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Theo Reid and Scott Hunter

A real scorcher here from start to finish, as insatiable muscular power bottom Scott Hunter gets his throat and arse pounded by handsome fittie Theo Reid, with his thick girthy uncut meat. Starting off bare chested in their shorts, they kiss and indulge in some hot nipple play whilst massaging each others stiff bulges. Taking out their hard dicks, they take turns sucking each other – Scott clearly loves the challenge of getting such a meaty dick deep into his throat, and Theo is pretty aggressive with it, pushing Scott to his limits. After plenty of awesome oral action, Theo gives Scott's hole a good working over with his tongue and fingers. Horny to fuck now, they go at with a hot intensity, in three different positions, with Scott riding it, getting his butt cheeks pulled wide apart by Theo as his fat dick stretches Scott's hungry hole. Then Scott leans against the sofa to get a deeper, harder pounding, then last, he is on his back as Theo pounds his butt even harder, before pulling out and pumping his thick hot spunk into Scott's mouth as he jerks himself off. Unmissable!

Guy Rogers and Theo Reid

Our buff lads, Guy Rogers and Theo Reid start off on the sofa, in shiny sports shorts. Both have seriously fit bodies. Guy has a hairy chest and powerful hairy legs while Theo is smooth, tanned and muscled. They take turns sucking on each others nipples and Theo gets a really big thick bulge in his shorts as Guy rubs and squeezes it. Guy pulls down Theo's shorts, leaving him in just his tight white boxers, meaty package straining to get out. Guy then pulls down Theo's undies and takes hold of his super thick uncut dick. He slides his ample foreskin back to lick the bulging head, getting it good and wet. He sucks nice and slow, the meaty girth filling his mouth so he has to stretch his jaw wide to take it all. Theo holds the back of Guy's head and pushes it down on his fat dick. Guy lays back, eager to get sucked and Theo plays with the hard bulge in Guy's undies, before pulling them down. Theo gets down to some serious oral action, sucking Guy's stiff cock to the base with slow deep strokes with some amazing effortless deepthroat. They lay back on the sofa, jerking each other off. Theo stands and Guy gets on his knees to get that girthy meat back in his mouth. As before, he gets it good and wet, jerking him off, licking the head, then opens wide to take as much of that thick cock as he can handle. Theo pushes a little, gripping his head to make it go deeper. Horny to fuck, Guy leans against the sofa, giving us a hot shot of his perfect arse and muscular hairy legs. Theo rubs his butt cheeks then prises them apart to expose his hairy hole, before getting down on his knees to bury his face between those muscular arse cheeks. He pulls Guy's butt apart and licks his hole, giving him a good rimming. With Guy against the sofa, Theo rubs his throbbing cock up and down Guy's butt cheeks, then eases his thick dick in, halfway, letting Guy get used to the thickness. Theo pushes in all the way, then starts fucking slowly. Guy lets out some horny gasps of pleasure. Theo fucks a little harder, gripping Guy by the waist as he thrusts his big meat in and out. Next, the lads are on the floor on their sides, in a spoons position, with Guy at the front, facing us. Theo pushes his cock back into Guy's hairy arse, and lifts his leg up to get in deeper. His dick looks seriously meaty in this position as he fucks while rubbing his hands over Guy's hot body, feeling his hairy chest and legs, playing with his nipples. For a final position, Guy is on his back with Theo kneeling. He inserts his cock for the last time and gets down to some great fuck action, fucking harder. It seems to hit the spot and Guy tells him he could cum without touching himself. Theo continues fucking hard, with long deep strokes, then takes hold of Guy's dick and jerks him off as he fucks. Moments later thick white spunk pumps out of his dick, landing in thick strings over his hairy chest and abs. Theo makes sure to milk every last drop before pulling out. He moves to the sofa and lays back to jerk himself off, with Guy next to him, playing with his nipples. Theo builds quickly, his breathing gets louder and heavier, and then he shoots a good spray of jizz, leaving him covered in hot sticky spunk.

Theo Reid

Starting off with an interview, Theo Reid is relaxed and confident with a big smile, straight acting. He talks about how he keeps fit and the type of guys he goes for. Then the solo begins with Theo on the sofa, stroking his crotch. He lifts his top to reveal a tanned smooth muscular chest and plays with his nipples a bit. Theo continues rubbing his bulge, and even in his shorts, you can tell it's a really thick dick. He takes off his sports vest and shorts, leaving him in just his tight white boxers. You can clearly see the shape of his fat meat as Theo grips and strokes and squeezes, giving us plenty of sexy looks with those piercing blue eyes. Theo stands up and pulls off his shorts. He goes back to the sofa, lays back, and begins to play with his cock. It's seriously thick from the base to the tip, about eight inches, with strong veins and plenty of foreskin, which he gently slides back and forth over the precum covered juicy head. Theo keeps it nice and slow, then reaches for some lube. He pours a liberal amount over his meat, then rubs it in. It makes his cock throb harder. He reaches between his legs to stroke his hole as he works his girthy dick, keeping the cock play slow, then jerking off hard and fast. He stands and pours more lube over his dick, which we see close up. He rubs it in and jerks off gently, showing his cock to the camera. Taking his hands off his cock, Theo gives us some hot hands free action. His dick stays rock solid and Theo swings it left to right. He then slides his foreskin slowly back and forth over the head of his dick, working it gently to give us a really horny show. He keeps it varied, with more hands free shots, then jerking off hard and fast, and slow and gentle. Theo moves back to the sofa and gets into some very horny stroking, working on his dick, building himself up. He gives us more sexy looks then speeds up. He grips his meat with both hands, and wanks hard. His pecs and biceps tighten and his breathing gets louder and heavier. He tells us he is going to cum and a moment later, a thick powerful jet of spunk shoots right up to his chest, followed by several more squirts of hot sticky jizz, pumping out over his bulging sweaty abs. As Theo squeezes out the last few drops, which spill down over his fingers into his pubes, he gives us one last sexy look.

Theo Reid and Jack Green

A real sizzler here, as super cute young hottie, Jack Green, gets hard and horny with manly jock, Theo Reid. Starting off with kissing and groping, they pull out each others dicks from their sports shorts, and Jack gives Theo's nipples a good suck as he plays with his super thick uncut meat. He then drops to his knees to give it a good sucking, getting his mouth stretched wide by Theo's impressive girth. Theo then sucks Jacks dick, which is pretty big as well. On the sofa now, Theo lays back to get his meaty cock sucked some more, giving Jack a nice mouth fuck. Jack lays on his back now, and Theo gets on top of him in a 69 position and gives Jack a real good rimming as he gets his cock sucked, then pushes his fingers in to stretch his hole. Seriously hot! Theo sits back on the sofa and Jack lowers himself onto his cock, easing in the tip as he struggles to take the girth. He rides it slowly for a bit, his cock gets stiff too, then Theo grips his arse to thrust into him. Next, they spoon on the floor, and Theo gives young Jack a real hard, deep fucking. Not quite done, he fucks him again on his back on the sofa, thrusting deep and steady, till Jack cant hold off any longer, and his cock squirts a ton of white spunk all over his chest and sweaty six pack. Theo moves round to wank over his face, and showers him with jizz, getting plenty into his mouth and making him clean up every last drop. Sensational!

With Spit And Polish, Girthy Dick Stretches Tight Hole

This week on HardBritLads, it’s all about size in this very hot video featuring Theo Reid and Sergi Rodriguez. Handsome, well-hung Theo works up a sweat with beefy muscle bottom Sergi! Dressed in their shiny sports shorts, the lads start off groping each others stiff bulges then move on to some nipple play before pulling out what we’re all interested in. Cock! Theo has a real nice, fat and meaty cock. Can’t say we blame Sergi for getting on his knees to give Theo some horny dick sucking. The oral action continues, with plenty of spit, when Theo returns the favor. Both are soon on the floor with Sergi getting another hot mouthful of fat cock from the athletic, tattooed hottie. After a while, Theo gives Sergi’s hole a good licking, leaving them both aching to fuck. Theo fucks Sergi against the sofa first, stretching his hole wide and making him moan with pleasure. Which only goes to show you that, with enough spit and polish, a girthy dick like Theo’s can stretch out a tight hole like Sergi’s! The hairy, bearded power bottom takes charge for a while, riding Theo as he bounces up and down, then ends up on his back, legs up and spread. Theo fucks him HARD, till Sergi can’t hold off anymore and spunks a thick creamy load of jizz all over his bulging abs. Theo then jerks off all over Sergi’s face, showering him with hot spunk. Awesome. Check out Theo Reid and Sergi Rodriguez, EXCLUSIVELY on HardBritLads!

Cock Hungry Power Bottom Scott Hunter Perfect For Thick Hung Theo Reid

HardBritLads is always pleased to bring you the men that we do. However, this week, we’re especially happy to present a real scorcher of a scene, from start to finish! Scott Hunter is an insatiable, muscular power bottom and almost tailor-made for handsome fittie Theo Reid and his thick, girthy uncut meat. The duo is perfectly matched in both, desire, passion, and intensity. Starting off in their shorts, with bare chests, Scott and Theo kiss and indulge in some hot nipple play while massaging each others stiff bulges. Taking out hard, throbbing dicks, they take turns sucking each other. Scott clearly loves a challenge and takes ALL of the meaty cock down his throat. Then again, Theo IS pretty forceful with it, pushing Scott to his limits. So, there’s no way Scott wasn’t going to take it all down to the balls!

After some amazingly hungry and expert oral service, Theo gives Scott’s hole a good workout with probing tongue and fingers. Horny to fuck, thick hung Theo works his mouth watering slab of beef into Scott and pounds the hungry power bottom with great thrusting! Scott rides it, butt cheeks pulled wide apart by Theo, as the fat dick stretches and ravages Scott’s greedy hole. When Scott leans back against the sofa, it’s to get a deeper, harder pounding. Then, ending up on his back, Scott gets pounded even harder, filled with prime British meat. This is maximum penetration, balls deep, until Theo pulls out and spurts thick hot spunk straight into Scott’s mouth while he jerks himself off. This is one that is NOT to be missed!

Hairy Hunk Guy Rogers Fucked Hard By Theo Reid And His Wrist Thick Meat

Guy Rogers is handsome, hairy, and athletic. Paired with Theo Reid for this week’s scene from HardBritLads, Guy gets more than he might have bargained for! Our buff lads start off on the sofa, bare chested and in their shiny sports shorts. With that sexy pelt and powerful hairy legs, Guy is truly the epitome of the rugged and virile male. But Theo has a quiet masculinity of his own and won’t take a back seat to any man. In fact, when Guy pulls down Theo’s shorts, leaving him in just his tight white boxers, his meaty package strains to get out. Who’s going to suck first? Guy pulls down Theo’s undies, takes hold of his super thick, uncut dick, and slides the ample foreskin back to reveal the bulbous head. And wouldn’t you know it? Guy is the first one to sample meat in this pairing. But this is more than just sampling. Guy gets wonderfully sloppy, slobbering all over the meaty girth and stretching his jaw wide to take it all down. When he can’t, Theo holds the back of Guy’s head and pushes him down onto the rest of his fat dick, making him struggle a little. And hey, what’s sucking cock without a bit of gagging? A big fat slab of beef is ALWAYS worth a temporary loss of air supply.

Guy lays back after a while, eager to get sucked himself, and Theo gets right down to it. Sucking Guy with slow, deep strokes, Theo perform some amazing, seemingly effortless deep throat! After trading blowjobs a bit longer — with some terrifically aggressive face fucking! — Guy leans against the sofa and gives us, as well as Theo, one TERRIFIC view of his perfect ass. Which only makes Theo get down on his knees to bury his face between those beefy round globes. With his face buried in Guy’s ass and his tongue buried in the hairy bottom’s hole, Theo rimming Guy, priming him for a good fuck. Once he’s all wet, Theo stand and rubs the head of his throbbing cock up and down Guy’s crack. Then he works that thick dick inside Guy’s hungry manhole. Theo pushes, stopping every once in a while to let Guy get used to the thickness. But once he’s in, all the way to the balls, all bets are off. Theo grips Guy by the waist and starts pumping, thrusting in and out and taking Guy for the fuck of his life until both end up covered in hot sticky spunk.

Theo Reid, Beefy Jock With Thick Cock

Relaxed and confident, handsome Theo Reid has a big smile and is totally straight acting. The blue-eyed muscle lad shares his secrets on staying fit and tells us about the type of guys he goes for. Then the solo begins. Theo lays back on the sofa, stroking his crotch. He lifts his shirt up to reveal his tanned, smooth and muscular chest then proceeds to plays with his nipples. Theo continues rubbing his bulge and, even in his shorts, you can tell it’s a really thick piece. Stripping down to his tight white boxers, you can clearly see the shape of Theo’s fat meat as he squeezes it, giving us plenty to drool over. After a while, he stands and pulls off his shorts only to lay back down and play with his massive cock in earnest.

This is one seriously thick slab of beef. From base to tip, Theo’s dick is easily eight inches, with strong veins and plenty of foreskin, but he looks much bigger. And then he goes and slides the skin back and forth over the juicy head slick with precum. Naturally, this only makes us want to get right down there and taste his juices. Theo keeps it nice and slow, putting on a show for us, then he reaches for lube. Pouring a liberal amount, Theo gets even harder as he reaches between his legs to play with his hole. When he stands once more, Theo takes his hands off his cock to give us some hands-free action. Rock solid and throbbing, he swings back and forth before moving back to the sofa for some fast and furious pumping before letting go with a thick and powerful jet of spunk that shoots right up to his chest. Several volleys of jizz follow, with Theo squeezing out the last of his load as it spills down over his fingers and into his pubes.