge still throbbing, and pulls down his shorts. His dick is really big, a good eight inches, and very thick too. Oliver rubs oil into his bulging stiff and massages it in. He takes his hand off to let us get some great shots of him below, and that fat dick is never less than rock solid the entire time. A real perma-hardon! He plays with, and we have some really horny shots of him from below, looking up as he stands over us stroking his meat. Some hot point of view shots as well, as he jerks and shows off his thick throbbing dick. He moves to the sofa and pours more oil over his cock, rubbing it in. With his legs wide apart, he pushes his cock up between his legs so it points straight up, giving us a very horny shot as he rub his hole whilst jerking off. He pushes a finger in all the way and holds it there. He oils up a black dildo and slowly fucks himself with it as he jerks off, on his back. He slides the dildo all the way in and out of his arse as he keeps his stiff dick oiled up and throbbing. Next, he kneels and we see him from the side, stroking his meat as he fucks himself with the dildo. Oliver lays on his back with a seriously thick dildo, lubed up. He pushes it in and makes a lot of noise as his hole gets majorly stretched. It hits the spot, and he works that massive dildo up his hole, his cock throbbing harder than ever. He jerks off hard and fast and, after a few moments of intensely horny arse stretching and jerking off, Oliver shoots his load. Jet after jet of hot white spunk spews over his bulging sweaty abs. Its an awesome cumshot so you see it twice, in real time and in slow motion. As Oliver catches his breath he squeezes out the last few drops of juice from his still throbbing cock.

Big Thick & Juicy

Dressed only in their shiny Adidas sport shorts, Shane Stone and Oliver James have a bit of fun kissing and groping each other. Both lads are ripped, with hard torsos and plenty of ink. As they lick flesh and chew on nipples, Shane and Oliver grow hornier, their cocks harder. But they don’t pull them out right way. They like to tease each other, as well as you — the viewer — and foreplay is what it’s all about. When they DO finally reach inside, out come a couple of huge, fat pieces of meat that are big, thick, and juicy. Seriously. Mouth-watering doesn’t even begin to cover it so it’s best you take a good look for yourself as each services the other, taking it down deep — balls deep — with good old fashioned cock sucking, face fucking, and gagging. Oh, and let’s not forget some big balls swinging!

Clearly turned on by the intensity, Oliver gives himself up to Shane and lets him take charge. Shane feels up Oliver’s muscled ass, then rubs his fingers against his smooth hole before pushing them inside to finger fuck him. Soon, Oliver is on all fours, with Shane kneeling behind him to spread his cheeks apart and bury his tongue and face in that incredibly hot ass. Eager to fuck, the lads start off with Shane holding his dick up and Oliver sliding himself slowly down. He lets ALL that thick girth stretch his hole and you can just about feel the burn as if you were the one being fucked. Once Shane is in, he’s IN and Oliver’s hole is completely his: to use, stretch, and abuse just the way Oliver likes it. As Shane pumps and pounds, thrusting in and out, he’s clearly hitting the spot. Oliver’s fat cock throbs so hard it looks ready to shoot the entire time! Personally, we can watch these two fuck for hours. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and this scene does so with a beautiful reward: with Oliver on his knees, mouth open and tongue out like a good cum whore, and Shane spurting massive jet of white jizz on his face, chest, and in his mouth.