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Ryan Young Solo

Stunning young cutie Ryan Young is only 18 but years of being athletic at school have given him a tightly toned body and strong muscular legs. With his golden tan and striking blue eyes, he is a great looking lad, with a perfectly formed uncut 7" cock. Currently, he defines himself as straight. Luck for us, Ryan is happy to experiment with guys. Starting off in a navy sports vest and shiny running shorts, you can immediately tell how fit Ryan is from his muscled legs. He strokes his crotch a little, then lifts his vest to reveal a perfect tight six pack. He lifts the top further to play with his nipples, then takes it off completely, and continues rubbing the bulge in his shorts. Ryan reaches for the body oil and rubs it in to his chest, arms and abs, making them glisten and stand out, while giving frequent, cute looks to the camera. He takes off his shorts and squeezes the stiff bulge in his tight white boxer briefs, teasing, before finally peeling them down, making his cock spring out. It's a good seven inches and uncut, with a slightly upwards curve. Ryan pours clear lubricant over it, rubs it in, then begins sliding his foreskin back and forth over the throbbing head of his dick. He takes his time, doing it nice and slow, giving us some great close ups. He jerks off a little, slowly. We have some very horny shots of him from below, with Ryan standing over us as he takes his hand off and gently swings his cock from side to side. Hot stuff! Ryan moves to the sofa where he pours more lube onto his dick. He slides his hand up and down, again giving us some horny foreskin play. He then starts massaging the lube into the throbbing head. His breathing gets heavier. He jerks off with both hands gripping the shaft, up and down, slowly at first but getting faster. We have some shots of his cute feet too, for the foot lovers out there, and shots of his fantastic legs and muscular calves. Ryan speeds up, jerking off hard. His muscles tense, his abs shiny with oil and sweat as he beats away at his meat. And it's not long before Ryan shoots several jets of hot young spunk over his hard sweaty six pack. As he catches his breath he squeezes out the remaining drops which drip down over his fingers.

Like A Virgin, Fucked For The Very First Time…Sort Of

Usually active only, Bradley Cox was a bit anxious about getting fucked for the first time…on camera. But, since he’s really had a thing for adorable Ryan Young, who is exclusively active only, Bradley gave it some thought. And after a LOT of thought, he decided to go for it. How could he say no to such an adorable, luscious lipped hottie as Ryan, who some of you might know as Billy Rubens? Starting off with kissing, nipple play and groping, both lads reach inside each others sport shorts and pull out their swelling cocks. As they start to play with each other, Ryan is already rock solid. Nicely hung Bradley, is a grower. They take turns sucking each other, then Ryan lays on the sofa to get sucked again. There’s tons of very hot oral action between these two! Ryan takes his time opening Bradley’s very tight hole, with deep, gentle fingering. For the first fuck position the lads are on the floor, spooning, Ryan goes in slow and gentle as Bradley grits his teeth. Gradually, he builds up to a good rhythm, fucking Bradley so well, his cock hardens as he’s pounded. Next, Bradley leans against the sofa as Ryan stands behind him for a deeper, harder fuck. Bradley ends up on his back, his dick throbbing as Ryan slides in and out, making Bradley squirt a really good load of jizz all over himself. Ryan pulls out and Bradley jerks him briefly, quickly making him cum, shooting his spunk out over Bradley’s chest. Hot stuff! Watch the scene EXCLUSIVELY on HardBritLads.com

Hung Bottom Anthony Cruz Fucked Hard By Blue-Eyed Hottie Ryan Young

Ryan Young — who some of you might know by another name — is one of those super cute and ripped hotties that melts your heart and gets your juices flowing. Especially if he fixes that blue-eyed gaze at you. Looks, body, luscious lips…this guy’s got it all. And he’s about to have a seriously horny session with Anthony Cruz, a handsome, defined, big-dicked bottom. They start off light, with some kissing, bulge groping, and nippleplay. And don’t they look good in their shiny sport shorts! The lads then pull out each others dicks and jerk each other off. Ryan is so hard you can practically see it throbs while Anthony’s big, super-thick uncut meat rises from semi to stiff. Eager to get Ryan’s solid cock in his mouth, Anthony drops to his knees and sucks him down, deep and wet, taking him to the base. They move to the sofa, where Ryan gets his jaw stretched wide as he gives Anthony’s fat cock a good sucking, before laying back to get sucked one more time himself, this time fucking Anthony’s mouth. Ready to fuck, Ryan works Anthony’s hole using spit and fingers, then fucks him six ways from Sunday! On the floor, spooning, then up against the sofa, with Ryan giving Anthony a real good pounding. Then, with Anthony on his back, Ryan fucks him hard and deep, making him spunk over his chest, before giving him a mouthful of hot cum which spurts out hard and plenty. It’s a super hot and messy cum facial. The kind we all like to see, give, and sometimes experience! So what are you waiting for? Kick back, relax, and join us at HardBritLads with Anthony Cruz and Ryan Young. Awesome stuff!

A Rose By Any Other Name

This week, Hard Brit Lads brings you a scene with two very sexy young men. In fact, some of you might already know Ryan Young. He’s appeared elsewhere as Billy Rubens. But just as Gertrude Stein penned, “a rose is still a rose,” Ryan — regardless of what you call him — is one of the sexiest little buggers in porn. With those luscious red lips, that coy smile and his hunger to fuck face and hole, he’s bound to become one of your favorites. Paired with Josh Jared, another hottie, the two start their scene off with plenty of groping and kissing as they make out and feel each other up. Ryan is SUPER ripped and Josh shows his appreciation for the masculine beauty by licking and chewing his nipples, hands all over his body at once. The two trade blowjobs but it’s Ryan who gets the upper hand — as if there were any doubt! — by grabbing hold of Josh’s head, holding him in place, and fucking his face while his big balls sway hypnotically back and forth.

Josh gives up his ass to Ryan, who spreads him open and primes the eager bottom with tongue, fingers and spit. When Ryan mounts Josh it’s to take the hole and make it his own. He goes in deep and fucks hard before Josh takes over and rides Ryan, bouncing up and down as if he were a gymnast on a trampoline. After impaling himself repeatedly, Josh gives control back to Ryan, who pounds the ever loving cock whore until he’s ready to blow. Josh shoots first, spraying his load all over himself and coating his torso. But Ryan rewards him further by spurting jets of cum directly into the bottom’s hungry mouth, feeding him jizz and giving him a partial facial.