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Dan Jones solo debut

Fit blonde straight lad Dan Jones chats first, wearing adidas tracksuit, chats first, his voice is deep and very laddish. The solo begins with some groping as he lays back on the sofa, and Dan gets a nice bulge in trackie bottoms. He unzips his top to reveal his smooth body with ripped abs, then pulls down his trackies, his thighs are muscular, and he works on the growing bulge in his white briefs. He pulls out his cock, its big and uncut, and Dan has big smooth balls too. He plays with his dick, getting it harder, giving some sexy little looks to camera, and jerks off nice and slow for us. He stands up, and lets his cock hang between his strong thighs, semi hard, then starts sliding his foreskin back and forth over the tip, getting his dick hard again, then jerks off faster as he stands over us. Back on the sofa now, Dan jerks off harder and faster, getting himself close. his abs shine moist with sweat, and he keeps wanking till his cock begins spewing heavy streams of thick spunk, he shoots plenty, and shown in horny slow motion. it drips down the shaft and over his fingers and onto his big balls, and keeps pumping out, forming thick sticky strings as he squeezes out every last drop.

Tom Long’s Massive Missile

Super handsome Irish lad, Tom Long, has strong, dark, rugged features, with piercing eyes and a square jaw. And a massive package in his shiny sport shorts. He starts off with an interview, his strong Irish accent and deep manly voice is very sexy. The solo begins with a little crotch rubbing, Tom takes off his top and shorts, and rubs the bulge in his underwear. Tom takes out his cock, still soft, and plays with his ample foreskin, tugging at it and running his finger inside it, against the head. Very quickly, his cock thickens and lengthens, getting hard in his hand. As he gently plays, it gets rock solid, and it is HUGE, thick, with nice veins running along the shaft. He rubs a little lube into it and jerks off, giving sexy looks to camera. Standing up over us now, he gives us some hands free action as he strokes his body and pierced nipples, his big dick throbbing and twitching, then he continues to jerk off, giving us more hot foreskin action. He gets back down on to the gym mat and lays back, rubbing more lube in, jerking off some more, then gets onto his knees, working his dick harder and faster. And it doesn’t take long before he starts pumping out several big squirts of hot spunk onto the gym mat and floor. He squeezes out every last drop, then lets his cum covered heavy dick hang between his legs. Seriously hot.

Alex Graham solo

Prepare for a BIG treat. Super hot, handsome bodybuilder Alex Graham flexes his muscles and works his big thick meat for us in this sensational solo. Starting off in his shiny sports kit, Alex strokes and squeezes his crotch, then takes off his top to reveal his awesome physique. Huge muscles and very ripped, with massive biceps, great big pecs and a bulging six pack. Playing with his big nipples and working on his bulge, he gets a solid stiffie in his shorts, showing it off to the camera before taking them off. Alex has the biggest, most muscular legs I’ve ever seen. With his hard dick bulging inside his white briefs, Alex flexes his biceps for us, gives us some very hot bulge groping action, then takes out his dick. It’s big, thick and meaty, and rock hard. He plays with it slowly, giving sexy looks to camera, rubs in some lube, stroking it and showing it off to us. He gives us some very hot hands free action too, playing with his nipples as his cock continues throbbing. Moving to the sofa, he rubs in more lube, and gets into a good rhythm as he works on his dick, giving us plenty of hot jerk off action, gradually building up . His muscles tighten, his huge biceps and pecs bulge harder than ever. He continues working his big meat till the spunk start pumping out, thick and white, all over his sweaty six pack, with more jizz dripping down over his fingers. Alex squeezes out every last drop as he gives a final sexy look to camera. UNMISSABLE!

Cute 18-Year-Old Newbie James Lewis Puts On A Great Show

This week, cute 18-year-old newbie, James Lewis, puts on a great show here at HardBritLads. With his blonde hair, blue eyes and boyish looks, James is simply adorable! He chats first — we were surprised to hear such a deep voice — telling us what he’s into before the solo begins. James plays with his nipples while performing some hot bulge groping. Taking off his top, he reveals a super-tight, ripped little six-pack. After stripping down to his undies, James plays with his hard bulge, then takes off his undies but keeps his white socks on. His dick is a good size, and uncut, and he gives some horny foreskin and pre-cum action. James fingers his own hole slowly, making his cock really stiffen and throb. As he continues to play with that most private of places, working the tight pucker, we can only imagine what smutty things he’s got on his mind! Standing, James jerks off a bit then gives us some great hands-free action as he plays with his nipples and makes his dick twitch. He jerks off some more before going back to the sofa, to lay back and play with his hole even more as he strokes his cock even harder. James builds quickly and his muscles tighten just before his cock pumps out seriously powerful jets of hot spunk. It’s a massive explosion of cum, with some of it going clear past his shoulder! The rest of his jizz liberally sprays his chest and six pack. If you like fit twinks with tons of cum, you’re in for a treat. We just love porn virgins. Don’t you? Lap it up boys!

Rob Jackson’s Seriously Thick, Uncut and Juicy Meat

Rob Jackson describes himself as mostly straight, with a bi-curious streak. Which is lucky for us! He’s a striking, handsome lad, with a strong, naturally athletic body, a tight six-pack and great pecs. Tie all together with a slightly hairy chest and you have yourself someone who’s quite manly, despite his 19 years. But the best thing about Rob? It’s a big, hot surprise when out comes one seriously thick, uncut and meaty dick. We’re talking beercan thick, with plenty of veins popping out! Stripping out of his sports kit, he pulls out his semi hard cock, sporting dark, bushy untrimmed pubes. He gives us some hot foreskin play as we watch his cock grow thicker and thicker. This truly is a whopper of a cock! Rob rubs a hefty dollop of spit into it, making it throb, and continues rubbing more spit throughout the solo, keeping his cock dripping wet. He jerks off slow, giving us hands free action, with even more foreskin play. As he stands over us, showing off his impressive girth, there are loads of big throbbing fat wet dick close ups for all girth lovers. Moving to the sofa, Rob expertly drops another gob of drool onto his meat and rubs it in, as he continues the slow and very hot cock play, with plenty of sexy looks into camera. After tons of very horny action (its a long solo because there is so much great stuff!) he speeds up a little. Then his cock starts pumping out jet after jet of hot jizz onto his chest and pecs. Rob is a big cummer and he cums a LOT! All shown in horny slow motion, EXCLUSIVELY on HardBritLads.com. Sensational!

Hard Brit Lads First Timer Seb Evans

This week, HardBritLads is excited to feature Seb Evans. Appearing for the first time on camera, the handsome blue-eyed lad chats with us first, telling us what he’s into and how he keeps fit. Seb begins his solo by taking off his sports vest, revealing a killer body with spectacular ripped abs, broad shoulders, and tight pecs. Even before he takes off his shorts, you can’t help drink in the sight of his strong muscular legs as he rubs his bulge, then removes his undies. In just his football socks and shin pads, Seb jerks off, getting his uncut dick hard and showing it off for the camera. Rubbing spit onto the head, Seb tenses his hard body and gets into some horny jerk off action. Changing position, his legs back, arse to the camera, Seb fingers himself…first with one finger, then two, then three…giving his hole a real good stretching. Next, he uses a butt plug to open his hole up even further. But it’s the big thick dildo he lubes up, then inserts up his hungry hole that really stretches Seb to the max. He fucks himself with the fat, fleshy toy…slowly at first…then speeding up, giving himself a hole-punishing workout! Seb gets back to jerking off again, building. As he gets close, his muscles tense and tighten, then his dick squirts out hot spunk…hard. It shoots up to his pecs, with more jets of cum spraying out over his ripped abs. Awesome!

Porn Newbie Robbie Falcon Has A Fat One

This week, HardBritLads is pleased to feature, newbie Robbie Falcon. He’s a tall, masculine lad, slim and defined, with bright blue eyes. Robbie enjoys getting off, that much is clear by the way he handles himself and looks into the camera, as if he were jerking off just for you! Taking off his sports top, he rubs spit into nipples and strokes his tight torso. Rubbing the bulge in his shorts, Robbie then takes them off. He pulls out his soft, uncut cock. It looks pretty average…at first. Then he starts rubbing and his dick grows, almost exponentially, to massive proportions. Robbie has a real hot big fat schlong, with ample foreskin and nice veins. Definitely a grower, here! The thick piece of meat has a slight downward curve to it. Positively mouth watering! Throughout the solo Robbie continues to rub tons of spit into his dick as he grows completely stiff. He takes his hands off it to give us some horny cock close ups then stands over us to jerk off harder than before. All the while, he continues to give some hot looks to the camera. Moving to the sofa, Robbie rubs more and more spit onto his cock, making a lot of noise as he jerks off his now throbbing and super thick shaft. This is some seriously horny big meat jerk off action! As Robbie works himself up, you can hear him getting close. Then his thick cock starts pumping. Spunk spews all over his chest and abs, with more jizz dripping down his fingers as he squeezes out every last drop.

Thick, Uncut Axel Pierce Puts On A Great Show

Sometimes, a model comes along that is so hot and strikes you in a such a way that you can imagine yourself with him, down to how he might feel and how he might smell. Super cute hottie Axel Pierce is such a model. He puts on a great show in this sensational solo EXCLUSIVELY from HardBritLads. Starting off with some horny bulge groping, his hard-on throbs inside his shiny, little red sports shorts. Taking off his top, Axel reveals his fitted tightly muscled body, then strips to his undies for more bulge play. Pulling down his white briefs, Axel shows off his big uncut dick…it’s a good thickness and uncut. He slides his foreskin back and forth, rubs lube into it, then jerks off nice and slow while on the sofa. He then stands and wanks over us. With plenty of great jerk off action and big dick close ups, Axel goes back to the sofa and starts working on his hole. He fingers himself, stretching his sweet arse with two, then three fingers as his cock throbs. And here is where we’d bet just about anything that you’ll be imaging yourself with your tongue buried deep inside that hole. Goodness knows we did! But we digress. Axel jerks off while fingering himself then speeds up, jerking off harder and faster, till he shoots a strong thick load of spunk over his tight six pack. This is one you cannot miss!

Beefy Straight Skinhead Jon Bull

For those of you who like your men big and beefy, get a load of straight, stocky bloke Jon Bull. This guy’s the epitome of the big, bald bruiser. The kind of man who lives in your deepest, darkest fantasy. The kind of man you want coming up to you on a lonely street, drag you into an alleyway and have his way with you even as he fucks your throat and bends you over to mark his territory, claiming your hole for himself. Jon chats us up first, his voice loud, deep, and confident. He gets down to some horny bulge groping. Jon gets a semi in his rugby shorts but by the time he pulls them off to reveal his white undies, he’s full-blown hard. Then he pulls them off to reveal a very fat, veiny uncut cock. Yeah. It’s the type of cock you’d expect that big bruiser to have. Jon is definitely a well hung lad, with plenty of foreskin for you to chew on and clean up. The interesting thing is — even though he’s hard almost right from the start — Jon’s cock looks nice and thick. As he plays with it — showing it off to the greedy cocksuckers who would love to drop to their knees before him — it just gets thicker and thicker until it looks almost twice as thick as it did at the start, with big, bulging veins running along the shaft. Jon rubs plenty of spit around the head, getting it nice and juicy, and shows off his seriously fat meat in different positions as he jerks off just for you…laying on the bed, then standing up…working himself up to cumming. He shoots his creamy white spunk into the palm of his hand, rubbing the thick hot cum all over his still throbbing dick. And we just know you’d love to clean that off for him, wouldn’t you?

Sergi Rodriguez Shows Off Bulging Muscles, Heavy Stubble, and Thick White Juice

With his dark features and heavy stubble, Sergi Rodriguez is not only handsome, he’s alluring. The lad might not be tall but he’s definitely a beefy bruiser with HUGE muscles. As he gropes himself in front of the camera, Sergi shows off his sensational body, flexing his massive biceps and bulging muscles while tensing his hairy chest with beefy pecs. And did we mention his legs? Take a look at his legs. For those of you with a thing for men with well-formed and nicely muscled thighs…OMFG. This guy is killer! This confident sexy man can probably crack walnuts with those things! But did we mention his legs? Ummm. Seriously, though. Sergi puts on quite a show, stripping down to his skimpy posing briefs, getting himself hard in his undies. When he pulls them off, he starts working his juicy uncut meat. Pouring lube all over, Sergi rubs it into his cock, stroking slow, then giving us some hot, hands-free action while continuously flexing muscles, hard-on permanently throbbing. He gets down on all fours on the floor and pulls his butt cheeks apart to show us his smooth hole, pushing his stiff dick between his legs. Then he stands for more cock play and muscle flexing. On the sofa now, Sergi rubs his hole while stroking his cock. He continues working on his hard dick, keeping it slow, showing off his meat and muscles all while building to a very hot climax. When he shoots Sergi sprays thick white juice all over his bulging six pack.